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eially for that which at the present calls them together to

give thanks: with humble petition for the continuance and *renewing of God's wonted mercies, as need shall be, and for

sanctifying grace to make a right use thereof. And so, having sung another psalm suitable to the mercy, let him dismiss the congregation with a blessing, that they may have some convenient time for their repast and refreshing.

But the minister (before their dismission) is solemnly to admonith them, to beware of all excess and riot, tending to gluttony or drunkenness, and much more of these fins them- . selves, in their eating and refreshing, and to take care that their mirth and rejoicing be not carnal, but spiritual, which may make God's praise to be glorious, and themselves humble and sober; and that both their feeding and rejoicing may render them more cheerful and enlarged, further to celebrate his praises in the midst of the congregation, when they return unto it, in the remaining part of that day. : When the congregation shall be again assembled, the like course in praying, reading, preaching, singing of psalms, and - offering up of more praise and thanksgiving that is before directed for the morning, is to be renewed and continued so -far as the time will give leave.

At one or both of the publick meetings that day, a collection is to be made for the poor (and in the like manner upop the day of publick humiliation) that their loins may bless us, and rejoice the more with us. And the people are to be exhorted, at the end of the latter meeting, to spend the refidue of that day in holy duties, and testifications of Christian love and charity one towards another, and of rejoicing more and more in the Lord; as becometh those who make the joy of the Lord their strength.

Of Singing of Psalms. T is the duty of Christians to praise God publickly, by

finging of psalms together in the congregation, and also privately in the family.


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552 The Directory for the Publick Worship of God.

In singing of psalms, the voice is to be tunable and grave. ly ordered; but the chief care must be, to sing with understanding, and with grace in the heart, making melody unca the Lord.

That the whole congregation may join herein, every one that can read is to have a psalm book; and all others, not disabled by age or otherwise, are to be exhorted to learn to read. But for the present, where many in the congregation cannot read, it is convenient that the minister, or some other fit person appointed by him and the other ruling officers, da read the psalm, line by line, before the singing thereof.

An Appendix touching Days and Places for pu

blick Worship: THERE is no day commanded in fcripture to be kept holy

under the gospel, but the Lord's day, which is the Christi: an fabbath.

Festival-days, vulgarly called holy-days, having no war. rant in the word of God, are not to be continued.

Nevertheless, it is lawful and neceffary, upon special emer: gent occasions to separate a day or days for publick fasting or thanksgiving, as the several eminent and extraordinary dispensations of God's providence shall administer cause and opportu. nity to his people.

As no place is capable of any holiness, under pretence of whatsoever dedication or confecration;

jo neither is it subject to such pollution by any fuperftition formerly used and now laid aside, as may render it unlawful or inconvenient for Christians to meet together therein for the publick worship of God. And therefore we hold it requisite, that the places of publick assembling for worship among us, mould be continued and em, ployed to that use.

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A Part of the Covenanted Uniformity in Religion betwixt the Churches of CHRIST in the Kingdoms of Scotland, England, and Ireland.

WITH An Ad of the General Assembly, Anno 1645, Approving the fame,

Lzek. xliii. 11. And if they be ashamed of all that they have done, shew them the Form

of the House, and the Fashion thereof, and the Goings out thercof, and the Comings in thereof, and all the Forms thereof, and all thc Laws thereof; and write it in their Sight, that they may keep the whole Form thereof, and all the Ordinances thereof, and do them.

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Assembly at Edinburgh, February 10. 1645. Sesl. 16.

Act of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, approving the

Propofitions concerning Kirk-Government, and Ordination of Ministers.


the establishment and preservation of the form of kirk-government in this kingdom, according to the word of God, books of discipline, acts of general assemblies, and national covenant, but also of an uniformity in kirk-government betwixt these kingdoms, now more straitly and strongly united by the late folemn league and covenant: and considering, that as in former times there did, lo hereafter there may arise, through the nearness of contagion, manifold mischiefs to this kirk from a corrupt form of government in the kirk of England: like as, the precious opportunity of bringing the kirks of Christ in all the three kingdoms to an uniformity in kirk-government, being the happiness of the present times above the former; which may also, by the blefling of God, prove an effe&ual mean, and a good foundation to prepare for a safe and well-grounded pacification, by removing the caufe from which the present pressures and bloody wars did originally proceed: And now the assembly having thrice read, and diligently examined the propofitions (hereunto annexed) concerning the officers, assemblies and government of the kirk, and concerning the ordination of ministers, brought unto us, as the results of the long and learned debates of the assembly of divines fitting at Westminster, and of the treaty of uniformity with the commisioners of this kirk there residing; after mature deliberation, and after timeous calling upon and warning of all, who have any exceptions against the same, to make them known, that they might receive satisfaction; doth agree 10 and approve the propositions aforementioned, touching kirk-government, and ordination; and doth hereby authorize the cominillioners of this affembly, who are to meet at Edinburgh, to agree to, and conclude in the name of this assembly, an uniformity betwixt the kirks in both kingdoms, in the aforementioned particulars, so foon as the same shall be ratified, without any substantial alteration, by an ordinance of the honourable houses of the parliament of England; which ratification shall be timely intimate and made known by the commissioners of this kirk residing at London. Provided always that this act be no ways prejudicial to the further discussion and examination of that article which holds forth, that the doctor or teacher hath power of the administration of the sacraments as well as the paftor: as also of the distinct rights and interests of presbyteries and people, in the calling of ministers: but that it shall be free to debate and discuss these points, as God thall be pleased to give further light.

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