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Hogan, 2238, 0. 2. A postscript to the Rev. Mr. Harold's address to the Ro.

man catholics of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1823.
2235, 0. 3. A pastoral charge, delivered by the Rt. Rev. Henry, bishop

of Philadelphia, February 11, 1821. Philadelphia, 1821
2235, 0. 8. A summary of the persecutions of the Rev. William Hogan.

Philadelphia, 1822.
2238, 0. 9. Brief remarks addressed to a catholic layman. Phila. 1822.
2235, 0. 10. Address to the Rt. Rev. the bishop of Pennsylvania, the
catholic clergy of Philadelphia, and the congregation of St. Mary's in
Philadelphia, by a catholic layman. Philadelphia, 1822.
1884. 0. 6. Desultory examination of the Rev. W. V. Harold's reply

to a catholic layman's rejoinder, with an appendix. Philadelphia, 1822.
2235, 0. 7. Last appeal to the congregation of St. Mary's church. Phi-

ladelphia, 1821. Holme, 751, 0. 6. A serious call in Christian love to all people to turn to the

Spirit of Christ in themselves. By B. Holme, London. Hornbeck, 391, Q. 2 & 986, Q. Pro convincendis et convertendis Judæis. Auc

tore Johanne Hornbeck. Lug. Bat. 1655. Hopkins, 1401, D. An appeal to the common sense of all Christian people. By

the late W. Hopkins, B. A. With his life. London, 1787. Hospinianus, 863, F. Concordia discors: de origine et progressu formulæ con.

cordiæ Bergensis; a Rodolpho Hospiniano. Tiguri, 1607. Hottinger, 389, Q. Fasciculus dissertationum Theologico-philologicorum. Au


thore Jo. Henr. Hottinger. Heidelbergæ, 1660. L. Houtteville, 1588, 0. A critical and historical discourse upon the method of the

principal authors, who wrote for and against Christianity, from its beginning. Translated from the French of M. l'Abbé Houtteville. With a dissertation on the life of Apollonius Tyanæus. Also, some obser

vations on the Platonists of the latter school. London, 1739. Huber, 962, D. Lettres sur la religion essentielle a l'homme, distinguée de ce

qui n'en est que l'accessoire, par Mary Huber. A Londres, 1739. Gift
of James Hardie. L.
1457, D. Letters concerning the religion essential to man. From the

French of Mary Huber. Glasgow, 1761.
Huet, 938, Q. P. Danielis Hueti, de concordiâ rationis et fidei. Lipsiæ, 1692.
Hugo, 853, D. Pia desideria. Authore Hermanno Hugone. Lutetiæ Parisiorum,

1670. L. Huntingdon, 1672, O. God the Guardian of the poor, and the bank of faith ; or,

a display of the Providences of God, which have at sundry times at

tended the author. By William Huntingdon, S. S. Boston, 1805. Hutter, 2455, 0. Lectiones Evangeliorum et Epistolarum, ab Elia Huttero.

Norimbergæ, 1601. Hyacinte, 1329, D. La nouvelle philosophie refutée par elle-même. Par le R. P.

Hyacinte. A Avignon, 1771. Illyricus, 492, Q. Catalogus testium veritatis, qui ante ætatem nostram Pontifi

cibus Romanis, eorumque erroribus reclamârunt. Authore M. Flacco Illyrico. Fra ofurti, 1672.

275, F. Idem. Genevæ, 1708. Innis, 752, 0. 1. A letter from a layman to a lay deacon, containing the reason

of his dissenting from the presbyterian and joining the episcopal com

munion. By Duncan Innis, 1749. James, 242, 0. A treatise of the corruption of scripture, councils and fathers,

by the church of Rome, for the maintenance of popery. By Thomas

James. London, 1688. L. Jeffery, 1893, 0. 1. A case, Controversy respecting Dr. Jeffery's sermons, &c. London, 1756.

Jenyns, 1875. 0. 6. Disquisitions on various subjects. By Soame Jenyns.

Philadelphia, 1790. Jewel, 1206, D. An apologie or answer in defence of the churche of Englande,

with a brief and plaine declaration of the true religion professed and used in the same. Translated from the Latin of Bishop Jewel. Lon

dini, 1564. Joannes, 1941, 0. 3. Determinatio Fr. Joannis de modo existendi corpus

Christi in sacramento, cui præfixa est præfatio historica de dogmate

transubstantiationis. Londini, 1686. Johnson, 817, Q. 11. The absolute impossibility of transubstantiation demon

strated. By Mr. Sam. Johnson. 1688. M. Jones, 1208, O. Ecclesiastical researches; or, Philo and Josephus proved to be

historians and apologists of Christ, of his followers, and of the gospel.

