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Wrot Edition, 1888. New Edition, 1899.

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from the British Museum Educational Series (Catalogue).

1. III. B. 28. Of Thebes. Obv. Boootian shield. Rev. OE (-OrBnwo). Infant Hērakles strangling serpents. Fourth con. tury B.C. Wt. 187 grs. Cf. N. 1. 39–47.

2. II. C. 16. Of Akragns. Obv. Two onglos with haro. In field hornod head of a young river-god. (Rer. AKPATANTINON.) End of fifth contury B.C. Wt. 267.8 grs. Cf. N. 3. 80, 81.

3. II. B. 24. Of Aegina (Xelavn). Obv. Al. Land tortoise (symbol of Astarte, Phoenician goddess of commerce). Rev. Incuse square divided into five compartments, with N, I, and dolphin in the three whole squares. Earlier than B.C. 459. Wt. 189 grs. Cf. N. 6. 66.

4. I. C. 25. Of Katana. [Obv. Man-headed bull (river-god); above, water-fowl; beneath, river-fish.] Rev. KATANAION (ІойKATANA). Winged Niko with wreath in right hand moving quickly to the left. Before 480 B.C. Wt. 266.8 gry.

3. II. C. 28. (Obv. MEZEANION. Hare; beneath it dolphin.) Rev. 'Annun; wingod Nike about to crown charioteer. In exergue two dolphins. Fifth century B.C. Type adopted by Anaxilâos. Wt. 266.9 grs.

Cf. 0. 6. 3.


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