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cond Book of Apocryphal Efdras in a diftin& cor lumn, beyond what I promis'd : all which is much more than I at first estimated thar Arabick Didascaly, and about as much as it really proves to be, by Dr. Grabe's Account of it. 'Tis also to be observed, that I have directed the placing of that larger Additional Piece, of Apocryphat Efdras, at the end of the Smaller Fourth, and not of the Larger First Volume, for greater Conveniency both of the Binder and Reader. Tis farther to be noted, as to Ignatius's Larger Epistles, that I have almost always printed by A. B. Ujher's most accurate Edition ; and that in the Various Readings at the bottom of each Page, A. signifies the Auguftan br Augsburgh Copy: B. the Leicestershire Copy, now in the Bodleian Library : N, that of Gafper Nidpruck: and I. chat of Thuanus, which are all the Greek MSS. which we have of those' Larger Epistles.

The Greek of the smaller is according to the laft Oxford Edition, which was made from Profeffor Salvinus's exact Transcript 'out of the Medicean, or only Greek Copy of them; and só can have ono various Readings at all. I include Ruinart's Copy of the Epistle to the Romans under this Head; tho it he wanting in the Medicean M$.

The English Translation of the Larger Epistles is my own i but as carefully revis'd by some

Learned Friends, especially by one excellently ord. blarke. skills in such matters. The Engtill of the Bre lluitar Smaller is that of the Right Reverend and Lear. Tamaris hilo. ned the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, in his Second

and more accurate Edition of the Apoftolical Fathers. The Greek of the Constitution's themfelyes is according to the Original Venice Edition : A. 1). 1569. whence all the other are derivd, and which was chiefly made from a very good Copy from Creie, and allo in part from two interpo.


Edita difting believe this a Texts double have not

lated ones from Calabria and Sicily. And the various Readings at the bottom of the Pages are taken either from the Margin of 'that Edition, noted al. for aliter ; or from the Two Vienna MSS. now first collated by the Reverend Mr. Anderson, lately Chaplain to our Ambassador there, noted 9. for the later, but more correct; and V, for the Older, but more interpolated Copy: I have omitted those other various Readings which may be fetch'd from ancient Citations, and spurious Editions or Extracts, since they are more proper for a distinct work, and, excepting a few Cafes, will not, I believe, very often afford us the truer Reading. In this Volume I have printed even all the interpolated Texts, even where I knew them to be such, but in double Brackets thus [[ ]] to gratify the Learned: but I have not in that case added a Translation, that I might not puzzle the English Reader; fór whore Take only the Version is made.' Yet 'where I was at all doubtful, I put the Greek into ' fingle Brackers thus, [) and have translated it, and left it to every one's own consideration. In one place... indeed I have added a Passage, which is not int " any of our modern Copies, I mean the Genua ine Rule for Eafter,' but with Comma's for diftinction ; and from the undoubted Authority of Epiphanius, in the Fourth Century. "And in the Eight Book, I have put the Spurious xas of reves ral Doxologies into the Margin, and insert å small e into the Text, for Genuine : a; Dr. Grabe has done in the like Cases of his Septuaa gint allo. I have all along preserv'd the small ler. Division of Chapters in Le Clercs' Coteleriin Edition, but have my self påreed the whole inco Seventy great Seations, which appears rohave been the original number, thereto be longing. As to the Pages, I have broken through



Guftom for Convenience, and omitting the num. bers of Leaves, or of Sides, have only set down the pages of the last mention'd Edition in the Margin, that all Quotations may equally fit them both, without any confusion. I have only set down the Contents at once by themselves, and have not prefix'd them to their respective-Chapters, as was partly done in the Venice Edition allo; since those Contents and that division into Chapters, are both of late date, and of vesy little consequence. I have moreover divided the last Chapter, or Apoftolical Canons, into 8s as they were in old time, and as they still are in many Copies, parçicularly that Ancient one in Joannes Antiochenus of the Sixth Century , nay I once thougheto have set down the 85th Canon exa&ly from his Copy, as best agreeing with che Original Quotations and Testimonies, but have not taken that liberty. The English of these Con

ftitutions is my own, but as almost entirely reFralle Hartevised by the same accurate Hand that revised is

matius; and some of the more difficult places by Arilmalrigge, another very Learned and Judicious Person, Nor

e s did I often trust wholly to my self in my Transa. mon. Allerde tion of the Original Testimonies in the Fourch 14. Volume, but had them generally revis'd by the

Hand twicę intimated already : So that I hope all the Versions are tolerably exact, excepting that of Eunomius ; so far I mean as has not been already publish'd; for otherwise even this

Tranflation has been revised as far as Bafil, or Dr, Cave could affift us, after the MS, it self was taken away... When the Oxford, Greck, and Latin, Edition is publish'd, it will be easy co correct any mistakes therein. I would also, I confess, willingly have given the unlearned Reader a Trannation of the Greek and Latin Paffages both in the Differtation on Ignacius



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