Montcalm and Wolfe, Volume 1

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Page 134 - They told me, that it was their absolute design to take possession of the Ohio, and by G they would do it; for that, although they were sensible the English could raise two men for their one, yet they knew their motions were too slow and dilatory to prevent any undertaking of theirs.
Page 188 - To die is landing on some silent shore,' etc. When Braddock was told of it, he only said : ' Poor Fanny ! I always thought she would play till she would be forced to tuck herself up.
Page 220 - ... left strove to withdraw the halffrenzied crew in some semblance of order, a bullet struck him down. The gallant bulldog fell from his horse, shot through the arm into the lungs. It is said, though on evidence of no weight, that the bullet came from one of his own men. Be this as it may, there he lay among the bushes, bleeding, gasping, unable even to curse. He demanded to be left where he was. Captain Stewart and another provincial bore him between them to the rear. It was about this time that...
Page 222 - Grenadiers' caps, British canteens, bayonets, etc., with them. They brought the news that Braddock was defeated. After that another Company came in, which appeared to be about one hundred, and chiefly Indians, and it seemed to me that almost every one of this Company was carrying scalps; after this came another Company with a number of wagon horses, and also a great many scalps.
Page 57 - We assure you, in that road we will go; and as you threaten us with war in the spring, we tell you that we are ready to receive you." Then, turning again to the four envoys: "Brothers the Ottawas, you hear what I say. Tell that to your fathers the French, for we speak it from our hearts.
Page 134 - Virginia, are so notoriously known to be the property of the Crown of Great Britain, that it is a matter of equal concern and surprise to me to hear that a body of French forces are erecting fortresses and making settlements upon that river, within his Majesty's dominions.
Page 426 - we were agreeably entertained with a quick succession of charged guns, gradually firing off as reached by the fire, but much more so with the vast explosion of sundry bags, and large kegs of powder, wherewith almost every house abounded.
Page 133 - The Wine, as they dosed themselves pretty plentifully with it, soon banished the Restraint which at first appeared in their Conversation; and gave a Licence to their Tongues to reveal their Sentiments more freely. They told me, That it was their absolute Design to take Possession of the Ohio, and by G they would do it: For that altho...
Page 502 - Montcalm had nearly twelve thousand. To advance to the relief of Monro with a force so inferior, through a defile of rocks, forests, and mountains, made by nature for ambuscades, — and this too with troops who had neither the steadiness of regulars nor the bush-fighting skill of Indians, — was an enterprise for firmer nerve than his. He had already warned Monro to expect no help from him. At midnight of the fourth, Captain Bartman, his aide-de-camp, wrote: "The General has ordered me to acquaint...
Page 273 - Gentlemen, — I have received from his Excellency Governor Lawrence, the King's commission, which I have in my hand, and by his orders you are convened together, to manifest to you his Majesty's final resolution to the French inhabitants of this his province of Nova Scotia, who, for almost half a century, have had more indulgence granted them than any of his subjects in any part of his dominions ; what use you have made of it you yourselves best know.

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