By John Jones. London, 1812. -1855, D. 3. Preservative against the publications of the modern Socinians.

By William Jones. London, 1774. Jortin, 1182, 0. Six dissertations upon different subjects: by the Rev. John

Jortin, D. D. London, 1809. Keith, 1706, 0. The standard of the quakers examined, or an answer to the

apology of Robert Barclay. By George Keith, A. M. London, 1702. Kentish, 1887, 0. 1. Review of the Christian doctrine. By the Rev. John Ken

tish. London, 1803.
-1832, D. 7. Strictures on the reply of Mr. Fuller. By the Rev. John

Kentish. London, 1798.
Kersey, 1986, D. A treatise on the fundamental doctrines of the society of

Friends. By Jesse Kersey. Philadelphia, 1815. Kieslingius, 991, Q. Rud. Kieslingii epistolæ anti-Quirinianæ. Altenbergæ. Kimber, 2256, 0. 8. The power of the church distinguished from the power of

Anti-Christ, the man of sin. By Emmor Kimber. Philadelphia, 1823. King, 338, 0. The history of the apostles' creed; with critical observations on

its several articles. by Sir Peter King. London, 1702. Kirwan, 912, Q. 5. Remarks on some sceptical Positions of Hume. By Richard

Kirwan, Esq. Dublin, 1801. Knott, 869, Q. Mercy and truth; or, Charity maintayned by catholiques. By

way of reply upon an answere lately framed by R. Potter, to a treatise which had formerly proved, that charity was mistaken by protestants: with the want thereof catholiques are unjustly charged for affirming, that protestancy unrepented destroys salvation. By Edward Knott.

London, 1634. M. knox, 1416, D. Considerations on the nature and efficacy of the Lord's Supper.

By Vicesimus Knox, D. D. London, 1799. Kuhlmann, 698, 0. 2. Quirini Kuhlmanni responsoria de sapientia infusa Ada

mæa, Salomonæaque circa Februarium, 1676.

698, 0. 3. Heptaglotta Kuhlmanniana operum suorum juvenilium.

Londini, 1683.
Labadie, 1968, 0. Veritas sui vindex, seu solennis fidei declaratio Joh. de Laba-

die aliisque pastorum et ecclesiæ cui ministrant; subjicitur quakerismi
examen et confutatio. Herfordiæ, 1672.
-724, D. Le Chretienté regeneré ou nul, par Jean de Labadie. A

Amsterdam, 1685. L.
Lardner, 1890, 0. 2. A vindication of three of our blessed Saviour's miracles,

in answer to Woolston, &c. By Nathaniel Lardner. London, 1731.

-1897, 0. I. Dr. Lardner's letter on the Logos. London, 1805. Laurent, 2211, D. Maximes spirituelles de Frere Laurent, de la resurrection,

avec la vie de l'auteur. A Paris, 1692. Law, 10, D. A practical treatise upon Christian perfection. By William Law.

Fourth edition. London, 1741. L.

Law, 2122, D. An extract from “the Spirit of prayer," with thoughts on war

and slavery. Philadelphia, 1780. Laymann, 903, F. Theologia Moralis, accedunt questiones Canonicæ de Præla

torum ecclesiasticorum electione, institutione et potestate, auctore

Paulo Laymann. Patavii, 1733. Leibnitz, 1769, 0. G. G. Leibnitii Tentamina Theodicææ de bonitate Dei, liber

tate hominis et origine mali. Cum vita auctoris, catalogo operum et

variis observationibus. Cum effigie. 2 tom. Francofurti, 1739. Leslie, 943, o. The snake in the grass. By Charles Leslie. London, 1697.

M. 1655, O. A reply to a book entitled, Anguis Flagellatus; or a switch for

the snake. The opus palmare of the quakers, being a second defence,

or the third and last part of the snake in the grass. London, 1702. 1841, D. 10. A short and easy method with the deists. By Charles

Leslie. Philadelphia, 1783. Lesz, 1963, D. Zusätze, aus der dritten ausgabe von der erklärten sonntags

evangelium, von D. Gottfried Lesz. Göttingen, 1781. 2021, D. 3. Schreiben eines jungen selbstdenkers an seinen ehemaligen

lehrer über D. Lesz eines philosophischen cursus der Christlichen re

ligion. Braunschweig, 1791. Linden, 2136, D. Jo. Georgii zur Linden Ratio meditationis Hermeneuticæ.

