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11 Alberti's Architecture, by Leoni, Italian and Eng. 2 vol. in 1, 169 12 Albinus's Tables of the Skeleton and Mufcles, il 10s 1777 13 Albinus's Large Anatomical Plates, fifie impreffions; in boards, with the Explanations in 4to, balf bound, el 12s 6d 1754

14 Atlas (French) of Ancient Univerfal Hiftory, 4s 15 Beaumont's Travels through the Rhætian Alps, with 10 large aquatinta Engravings, boards, 11 8s-ditto, h. b. 11 128 16 Bleau Theatre du Monde, contenant Cartes et Defcriptions, 4 vol. Charts coloured, bound in vellum, 31 145 Amft. 1643 17 Brambilla's Chirurgical Inftruments on 67 fine plates, containing many thousand Figures, with the Defcriptions in Latin, in boards, Scarce, il 4s 18 Brisbane's Anatomy of Painting, or Introduction to Anatomy, containing Albinus's Six Tables, with their Linnæan Figures, &c. Alfo the Anatomy of Celfus, with Notes, and the Phyfiology of Cicero (fame as fells in boards at 15s) new, in boards, 6s 3d 19 Bentley's Large Genealogical Table, of the Royal Families of Eu rope, boards, 10s 6d




zo Buchoz les Dons Merveilleux de Nature dans le Regne Animal, avec figures, enlum. rel. en maroquin, feuilles, dor, 41 18s #z Buchoz fes Dons Merveilleux de Nature dans le Regne Mineral, avec 1782 figures, enlum. rel. en marcquin, feuilles, dor. 41 188 1782 23 Blech's Fifoes, with the Defcriptions in French, the plates beautifully coloured, 6 vol. new, Jewed, 151 155 Berlin 178

24 Betham's Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns of the World, from the Earlieft to the Prefent Period, exhibiting in each Table, their Immediate Succeffors, Collateral Branches, and the Duration of their Refpective Reigns, &c.


boards, 31 108

C. new in 25 Bartolozzi's Twelve Etchings from Italian Mafters, boards, 163 1795 26 Bowen and Kitchin's large English Atlas, coloured, b. b. il 6s. 27 La Charge du Marefchal des Logis, 3s 6d 28 Cartes des Itineraires et Voiages Modernes, 68 Maps, b. b. gs 6d 29 Cries of Venice on 60 Copper-plates, by Zompini, the Defcription of the Cries are in Italian, and well tranflated into English Verfe, IMPERIAL PAPER (fame as fells in boards at rl 11s 6d) new, in boards, 16s 6d





30 Cellarium Architettura Militaris, in Dutch, fig. 6s 6d Amft. 1645 32 Caftiglione varii Caprici e Poefi Inventate, e defignati trat. della Raccolta Zanettiana Incifi di Gat. Zompini, new, in bds. 11s 6d 33 Cowper on the Mufcles, and his Anatomy of the Human Body, with the Large Plates, 2 vol. neat, in calf, 31 10s



34 Cowper's Anatomical Treatife on the Muscles, with Large Plates,

fine Impreffions, 110s.

35 COURT OF HENRY THE EIGHTH, a Collection of Portraits of Nobility and Statesmen of that Reign, from Original Draw. ings, by Holbein, containing 36 Portraits, with the fine plate by Bartolozzi, Imperial Folio (fame that fells in boards at 31 35) new, in boards, 21 14s 1792 1767

36 Clouet Geographie Moderne avec Introduction, 10s 6d


37 Defcription de les Principes Pierres Gravées du Cabinet Duc D'Orleans, avec fg. 2 vol. in boards, 41 4s

de Monf. le Paris 1780

88 D'Anville's Complete Body of Ancient Geography, on 13 coloured, new, neatly half bound, igs 6d

Plates, 1791

89 D'Efenberg L'Art de Monter a Cheval, ou Defcript. du Manege, Mod. dans fa Perfection, avec belle fig. par Picart, neat, 12s 6d 40 Dunn's Atlas of the Mundane Syftem, new, nearly half bound and lettered, 21 10s 1796 Geographie et Paris 1761 1652


