The antichristian conspiracy

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Page 81 - Were it joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control ; for the judge would then be the legislator. Were it joined to the executive power, the judge might behave with violence and oppression.
Page 86 - Were the executive power to determine the raising of public money, otherwise than by giving its consent, liberty would be at an end; because it would become legislative in the most important point of legislation. If the legislative power...
Page 346 - Was this declaration a frefh inftance of his former hypocrify ? Unfortunately, after the explanations we have feen him give of his exterior a6ls of religion, might there not be room for doubt ? Be that as it may, this is a public homage, paid to that religion in which he declared he meant to die, notwithftanding his having perpetually confpired againft it during his life.
Page 123 - In a ftate there are always perfons diftinguiflied by their birth, riches, or honors : but were they to be confounded with the common people, and to have only the weight of a fingle vote like the reft, the common liberty would be their flavery, and they would have no intereft in fupporting it, as moft of the popular rtfolwions would be againft them.
Page 276 - August 1792, the French Jacobins had only dated the annals of their revolution by the years of their pretended liberty. On that day, when the king was carried prisoner...
Page 344 - ... space of three months, which elapsed from the time he was crowned in the theatre, until his decease. Such a silence expresses, how great their humiliation was in.
Page 276 - Equality fhould be added in future in all public acts, and the decree itfelf was dated the fourth year of Liberty, the firft year and firft day of Equality.
Page 273 - England, in particular," he says, "is full of those upright men, who, excellent citizens, and of all stations, are proud of being Masons; and who may be distinguished from the others by ties which only appear to unite them more closely in the bonds of charity and fraternal affection. It is not the fear of offending a nation in which I have found an asylum, that has suggested this exception.
Page 288 - The grand object for me was to learn the famous fecret of Mafonry. The moment at length comes when the poftulant is ordered to approach nearer to the Venerable. Then the brethren who had been armed with fwords for the occafion drawing up in two lines held their fwords elevated, leaning the points toward each other, and formed what in Mafonry is called the arcb of fteel.
Page 347 - In vain he turned his head away ; the time was coming apace, when he was. to appear before the tribunal of him whom he had blasphemed ; and his physicians, particularly Mr.

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