Jenæ, 1735. Lindsey, 1553, 0. The apology of Theophilus Lindsey, M. A. on resigning the

. vicarage of Catteriek, in Yorkshire. London, 1774. 1428, 0. Vindiciæ Priestleianæ : an address to the Students of Oxford and Cambridge, &c. By Theophilus Lindsey, A. M. London,

1276, O. Two Dissertations. I. On the preface to St. John's Gospel.
II. On praying to Jesus Christ. By Theophilus Lindsey, A. M. With
a postscript by Dr. Jebb. London, 1779.
1899, 0. l. Farewell address to the parishioners of Catterick. By

Theophilus Lindsey, A. M. London, 1805.
1899, O. 2. Conversations on Christian idolatry. By Theophilus

Lindsey, A. M. London, 1805.
1899, 0. 3. Conversations on the Divine Government. By Theophilus

Lindsey. London, 1805. Linn, 1866, 0. 2. A letter to Dr. Priestley, in answer to Socrates and Jesus

compared. By Rev. John B. Linn. Philadelphia, 1803. 1866, 0. 4. A letter to Dr Priestley, in defence of his answer. By Rev.

John B. Linn. Philadelphia, 1803. Löser, 2081, D. 3. Die besiegte eitelkeit oder leben und letzte stunden der

gräfinn Mariane Eleonore Löser. Frankfurt, 1774. Luc, de, 1221, 0. Observations sur les Savans Incredules, et sur quelques-uns

de leurs Ecrits. Par Jaques Françoise De Luc. A Geneve, 1762. Luther, 683, 0. Lutheri catechismus obversate pa American-Virginiste sprakel.

Stockholm, 1696. 1875, D. Defensio Vitæ Missionis miraculorum et evangeliorum. B.

D. Martini Lutheri. Argent. 1755. Marlison, 2014, D. 1. A memorial and demonstration on the religious rights

of man. By ex-president Madison. Washington, 1828. Magaw, 1855, 0. 7. Notes on the last illness and death of a most beloved

Friend. By Samuel Magaw, D. D. Philadelphia, 1790. Maimonides, 502, Q. 2. R. Moses Maimonides de idolatria, cum interpreta

tione latina et notis Dionysii Vossii. Amsterdami, 1642. Malebranche, 289, D. Conversations Chretiennes, sur la religion et la morale de

Jesus Christ, par l'Auteur de la recherche de la verité. M. Malebranche. A Rotterdam. 1685. L.

Malvezzi, 537, D. 2. Il Davide persiquitato. Del. Sig. Marchese Malvezzi.

Venezia, 1635. Marchant, 743, 0. 1. The bloody tribunal; or, an antidote against popery.

Being a review of the horrid cruelties of the inquisition, as practised in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the East and West Indies; with plates.

By John Marchant. London, 1756. L. Marquez, 2480, 0. El Gobernador Christiano deducido de la vida de Moyse y

de Josue. Por Juan Marquez, II. tom. Madrid, 1783. Martyr, 1104, 0. A treatise of the Cohabitacyon of the faithful with the un

faithful. Whereunto is added a sermon of the confessing Christe and his gospell, and of the denyinge of the same, by Peter V. Martyr.

London, 1555. M. Marsh, 1884, 0. 4. Speech in the House of Lords, on a petition against his

examination questions, by Bishop Marsh. London, 1822. Marshall, 1836, D. A theological dissertation on removing from the seat of pestilence, by the Rev. William Marshall

. Philadelphia, 1799. Mason, 1652, D. A treatise on self-knowledge, by John Mason, A. M. Wil

mington, 1801. Mather, 975, D. 20. The grounds and principles of Christian Religion, a cate

chisme; by Richard Mather. London, 1650. Molinæus, 888, D. De cognitione Dei tractatus, authore P. Molinæo, Latine et

Italice. Hagæ-Comitis, 1631. L. Middleton, 2557, 0. A free inquiry into the miraculous powers which are sup

posed to have subsisted in the Christian church, from the earliest ages,

by Conyers Middleton, D. D. Dublin, 1749. Nlore, 1537, 0. Practical piety, or the influence of the religion of the heart on

the conduct of life, by Hannah More. Burlington, N. J. 1811. 1844, D. 7. On religion and public education ;-with remarks on M.

Dupont's speech, by Hannah More. Dublin, 1793. Morgan, 1589, 0. The moral philosopher. In a dialogue between Philalethes, a

Christian Deist, and Theophanes, a Christian Jew. In which the grounds and reasons of religion in general, and particularly of Christianity, are fairly considered and debated; a further vindication of moral truth and reason; superstition and tyranny inconsistent with

Theocracy, by Thomas Morgan. 3 vols. London, 1738-1740. Moulin, Du, 2162, D. 1. Vre deder Zicle, en Vergenoegenge des Gestes, door

Pierre du Moulin, de jonge, t'Amsteldam, 170
- 2162, D. 2. Overdenkingen engebeden op elken dag van de weke,

door Pierre du Moulin, de jonge. tAmsteldam 1705. Mornay, 591, Q. Mysterium iniquitatis; seu historia papatus, auctore Philippo

Mornayo. Goricheni, 1662. L. Mosheim, 967, Q. A Mosheim de odio Theologico. Goettingæ, 1752. Müller, 2081, D. 2. Die gantz unlaugbare verschlimmerung der Christlichen

lehre durch ihre neueste Verbesserungen. Von Dr. Joh. Dan. Müller.

