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ftantly to walk with him in all the ways of new obediencer,

Q.77. Wherein do justification and sanctification differ?

A. Although fanctification be inseparably joined with justifications, yet they differ, in that God in justification imputeth the righteousness of Christ t; in sanctification his Spirit infuseth grace,

and enablech to the exercise thereofv; in the former, sin is pardoned w; in the other, it is subdued x; the one doth equally free all believers from the revenging wrath of God, and that perfectly in this life, that they never fall into

condemness to light, and from the power of foul, and with all his might, accordSatan unto God, that they may re. ing. to all the law of Moses; neither ceive forgiveness of sins, and inheri. after him arose there any like him. tance among them who are sanctifi. 77.51 11. And such were ed by faith that is in me. Ezek. xiv. some of you : but ye are washed, but 6. Therefore fay unto the house of ye are fanctified, but ye are justified Ifrael, thus faith the Lord God, Re- in the name of the Lord Jelus, and pent and turn yourselves from your by the Spirit of our God. i Cor.i. idols, and turn away your faces from 30. But of him are ye in Christ Jeall your abominations. I Kings viii, sus, who of God is made unto us 47. Yet if they shall bethink them- wisdom, and righteousness, and felves in the land whither they were fanctification, and redemption. carried captives, and repent, and i Rom. iv. 6. Even as David also make supplication to thee in the land" defcribeth the blessedness of the man of them that carried them captives, unto whom God imputeth rightesaying, We have finned, and have ousness without works. v. 8. Blesdone perversely, we have commit. sed is the man to whom the Lord ted wickedness; v. 48. and so return will not impute fin. unto thee with all their heart and v Ezek. xxxvi. 27. And I will put with all their soul.

my Spirit within you, and cause you , Psal. cxix. 6. Then shall not I to walk in my statutes, and ye shall be ashamed, when I have respect yn- keep my judgments, and do them. to all thy commandments. v. 59. I w Rom. iii. 24. Being justified thought on my ways, and turned freely by his grace, through the remy feet untothy testimonies. v. 128. demption that is in Jesus Christ: v. Therefore I esteem all thy precepts 25. Whom God hath set forth to be concerning all things to be right,' a propitiation, through faith in his and I hate every falle way. Luke i. blood, to declare his righteousness 6. And they were both righteous be- for the remission of fins that are past, fore God, walking in all the com-' through the forbearance of God. mandments and ordinances of the * Rom. vi. 6. Knowing this, that Lord, blameless. 2 Kings xxiii. 25. our old man is crucified with him, And like unto him was there no king that the body of fin might be debefore him, that turned to the Lord stroyed, that henceforth we should with all his heart, and with all his not serve fin. v. 14. For fin shall not

condempation y; the other is neither equal in allz, nor in this life perfect in any a, but growing up to perfection b.

Q.78. Whence ariseth the imperfection of sanctification in believers ?

A. The imperfection of sanctification in believers ariseth from the remnants of sin abiding in every part of them, and the perpetual lustings of the flesh against the spirit; whereby they are often foiled with temptations, and fall into many sinsc,


have dominion over you: for ye are are of full age, even those who by not under the law, but under grace. reason of use have their senses exer

, Rom. viii. 33. Who shall lay cised to discern both good and evil. any thing to the charge of God's é- a i John i. 8. And if we say that leá? It is God that jultifieth: v. 34. we have no sin, we deceiveourielves, Who is he that condemneth: it is and the truth is not in us. v. 10. If Christ that died, yea rather that is we say that we have not sinned, we risen again, who is even at the right make him a liar, and his word is not hand of God, who also maketh in- in us. terceffion for us.

