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THE Preface.
Of the Church.
Of the Officers of the Church.
Other Church-Governors.
of particular Congregations.
Of the Officers of a particular Congregation.
Of the Ordinances in a particular Congregation.
Of Church-Government, and the several sorts of Asemblies for the fame.
of the Power in common of all these Assemblies.
Of Congregational Assemblies, that is, The meeting of the Ruling officers

of a particular Congregation, for the Government thereof.
Of Classical Assemblies.
of Synodical Asemblies.
Of Ordination of Ministers.
Touching the doctrine of ordination.
Touching the power of ordination.
Concerning the Doctrinal part of the ordination of Ministers,
The Dire&tory for the ordination of Ministers,

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ESUS CHRIST, upon whose shoulders the govern

ment is, whose name is called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace a, of the increase of whose government and peace there shall be no end, who sits upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establith it with judgment and justice, from henceforth even for ever; having all power given unto him in heaven and in earth by the Father, who raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right-hand, far above all principalities and power, and might and dominion, and

every name that is named, not only in this world, but alfo in that which is to come, and put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all : he being afcended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things, received gifts for his church, and gave officers necessary for the edification of his church, and perfe&ting of

his saints b.

Of 6 Mat, xxviii. 18, 19, 20. Eph. i. 20, 21, 22, 23. Compared with Eph. iv. 8, 11. and Pfal. lxviii. 18.

lla, ix. 6.7.


Of the Church.
HERE is one general church visible, held forth in the

new testament a. The ministry, oracles, and ordinances of the new testament, are given by Jesus Christ to the general church visible, for the gathering and perfecting of it in this life, until his second coming b.

Particular visible churches, members of the general church, are also held forth in the new testament c. Particular church

es a i Cor. xii. 12. For as the body measure of the stature of the fulness is one, and hath many members, of Christ. v. 15. But speaking the and all the members of that one bo- truth in love may grow up unto him dy being many, are one body: so in all things, which is the head, ealso is Christ. v. 13. For by one fpi- ven Christ. v. 16. From whom the rit are we all baptized into one bo- whole body fitly joined together, dy, whether we be Jews or Gen- and compacted by that which every tiles, whether we be bond or free: joint supplieth, according to the efand have been all made to drink in- fectual working in the measure of to one spirit. v. 28. And God hath every part, maketh increase of the set fome in the church; first apostles, body unto the edifying of itself in secondarily prophets, thirdly teach- love. ers; after that miracles, then gifts · Gal. i. 21. Afterwards I came of healing, helps, governors, diver- into the regions of Syria and Cilisities of tongues. Together with cia; v. 22. And was unknown by the rest of the chapter.

face unto the churches of Judea, b i Cor. xii. 28. See before. Eph. which were in Christ. Rev. i. 4. iv. 4. There is one body, and one John to the seven churches of Asia, Spirit, even as ye are called in one Grace be unto you, and peace from hope of your calling; v. 5. One him which is, and which was, and Lord, one faith, one baptism. Com- which is to come, and from the lepared with v. 10. He that descend- ven spirits which are before bis ed is the same also that afcended up throne. V. 20. The mystery of the far above all heavens, that he might seven stars which thou fawelt in my all all things. v. 11. And he gave right hand, and the seven golden some apostles, and some prophets, candlesticks. The seven stars are and some evangelists, and some pa- the angels of the seven churches : ftors and teachers, v. 12. For the and the seven candlesticks which perfecting of the saints, for the work thou sawest, are the seven churches, of the ministry, for the edifying of Rev. ii. 1. Unto the angel of the the body of Christ. v. 13. Till we church of Ephesus write, These all come in the unity of the faith, things faith he that holdeth the seand of the knowledge of the Son of ven stars in his right hand, who God, unto a perfect man, unto the walketh in the midst of the feven


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es in the primitive times, were made up of visible saints, viz. of such as, being of age, professed faith in Christ, and obedience unto Christ, according to the rules of faith and life, taught by Christ and his apostles; and of their children d.