42 De Morna's Atlas Methodique, et Elementaire de Hiftoire, coloured, Jewed, 21 10s


Danckwerth Hift. Chronica, Johanne Mejerd. 11 10s 44 De Mandevillete Neptune Orientale, il is 45 Dolce Imprefe Nobili et Injeniofe, diverfi, 4s 6d 46 Da Carpi Architettura fopra Le Fortificationi, 10s 6d 47 D'Anville's Atlas, improved by Harrifon, 9 Maps, coloured, 48 De Witt's Atlas, on 7 Maps, loofe in Port folio, 14s 49 Danville's Atlas, coloured, half bound, 11 118 6d

50 English Pilot for the Northern Navigation, 158

52 English Pilot for the Oriental Navigation, 12s 6d-ditto, 15s 53 Eaft India, &c. Charts, by De Mannevillette, Large Folio, b. b. 11115 6d

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Paris 1745



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10s 61



54 EDMONSON's PEERAGE, from the earliest Times, with Supplemental volume, or Continuation to the prefent Time (AN ELEGANT WORK) all on copper-plates (fame as is fold in boards at 301) 6 vol. new, in boards, 161 108 1784, &c. 35 English Pilot for the Oriental Navigation, 4s 6d-ditto, 69, 1741ditto, for the Mediterranean Sea, 5s 6d-ditto, for the Southern Navigation, ros 6d-ditto, 6s-ditto, filed, 3s-ditto, for the Weft Coaft of Africa, 5s-ditto, for the Weft India Navigation, 75, 1758-ditto, zs 6d, 1748-Coafting Pilot, 3s-ditto, 38 6d 56 Elton's Compleat Body of the Art Military, 2s-ditto, 3s 6d 1668. 57 Ehret's Figures of Plants, finely coloured, boards, 11 45


88 Fontana par Laqua del te Inventione di Le Gueay, 58 59 Familiae Romanæ quæ Reperiuntur in Antiquis Numis matibus, cum

Fig. ios 6d

60 Flamstead Atlas Coeleftis boards, 11 11s 6d


62 Fontana L'Antifeatro Flavio Defcritto e Delineata, con fig. half 'bound, 12s 1725

63 Floriani della Difefa della Piazza, fig. 2s 6d


64 Gough's Sepulchral Monuments in Great Britain, part 1, containing the first four Centuries (the firft fheet of the preface ftained) finely printed on Imperial paper, with fine plates, in boards, 51 138 1786 65 Gibb's Defcription of the Ratcliffe Library, with head of Gibbs, by 1747

Hogarth, and Ratcliffe, by Kneller, fewed, 5s 66 Gedenkwaerdige Gefantchappen, cer Ooft Indifche Maatschappy int Vereenigde Nederland Aan de Kaifaren van Japan, &c. &c. door Arnoldus Montanus, &c. many fine plates, il is Amft. Giuftinian Historie Chronologiche dell'Origine de Gl'Ordine Mili tarie e di Tutte Le Religioni Cavallerefche, con. fig. 2 vol fered, 16s Venez. 1692 Amft. 1675

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68 Goos de Zee Atlas, in Dutch, bound, 10s 6d 69 Guiriniere Ecole de Cavalerie, contenant La Connoiffance, l'Inftruction et La Confervation du Cheval avec, fig. neat, il is Par. 1757 70 Hunter's Plates (fine Impreffions) of the Gravid Uterus, with Expla nations in 'Latin and English, printed by Baskerville, new, in boards, 81 10s



72 Hugone de Militia Equeftri, Antig et Novo, 3s Hifforia Augufta da G. Cefare, Illuft. da Angelona, 3s 6d Homan's General Atlas, with his Plans of Towns, &c. 547 maps, coloured, in 6 vol. bound, fcarce, gl 18s

1694 1685

75 L'Hydrographie Francoife, par Bellin XLV large Charts, coloured, balf bound, 21 19s


76 Homan's Atlas, coloured, bound, il 10s

77 Homanni Atlas Novus Terrarum Orbis Imperia Regna et Status exactis Tabulis Geograp. Demonftrans, coloured, 11 198 Norb 78 Homan's Atlas, coloured, half bound, il 14s Nurnberg 1747 79 Hogarth's Harlot's Progrefs, on Six Plates, boards, 10s 6d 8 Harris's Book of Ornaments, boards, 3s gd

8 Hondy's Hiftoria Mundi; or, Mercator's Atlas, 35 83 Hexham's Atlas, 2 vol. 148



84 Halfpenny's Art of Sound Building, 4s HEPTINSTALL'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION OF THE BIBLE, with fine plates, THE BEST PAPER, 2 vol. (fame that fell in boards at 61 68) new, in boards, for 41 48