b 2 Cor. vii. 1. Having therefore z i John ii. 12. I write unto you, thefe promises, dearly beloved, let little children, because your fins are us cleanse ourselves from all filthiforgiven you for his name's sake. v. ness of the flesh and spirit, perfect13. I write unto you fathers, because ing holiness in the fear of God. Phil. ye have known him that is from the iii. 12. Not as though I had already beginning. I write unto you, young attained, either were already permen, because ye have overcome the feet: but I follow after, if that I may wicked one. I write unto you little apprehend that for which also I am children, because ychave known the apprehended of Christ Jesus. v. 13. Father. v. 14. I have written unto Brethren, I count not myself to have you, fathers, because ye have known apprehended: but this one thing I him that is from the beginning. I do, forgetting those things which have written unto you, young men, are bchind, and reaching forth unbecause ye are Itrong, and the word to those things which are before, v. of God abideth in you, and ye have 14. I press towards the mark, for overcome the wicked one. Heb. v. the prize of the high calling of God 12. For when for the time ye ought in Christ Jesus. to be teachers, ye have need that one 78. c Rom. vii. 18. For I know teach you again which be the first that in me, (that is, in my flesh) principles of the oracles of God; and dwelleth no good thing: for to will are become such as have need of is present with me, but how to permilk, and not of Arong meat. v. 13. form that which is good, I find not. Por every one that useth milk, is v. 23. But I see another law in my unskilful in the word of righteous members, warring against the law Rels, for he is a babe. v. 14. But of my mind, and bringing me into Atrong meat belongeth to them that captivity to the law of (in, which is

P 2

in & 2 Tim. ii.

are hindered in all their spiricual services d, and their beft works are imperfect and defiled in the light of Gode.

Q. 79. May not true believers by reason of their imperfections, and the temptations and fins they are overtaken with, fall away from the state of grace?

A. True believers, by reason of the unchangeable love of Godf, and his decree and covenant to give them perseveranceg, their inseparable union with Christ h, his continual interceflion for themi, and the Spirit and seed of God abid

ing in my members. Mark xiv. 66. to Yea, I have loved thee with an everthe end. And as Peter was beneath lasting love; therefore with loving in the palace, there cometh one of kindness have I drawn thee. the maids of the high priests, &c.

19. Nevertheless the Gal. ii. 11. But when Peter was foundation of God standeth sure, come to Antioch, I withstood him having this feal, The Lord knowto the face, because he was to be eth them that are his. And, Let eblamed. v. 12. For before that, cer- very one that nameth the name of tain came from James, he did eat Chrift depart from iniquity. Heb. with the Gentiles: but when they xiii. 26. Now the God of peace, that were come, he withdrew, and sepa- brought again from the dead our rated himielf, fearing them who Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of were of the circumcifion.

the theep, through the blood of the d Heb. xii. 1. Wherefore, seeing everlasting covenant, v. 24, make we al o are compassed about with lo you perfect in every good work to great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay do his will, working in you that afide every weight, and thefin which which is well-pleafing in his fight, doth so easily belet us, and let us run through Jesus Chrift; to whom be with patience the race that is set be- glory for ever and ever. Amen.

2 Sam, xxiii. 5. Although my house Ifa. Ixiv. 6. But we are all as an be not so with God; yet he hath unclean thing, and all our righte.' made with me an everlasting coveousnesses are as filthy rags, and we nant, ordered in all things, and all do fade as a leaf, and our iniqui- fure: for this is all my salvation, and ties, like the wind, have taken us a- all my desire, although he make it way. Exod. xxviii. 38. And it shall be

upon Aaron's forehead, that Aa- bi Cor.i.8. Who shall also conron may bear the iniquity of the firm you unto the end, that ye may holy things, which the children of be blameless in the day of our Lord Ifrael shall hallow in all their holy Jesus Christ, v.9. God is faithful, gifts: and it shall be always upon by whom ye were called unto the bis forehead, that they may be ac- fellowship of his Son Jesus Chrift cepted before the Lord.

our Lord. 79. F Jer. xxxi. 3. The Lord hath i Heb. vii. 25. Wherefore he is appeared of old unto me, saying, able also to save them to the utter

fore us.

not to grow.


ing in themk, can neither totally nor finally fall away from the state of gracel, but are kept by the power of God thru' faith upto salvation m.

Q. 80. Can true believers be infallibly assured that they are in the estate of grace, and that they shall persevere cherein unto salvation?

