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S. 2


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His very madness, like to lack discretion. . Pol. a. 2 some ore, among a mineral 8. 1 of metals base, shows itself If circumstances lead me, pure. . Queen a. 4 s. 1 I will find where truth is He is loved of the distract

hid, tho' it were hid indeed ed multitude, who like not in

within the centre. .Pol. a. 2 their judgmeut, but their

It warms the eyes, and where 'tis so, the


very offenders' scourge is weighed, in my heart, that I shall live

' but never the offence. . King

to tell him to his teeth, thus

didst thou. . Laer. a. 4 s. 7 a. 4 8. 3

If words be made of How all occasions do in

breath and breath of life, I form against me, and spurn

have no life to breathe what my dull revenge. . Ham. a. 4

thou hast said to me.. Queen

a. 3 s. 4 He is the broach indeed,

It out-Herod's Herod.. and gem of all the nation..

Ham, a. 3 s. 2 Laer. a. 4 7

I set you up a glass, where I know not seems, 'tis not

you may see the inmost part alone my inky cloak good

you.. Ham. a. 3 6.4 mother, &c., these are but

In the morn, and liquid the trappings and the suits of

dew of youth, contagious woe.. Ham. a. 1 8. 2

blastments are most imminI do not set my life at a ent. . Laer. a. 1 s. 3 pin's fee, and for my soul

I shall the effect of this what can it do to that, being good lesson keep as watcha thing immortal as itself. .

man to my heart.. Oph. a. 1 Ham, a. 1 3. 4

I could a tale unfold, I might not this believe, wbose lightest word would without the sensible and true harrow up thy soul. . Ghost

avouch of mine own eyes. . a. 1 s. 5

Hor, a. 1 s. 1
It seems it is as proper to

In the

of our age, to cast beyond our- mine opinion.. Hor. a. 1 s. selves in our opinions, as it 1 is common to the younger,

If thou hast uphoarded in


S. 3

and scope

Hor. a.

1 s.

S. 4

thy life, extorted treasure in Christian burial, who wilfully the womb of earth, for which seeks her own salvation.. Ist they say you spirits oft walk

Clown a 5 s. 1 in death..


Imperious Ceasar dead and It us befitted to bear our

turned to clay, might stop a hearts in grief, and our whole

hole to keep the wind away kingdom to be contracted in Ham. a. 5 s. 1 one blow of woe ; yet so far Let your haste commend hath discretion fought with your duty.. King a. 1 s. 2 nature. . King a. 1 8. 2

Lay not that flattering It is a custom more hon- unction to your soul. . Ham. oured in the breach, than in a. 3 s. 4 the observance.. Ham. a. I Love is begun by time,

and that I see, in passages I am sorry that with bet

of proof, time qualifies the ter heed and judgment I had spark and fire of it.. King not quoted him.. Pol. a. 2 a. 4 s. 7 s. 1

Let Hercules himself do I hold my duty as I hold what he may, the cat will my soul, both to my God and mew and dog will have his to my gracious King.. Pol. day.. Ham. a. 3 s. 1 a. 2 s. 2

Let us once again assail I am but mad north north

your ears, that are so fortiwest, when the wind is south- fied against our story.. Ber. erly I know a hawk from a a. 1 8. 1 hand-saw.. Ham. a. 2 8. 2 Let it be tenable in your

I'll observe his looks, I'll silence still. . Ham. a. 1 s. 2 tent him to the quick.. Ilam. Let the canded tongue a. 2 s. 2

lick absurd pomp.. Ham. a. I do wish that your good 3 s. 2 beauties the happy

Let me be cruel, not uncause of Hamlet's wildness.. natural.. Ham. a. 3 s. 5 Queen a. 3 s. 1

Like the owner of a foul It shall as level to your

disease, to keep it from dijudgment 'pear as day does vulging, let it feed even, on ito your eye. . King a. 4 s. 5 the pith of life. . King a. 4

Is she to be buried in



Let a beast be lord of would have reverted to my beasts, and his crib shall bow again, and not where I stand at the King's mess.. had aim'd them.. King a. 4 Ham. a. 5 s, 2

8. 7 Madness in great ones

More pity that great folks must not unwatched go..

shall have countenance in this King a. 3 s. 1

world to drown or hang themMy words fly up, my

selves, more than their even

Christian. . 1 Clown a. 5 s. 1 thoughts remain below, words without thought, never to

Making so bold, my fears Heaven go.. King a. 5 8. 3 forgetting manners, to unseal Mad, call I it, for to define

their grand commission..