Amft. 1633



86 Jeffer's General Topography of America, balf bound, 51 5s 87 Inigo Jones's Defigns, by Ware, 6s 88 Ireland's (Sam.) Graphic Illuftrations of Hogarth, from Pictures, Drawings, and fcarce Prints, among which are the extreme rare etching, from the Rape of the Lock (the original, of which this is a fac fimile, fold at a recent Auction for 331) Hogarth's Shop Bill, Bever's Rom. Milit. Punishment, the Complicated Richard fon (the original of this is fold for 141) Hogarth's Card, Satan, Sin, and Death, &c. &c. the fine LARGE ROYAL PAPER (fame as fells in boards at 41 4s) new, in boards, for 31 13s 6d 1794 89 Ditto, the Royal Octavo Edition (fame as fells in boards at 21‍58) 1794


new, in boards, for 2l

90 Janffonii Atlas Contractus, five Atlantis Majoris Compendium in quo torum Univerfum, 8s 6d Amft. 1766 92 Janfionii Pitt. & Sivart, Nova Totius Terrarum orbis Geographiæ, Hydographia Tabulæ, half bound, 7s бd

93 Kitchin's Atlas, coloured, half bound, 135

94 Klein Petrefacta Gadanenfia THE PLATES FINELY COLOURED, elegantly bound in calf, 21 zs

Nurnb. 1779

Kitchin's General Atlas, on 62 plates, coloured, new, neatly half bound, and lettered, 31 18



96 Kirby's Perspective Complete, containing his Perfpective of Architecture, his Defcription and Ufe of the Architectonic Sector, and his Improvement of Brooke Taylor's Perspective, 3 vol. new, half bound, Ruffia acks and corners, lettered, 31 1767

97 Koeleri Atlas Manualis Scholafticus et Itinerariis complectens Nova Geographie Tabulas 51, a Weigelio, coloured, 11 is 6d

98 Kitchin's Univerfal Atlas, corrected and augmented from the laft Edition of D'Anville and Robert, with Improvements by Major Rennel, new, nearly bound in calf and lettered, for 61



99 Le Brun's Paffions, published by Bowles, fewed, 6s 6d 100 Landfcapes after Salvator Rofa, Pouffin, &c. boards, 158. 102 Lavater's Effays on Phyfiognomy, defigned to promote the Knowledge and Love of Mankind, by Dr. Hunter, ROYAL QUARTO, 2 first vol. fine impressions, half bound, uncut, 11ļ 118

1789, &c

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103 Lanciff's Anatomy Improved and Illuftrated, with regard to the Ufes thereof in Defigning, 148

104 Lorini Fortificationi, con. fig. 38 6d

Lorenzo Practica di Profpettivi, fig. 28 6d

Fenet 1509

Ven. 1595



106 Lowndes's Register of Marriages, &c. (Quire of ) 28 6d
107 The LUXEMBURG Gallery, frft impreffians, very scarce, 51 58
108 Luckombe's Genealogical Tables of all the Sovereigns of Europe-de-
ducing their Defcents for two Centuries with all their imme-
diate and collateral Branches, as well as Intermarriages engraved
on three sheets, Imperial paper, (fame that is fold in boards at 125)
new, in boards, for 5s

709 Locke's Plates of Tables and Sconces, 2s


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Lea and Morden's Atlas, coloured, boards, 4s 6d



112 Middleton's Architectural and Picturefque Views of Cottages, Farm. Houfes, and Country Villas, with Deferiptive Letter-prefs, (fame as fells in boards at 11) new in boards, for

148 ód

Ditto, with the plates coloured (fame as fells in boards at 11 118 6d) new in boards, for il 18

1795 1795


114 Ditto, new, nearly half bound, Morocco back, 17%
115 Marshall's Chronological Tables, in Portfolio, 2s 6d

116 Martyn Hiftoria Plantarum Rariorum, the plates finely coloured after
nature, (fame as is fold in boards at 4148) new, in boards, for.
21 198 6d
TURE complete in 2 vol. enriched with accurate Reprefentations,
of near a thousand beautiful and curious Animals, FINELY CO.
LOURED after Nature (fame as fells in Numbers at 51) new in
boards, 41 is



