Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 28

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Page 356 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Page 369 - On the Characters of the Pelvis in the Mammalia, and the Conclusions respecting the Origin of Mammals which may be based on them.
Page 61 - The PRESIDENT then delivered his Address, (p. 65.) It was proposed by Mr. LATHAM, seconded by Mr. FIELD, and resolved:— " That the thanks of the Society be given to the President for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.
Page 233 - PHYSICS. LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY PHYSICS. By "BALFOUR STEWART, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in Owens College, Manchester. With numerous Illustrations and Chromoliths of the Spectra of the Sun, Stars, and Nebulae.
Page 81 - Report, continues in action, and the improved form of the instrument, giving a separate record for every day, of the duration of sunshine, has been regularly worked throughout the year and its curves tabulated.
Page 162 - Stokes, while he regarded the facts I mentioned as evidence of the high temperature of the sun, did not look upon them as conclusive evidence of the dissociation of the molecule of calcium. Since that paper was sent in, however, the appeal to the stars to which I referred in it has been made, and made with the most admirable results, by Dr. Huggins. The result of that appeal is that the line which, according to Prof.
Page 157 - ... this latter being invariably thicker than the H lines in all photographs of the calcium spectrum, and remaining, moreover, visible in the spectrum of substances containing calcium in such small quantities as not to show any traces of the H lines. " How far this and similar variations between photographic records and the solar spectrum are due to causes incident to the photographic record itself, or to 'variations in the intensities of tbe various molecular 'vibrations under solar and terrestrial...
Page 285 - Report of the Council of Education upon the condition of the public schools and of the certified denominational schools for the year 1877.
Page 378 - By Lord RAYLEIGH, FRS Received February 27, 1870. It has been known for many years that electricity has an extraordinary influence upon the behaviour of fine jets of water ascending in a nearly vertical direction. In its normal state a jet resolves itself into drops, which even before passing the summit, and still more after passing it, are scattered through a considerable width. When a feebly electrified body is brought into its...
Page 102 - The fly is supported by a hard steel cup instead of a glass cup, and the needle point on which it works is connected by means of a wire with a platinum terminal sealed into the glass. At the top of the radiometer bulb a second terminal is sealed in. The radiometer can therefore be connected with an induction coil, the movable fly being made the negative pole.

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