Ham. a. 5 S. 2 true madness, what is't? but to be nothing else than mad Nature is fine in love, and .. Pol. a. 2 s. 2

where 'tis fine, it sends some Marry well bethought... precious instance of itself Pol. a. 1 s. 3

after the thing it loves.. My fate cries out and

Laer. d. 4 s. 4 makes each petty artery in Nor shall you do mine ear this body as hardy as the that, violence, to make it Nemean lion's nerve. . Ham. truster of your own report a. I s. 4

against yourself. . Ham. a. I Man, delights not me nor woman either, tho' by your

Neither a borrower nor a smiling you seem to say so.. lender be, for loan oft loses Ham. a. 2 s. 2

both itself and friend, and My stronger guilt defeats borrowing dulls the edge of my strong intent, and like a

husbandry..Pol. a. 1 8. 3 man to double business bound Not to crack the wind of I stand in pause where I shall the poor phrase by wronging first begin, and both neglect ! it thus..Pol. a. 1 s. 3 ..King a. 3 s. 3

Now I might do it pat, May one be pardon'd and now he is praying, and now I retain the offence ? &c... will do it, &c.. Ham. a. 3 s. King a. 3

3 My arrow too slightly Now must your conscience timber'd for so loud a wind, my acquittance seal, and you

8. 2

S. 3


must put me


heart O it offends me to the soul, for friend.. King a. 4 s. 7 to hear a robustious, perri

No place indeed should wig-pated fellow tear a pasmurder sanctuarize. . King a.

sion to tatters.. Ham. a. 3 s. 4 s. 7

2 Nay, and thou’lt mouth, O’erstep not the modesty I'll rant as well as thou.. of nature.. Iam. a. 3 s. 2 Ham. a. 5 8. 1

O heart lose not thy naNow cracks a noble heart,

ture, let not the soul of Nero good night sweet prince and enter this firm bosom.. Ham.

a. 3 s. 2 flights of angels sing thee to

Our indiscretion thy rest. . Hor. a. 5 8. 2

times serve as well, when our O that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw, and deep plots do pall.. Ham. a.

5 s. 2 resolve itself into a dew, or that the Everlasting had not

Purpose is but the slave to fix'd His capnon ’gainst self

memory, of violent birth but slaughter. . Ham. a. 3 s. 1 poor validity..P. King a. 3

s. 2 Oh! my offence is rank, it smells to Heaven ! it hath Pray can I not, though inthe primal eldest curse upon

clination be as sharp as will it, a brother's murder . King King a. 3 s. 3 a. 3 s. 3

Peace, sit down, and let me One woe doth tread upon

wring your heart, for so I another's heel, so fast they shall, if it be made of pene

trable stuff. . Ham. a. 3 s. 4 follow.. Ham. a. 4 s. 7 Occasion smiles upon a

Remember thee, ay, thou second leave. . Laer. a. 1 s. 3 poor ghost, while memory

Oh! what a noble mind is holds a seat, in this distracthere o'erthrown, the court

ed world. . Ham. a. 4 s. 4 iers, soldiers, scholars, eye, Rightly to be great, is tongue, sword, the expectan

not to stir without great cy and rose of the fair state, argument, but greatly to find the glass of fashion and the quarrel, in a straw, when homould of form, the observed

nour's at the stake. . Ham. of all observers. . Oph. a. 3

4 s. 4 s. 1

Season your admiration for



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a while with an attent ear.. Sure He that made us with Hor. a. 1 s. 2

such large discourse, looking Since brevity is the soul of before and after, gave us not wit and tediousness the limbs that capability and godlike and outward flourishes, I will reason, to fust in us unused be brief.. Pol. a. 2 s. 2

.. Ham. a. 4 s. 4 So, haply, slander,---whose Spurns enviously at straws whisper o'er the world's di- .. Hor. a. 4 s. 5 ameter, as level as the cannon

She may strew dangerous to his blank, transport's his conjectures, in ill-breeding poison's shot ---may miss onr minds.. Queen a. 4. s. 5 name, and hit the woundless She is so conjunctive to my air. . King a. 4 8. 1

life and soul, that as the star Sweets to the sweet, fare- moves not but in his sphere, well. . Queen a. 5 s. 1

I could not but by her. . King Set it down, that one may

a. 4 s. 7 smile and smile, and be a vil- So far he topp'd my thought lain.. Ham. a. 1 s. 5

that I in forgery of shapes So loving to my mother,

and trials, come short of what that he might not beteem the

he did.. King a. 4 s. 7 winds of Heaven visit her face Sir his definement, suffers too roughly.. Ham. a. 1 8. 2 no perdition in you. . Ham. So, oft it chances in par

a. 5 s. 2 ticular men, that for some vi- The funeral bak'd meats, cious mole of nature in them, did coldly furnish forth the as in their birth (wherein they marriage tables.. Ham. a. 1 are not guilty, since nature 8. 2 cannot choose his origin).. 'Tis in my memory locked, Ham. a. 1 s. 4

and you yourself shall keep Suit the action to the word the key of it.. Oph. a. 1 s. 3 and the word to the action.. To thine own self be true, Ham. a. 3 8. 2

and it must follow, as the Since


dear soul was mis- night the day, thou canst not tress of her choice and could then be false to any man. of men distinguish her elect- Pol. a. 1 8. 3 ion, she hath sealed thee for Thou comest in such a herself. . Ham. a. 3 s. 2 questionable shape, that I will

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