A. Such as truly believe in Christ, and endeavour to walk in all good conscience before himx, may, without extraordiDary revelation, by faith grounded upon the truth of God's promises, and by the Spirit enabling them to discern in them. selves those graces to which the promises of life are made o,

and most, that come unto God by him, we do know that we know him, if seeing he ever liveth to make inter- we keep his commandments. cellion for them. Luke xxii. 32. But o i Cor. ii. 12. Now we have re. I have prayed for thee, that thyceived, not the spirit of the world, faith fail nót; and when thou art but the spirit which is of God; that converted, strengthen thy brethren. we might know the things that are

* 1 John iii. 9. Whosoever is born freely given to us of God. 1 John of God, doth not commit fin: for his ii. 14. We know that we have paso feed remaineth in him and he can- sed from death unto life, because we nót fin, because he is born of God. love the brethren: he that loveth 1 John-ii. 27. But the anointing, not his brother, abideth in death. which ye have received of him, 2- v. 18. My little children, let us not bideth in you: and ye need not that love in word, neither in tongue, but any man teach you: but as the same in deed and in truth. v. 19. And anointing teacheth you of all things, hereby we know that we are of the and is truth, and is no lie: and even truth, and shall assure our hearts beas it hath taught you, ye shall abide fore him. v.21. Beloved, if our heart in him.

condemn us not, then we have con| Jer. xxxii. 40. And I will make fidence towards God. v.24. And he an everlasting covenant with them, that keepeth his commandments, that I will not turn away from them, dwelleth in him, and he in him: and to do them good; but I will put my hereby we know that he abideth in fear in their hearts, that they shall us, by the Spirit which he hath givnot depart from me. John X. 28. en us. i John iv. 13. Hereby we And I give unto them eternal life, know that we dwell in him, and and they shall never perish, neither he in us, because he hath given us fall any pluck them out of my hand. of his Spirit. v. 16. And we have

m 1 Pet. i. 5. Who are kept by known, and believed the love that the power of God thro' faith unto God hath to us. God is love; and salvation, ready to be revealed in he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth the last time.

in God, and God in him. Heb. vi. 80. - 1 John ii. 3. And hereby II. And we desire, that every one


and bearing witness with their spirits that they are the chil. dren of God p, be infallibly assured that they are in the estate of grace,

and shall persevere therein unto salvation q. Q. 81. Are all true believers at all times assured of their present being in the estate of grace, and that they shall be saved?

A. Afsurance of grace and salvation not being of the essence of faithr, true believers may wait long before they obtain its; and, after the enjoyment thereof, may have it weakened and intermitted, thro' manifold distempers, fios, temptations and desertionst: yet are they never left without such

a preof you do show the same diligence, trouble: and my life draweth nigh to the full assurance of hope unto unto the grave. -1.6. Thou haft the end: v.12. That ye be not Noth. laid me in the lowest pit, in darkful, but followers of them, who thro' ness, in the deeps. v.7. Thy wrath faith and patience inherit the pro- lieth hard upon me, and thou haft mises.

afflicted me with all thy waves. Sep Rom. viii. 16. The Spirit itself lah.-v. 9. Mine eye mourneth by beareth witness with our spirit, that reason of affliction: Lord, I have calwe are the children of God. led daily upon thee, I have stretch

9 1 John v. 13. These things have ed out my hands unto thee. v. 10. I written unto you, that believe on Wilt thou shew wonders to the dead? the name of the Son of God, that -V.13. But unto thee have I cried, ye may know that ye have eternal O. Lord, and in the morning shall my life, and that ye may believe on the prayer prevent thee. v. 14. Lord, name of the Son of God.

why castest thou off my soul? why 81. r Eph. i. 13. In whom ye al- hidest thou thy face from me? v. so trusted after that ye heard the 15. I am amicted and ready to die, word of truth, the gospel of your from my youth up, while I suffer salvation: in whom also after that thy terrors, I am distracted, &c. ye believed, ye were sealed with that .(Pfal. lxxvii. 1. to the 12. verse.) Holy Spirit of promise.

v. 1. I cried unto thee with my vpice: sifa. I. 10. Who is among you even unto God with my voice, and that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth he gave ear unto me. v. 2. In the · the voice of his servant, that walk- dayofmytroublel sought the Lord; eth in darkness, and hath no light? my fore ran in the night, and ceased let him trust in the Lord, and stay not: my soul refused to be comfortupon his God. Pfal. 88. through- ed. v. 3. I remembered God, and out. v. 1. O Lord God of my salvą- was troubled:I complained, and my tion, I have cried day and night be- fpirit was overwhelmed.-4.7. Will fore thee. v. 2. Let my prayer come

the Lord cast off for ever? and will before thee: incline thine ear unto he befavourableno more? &c. Cant. my cry. V. 3. For my soul is full of 1.2. I fleep, but my heart waketh:

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