Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 59

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Priestley and Weale, 1899 - Astronomy
Includes lists of additions to the Society's library, usually separately paged.

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Page 6 - Our Place among Infinities : A Series of Essays contrasting our Little Abode in Space and Time with the Infinities Around us.
Page 315 - The Virginia Gazette in alluding to the event said that " from one to three in the morning meteors seemed to fall from every point in the heavens, in such numbers as to resemble a shower of sky-rockets.
Page 166 - It also seems a natural and proper corollary to these propositions (unless it shall appear that stones meeting the earth are destroyed in the air), that the larger meteorites moving in our solar system are allied much more closely with the group of comets of short period than with the comets whose orbits are nearly parabolic.
Page 598 - Report upon the Condition and Progress of the US National Museum during the year ending June 30, 1896.
Page 200 - Co. ; he retired from the firm on its amalgamation with a number of other banks and conversion into a limited company in 1896. He twice married, his first wife being Mary Walker Leatham, of the well.known Yorkshire family, by whom he had two sons and one daughter, of whom only one, Robert Barclay, is now living. On his marriage, he took up his residence at the Limes, Walthamstow, coming into possession of Knott's Green on his father's death. His second wife, Margaret Exton, of Hitchin, survives him,...
Page 13 - Wilde in behalf of the committee to whom was referred so much of the President's message as relates to the subject of a national uni1Ex.
Page 602 - London, Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the meridian of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.
Page 4 - Connaissance des temps ou des mouvements célestes, pour le méridien de Paris, à l'usage des astronomes et des navigateurs, pour l'an 1912, publiée par le bureau des longitudes.
Page 305 - Taking everything into account, the succession of coincidences between the extra lines of /3 Crucis and the oxygen spectrum can only be accounted for on the basis of the extra lines being in the main actually due to oxygen." This conclusion does not, as yet, appear to have been fully accepted by spectroscopists, partly because, from the low dispersion used, the lines of the groups are not separately shown. It is very generally known that the instrumental equipment of the Royal Observatory at the...
Page 200 - Barclay, in direct descent from Colonel Barclay (1610), who purchased the Urie Estate, and from his son Robert Barclay, author of the Apology. When JG Barclay was a boy, his father purchased, and went to live at, Knott's Green, Leyton, which has since been a family residence of the Barclays. For more than fifty years, JG Barclay was a partner (in later years the head) of the well.known banking firm of Barclay, Bevan, and Co.

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