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527 MARSTON'S (Westland) Dramatic and Poetical Works, 2 vols, FIRST COLLECTIVE EDITION, clean copy, 6s (pub 188) 1876

post svo 598 Marston's (Westland) Dramatic and Poetical Works. Collected edn. A peculiarly

sting copy, first presented by the author to

hter Nelly, and afterwards selected as a by W. Ford, Esq., see inscription on flyols, cr. 8vo, orig, cl., 5/6

1876 ARSTON (Westland) DRAMATIC and Works, collective edition; 2 vols. post h, unopened, 48 (pub. 188)

1876 ARSTON (Westland) Dramatic and Works, collective edition ; 2 vols. post unopened, 48 (pub. 188)


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