118 Metamorphofes D'Ovide Lat. Fr. par du Ryer, fig. 18s 6d
119 Moll's 62 Maps of England and Wales, 48

1729 1758


120 Martin's Principles of Geography and Navigat. b. b. Es 6d
122 Middleton's Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Houfe of Cor-
rection in Cold Bath Fields, bound in calf, il 18ṣ
123. Monro (Dr. Alexander) on the Structure and Phyfiology of Fishes,
explained and compared with thofe of Man and other Animals,
with plates, ROYAL PAPER (fame that is fold in boards at
21 123 6d) new in boards, for 158
Monro's (Dr. A.) Defcription of all the Buriæ Mucofe of the
Human Body, their Structure explained and compared with
that of the Capfular Ligaments of the Joints, and of thofe
Sacs which line the Cavities of the Thorax and Abdomen, with
Remarks on the Accidents and Diseases which affect those several
Sacs, and on the Operations neceflary for their Cure, with
large copper plates (fame that is fold in boards at 125) new
in boards, for 8s 6d


125 Another Copy, in fheets, 78 6d



126 Malton's Perfpective, first 3 parts, ferved, 168
127 Montluc's Commentaries, defcribing Combats, Skirmishes, Battles,
taking of Towns, &c. gs 6d


28 MACKLIN'S MATCHLESS EDITION OF THE BIBLE, an early Subfeription Copy MOST BEAUTIFUL IMPRESSIONS OF THE PLATES, with the receipt (entitling the holder to the remaining numbers

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equally good Impreffions, at 1.5s each, now advanced to 11.15
each to Non-Subfcribers) firft 50 numbers, being all that are yet
publifhed, in boards, for 331. 155

179 Maps of the English Counties, with the Subdivifions, coloured, half

bound, il 28


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N. B. Only 25 Copies were printed on this Paper.

133 Nouvel Atlas tres Exact et Fort Commode pour Toutes Sortes de

Perfonnes, fine coloured plates, b. b. 158.


$34 Norden's Plates and Antiquities of Egypt and Nubia, with Tem

pleman's Notes, the fine LARGE PAPER, 2 vol, (fame as fells in

boards at 81 8s) new in boards, 41 18s


135 New Sea Atlas, 6s 6d, 1793-Locks, Chimneys, &c. 2s

136 Ogilby's Britannia, on 100 Maps, 5$

137 Ortelio Theatro del Mondo, 4s 6d

138 Ortelio Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, illuminated, 125

139 Ortelio Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 6s 6d

Amft. 1685

140 Ortelio Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, a Moreti,

10s 6d


200 Oakley's Magazine of Architecture, Perspective and Sculpture, 2 vol.

half bound, izs 6d


201 Picart Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieufes de tous les Peuples du

Monde, avec Supplement, 11 vol. very fine impreffions of the

plates, a capital fet. bound in calf, gilt leaves, 261

Amft. 1739

zoz Portfolio with Strong Blank Paper, b. b. 16s.


Palazzi di Roma de Piu Celebri Architetti Difegnati da Pietro

Ferrerio, b. b. uncut, 12s 5d

204 Palladio's Architecture, by Cole, 145


205 Portfolios, Different sizes, at various Prices

z06 Pitt's (Mofes) Large English Atlafs, with a copious Description,

coloured maps, and a fine portrait of Charles II. by White, 4 vol.

half bound, 21 4s

Oxford, 1680

208 Parmigianino's various Defigns, on 16 copper plates, engraved by

Faldoni, IMPERIAL PAPER, new in boards, 10s 60 1786

210 Another copy, the plates worked off in brown, new, in boards, with

vellum back, 11s 6d

Venex 1786


Anvers 1612

212 Popple's Map of America, on 20 plates, il 5s...

220 Statuta Hofpitalis Hierufalem, fig. 75 6d


222 Brambilla, de Inftrumentis Chirur. Militar. cum 67 figuris, new, in

boards, fcarce, il 4s


223 BARON BOR N'S SHELLS, the Defcriptions in Latin, new, half bound,

uncut, 31&s

Vindob. 1780

224 Another Copy, the plates finely coloured, uncut, 51 10s ib. 1780
225 Anton Maria Zanetti vare Pitture a Frefco di Principali Maeftri
Veneziana lora la Prima Volta, con le Stampe publicate,
Imperial Paper, new in boards, with wellum back, for 15s

226 Taylor and Skinner's Roads of Scotland, 6s


Curious Antique Collection of Bird's-Eye Views of the feveral Coun-
ties in England and Wales, engraved on 46 Plates by G. Bick-
ham, new, neatly half bound, for 9s 6d

8 Malton's Perspective, mas, al 118 6d

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