Frankfort, 1774. Murray, 2249, 0. 4. Universalism vindicated, by John Murray. Charleston,

Mass. 1795. Nelson, 817, Q. 7. Transubstantiation contrary to Scripture; or, the Protes

tant's answer, by R. Nelson. 1688. M. Nicolas, 1878 & 1891, 0. 3. The Divinity of Jesus Christ considered, from

Scripture evidences, by L. Nicolas. Philadelphia, 1795–1791. Nowell, 595, Q. 6. A catechisme; or, first instruction and learnyng of Chris

tian children. Translated from the Latine of A. Nowell. London,

1577. L. Dchinus, 212, D. Bernardini Ochini dialogorum liber secundus, cum aliis de

rebus variis tum potissimum de trinitate. Basileæ, 1563. L.

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Osiander, 980, Q. Conjecturæ de ultimis temporibus, ac de fine mundi ex

sacris literis, authore Andrea Osiandro. Norimburgiæ, 1544. Oswald, 1488, 0. An appeal to common sense in behalf of religion, by the

Rev. James Oswald, D. D. 2 vols. London, 1768. Pallavicino, 674, D. Le divorce celeste, causé par les desordres et les dissolu

tions de l'epouse Romaine, traduit de l'Italien de Ferrante Pallavicino.

A Cologne, 1696. Parker, 117, Q. Disputationes de Deo et providentia divina. Auctore Samuele

Parkero, S. T. P. Londini, 1678. L. Parry, 1878, 0. 7. Vindication of public and social worship, by the Rev. Wil

liam Parry. London, 1792. Pascal, 868, 0. Les Provinciales, ou Lettres escrites par Louis de Montalte, (Pas

cal,) à un Provincial de ses amis et aux RR. PP. Jesuites, sur la morale et la politique de ces peres. Traduites en Latin par Guil. Wendrock, en Espagnol, par Gratien Cordero, et en Italien par Cosimo Brunetti

Franç. Lat. Espagnol et Italien. A Cologne, 1684. M. Pallen, 1833, D. 5. Christianity the true theology, in answer to Thomas Paine,

by William Patten. Warren, 1795. Paulmann, 2114, D. 3. Die Gerechten anforderungen Gottes auf die bezahlung

der sündenschulden unseres landes, von Joh. Lud. Paulmann. Braun-
schweig, 1763.
2114, D. 4. Erweckungen zum lobe und danke Gottes; von Joh. Lud.

Paulmann. Braunschweig, 1763.
Payne, 820, Q. 1. A discourse of the communion in one kind; in answer to a

treatise of the Bishop of Meaux's of communion under both species,

by William Payne. London, 1687. M. 820, Q. 2. A discourse concerning the adoration of the host, as it is

taught and practised in the church of Rome; wherein an answer is given to T. G. on that subject, and to Monsieur Boileau's late book,

De Adoratione Eucharistæ, by William Payne. London, 1685. Pearson, 343, O. The great case of tithes truly stated; with a defence of the

principles held by the people called Quakers, by Anthony Pearson.

London, 1730. L. Penn, 990, 0. The Christian Quaker and his divine testimony stated and vindi

cated from scripture, reason and authority, by W. Penn. London,

1699. M. 2329, 0. No Cross no Crown, by William Penni. 12th edition.

London, 1782. 1884, 0. 8. The sandy foundation shaken, by William Penn, with

extracts from the writings of primitive friends. Philadelphia, 1825. 49. D. The invalidity of John Faldo's vindication of his book, called

" Quakerism no Christianity,” being a defence of the doctrine of the

people called Quakers, by William Penn. London, 1672. L. Pennington, 975, D. 6. A catechisme common place book, and textual for young

and old, learned and unlearned, by Robert Pennington. London,

1619. Perquino, 498, D. Catolico reformado, por Guillermo Perquino, Licenciado en

santa theologia. 1599. L. Plenderleath, 752, 0. 3. The principles of religion, by way of question and an

swer, fit for instructing old as well as young persons, by Mr. P.

Plenderleath, 1777. Plitts, 2134, D. D. Johann J. Plitts unterricht in der glaubens und sitten

lehre der Evangelischen religion. Franckfurt, 1768. Pontanus, 451, D. Jacobi Pontani, colloquiorum sacrorum libri quatuor.

Ingolstadii, 1610. L. Pope, 1874, 0. 1. Divine worship founded in nature and supported by scripture

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