Of the Officers of the Church.
HE officers which Christ hath appointed for the edifi-

cation of his church, and the perfecting of the saints, are, some extraordinary, as apostles, evangelists, and prophets which are ceafed. Others ordinary and perpetual, as pastors, teachers, and

other golden candlesticks.

off, even as many as the Lord our d Acts ii. 38. Then Peter faid God shall call. Cor, vii. 14. For unto them, Repent and be baptiz- the unbelieving husband is fanctified in the name of Jesus Chrilt for ed by the wife, and the unbelieving the remiflion of sins, and ye shall re- wife is fanctified by the husband, ceive the gift of the Holy Ghost. else were your children unclean, v. 41. Then they that gladly re- but now are they holy. Rom. xi. ceived his word were baptized; and 16. For if the firit fruit be holy, the the same day there were added un- Inmp is also holy; and if the root to them about three thousand fouls. be boly, so are the branches. Mark v. 47. Praising God, and having X. 14. But when Jetis saw it, he favour with all the people; and the was much displeased, and said unto Lord added to the church daily them, Suffer the little children to such as should be saved. Compared come unto me, and forbid them not: with Acts v. 14. And believers were for of such is the kingdom of God. the more added to the Lord, mul- Compared with Mat. xix. 13. Then titudes both of men and women. were there brought unto him little 1 Cor. i. 2. Unto the church of children, that he should put his God which is at Corinth, to them hand on them and pray: and the that are sanctified in Chrilt Jesus, disciples rebuked them. v. 14. But called to be faints, with all that in Jesus said, suffer little children, and every place, call upon the name of forbid them not to come unto me; Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs for of such is the kingdom of heaand ours. Compared with 2 Cor. ven. Luke xviii. 15. And they ix, 13. Whiles by the experiment of brought unto him also infants, that this ministration, they glorify God he would touch them; but when for your professed lubjection unto his disciples saw it, they rebuked the gospel of Christ, and for your them. v. 16. But Jesus called them liberal distribution unto them and unto him, and faid, Suffer little unto all men. Aets ii. 39. For the children to come unto me, and forpromife is unto you, and to your bid them not; for of such is the children, and to all that are afar kingdom of God.

e Jer.

other church-governors, and deacons.

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HE pastor is an ordinary, and perpetual officer in the

churche, prophesying of the time of the gospel f.
First, it belongs to his office,
To pray for and with his flock, as the mouth of the peo-

, ple unto God g, Acts vi. 2, 3, 4. Aets xx. 36. Where preaching and prayer are joined as several parts of the fame office b. The office of the elder (that is, the pastor) is to pray for the fick, even in private, to which a blessing is especially promis

ed; Jer. iii. 15. And I will give you stors and teachers, v. 12. For the pastors according to mine heart, perfecting of the saints, for the work which shall feed you with know. of the ministry, for the edifying of ledge and understanding. v. 16. the body of Christ; v. 13. Till we And it shall come to pass when ye all come in the unity of the faith, be multiplied and increased in the and of the knowledge of the Son of land, in those days, faith the Lord, God, unto a perfect man, unto the they shall say no more, the ark of measure of the stature of the fulness the covenant of the Lord; neither of Christ. shall it come to mind, neither shall g A&s vi. 2. Then the twelve cal. they remember it, neither shall they led the multitude of the disciples unvisit it, neither shall that be done to them, and said, It is not reason any more. v. 17. At that time they that we should leave the word of shall call Jerusalem the throne of the God, and serve tables. v. 3. WhereLord, and all the nations shall before brethren, look ye out among gathered unto it, to the name of the you seven men of honest report, full Lord, to Jerusalem: neither shall, of the Holy Ghost, and wisdom, they walk any more after the ima- whom we may appoint over this gination of their evil heart. business. v.4. But we will give our

f 1 Pet. v. 2. Feed the flock of felves continually to prayer and to God, which is among you, taking the ministry of the word. Acts xx. the oversight thereof, not by con- 36. And when he had thus spoken, straint, but willingly; not for filthy he kneeled down and prayed with Jucre, but of a ready mind. v. 3. them all. Neither as being lords over Gods h James v. 14. Is any man sick aheritage, but being ensamples to mong you? Let him call for the elthe flock. v. 4. And when the chief ders of the church, and let them shepherd shall appear, ye shall re- pray over him, anointing him with ceive a crown of glory that fadeth oil in the name of the Lord. v. 15. not away. Eph. iv. 11. And he gave And the prayer of faith thall save some apostles, and some prophets, the sick, and the Lord shall raise and some evangelists, and some pa. him up; and if he have committed

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