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5 and Matrimony-Continued-

- Arrival at Calcutta-The Wrong Man embraced

by an eagerly expecting Wife-Church and Charity

in the East-Bills at sight given to the Poor-

Animum Mutat Colum,

ter VIII. --Strange Sounds at Night - Pity Wasted-Morning

Visits and Anglo-Indian Slang.---A Strange Transfor-

mation ; the Water Jar becomes a Quadruped—“Call

me Cecil"-A rival Belle,

IX. - A Ball at the Artillery Mess-Room—Captain Boultbee's

advances-Young Rapid Snubbed-A canny Civilian

-Scotch Relationship-Two Strings to a Bow—Mrs.

Leslie and Emily's Revenge-An eccentric Dressing.

Room—“What are the wild Waves saying "-A long

range Glance,

X.-Both Rivals call at the same time-Awkward Position

of Emily-By Play -- A fortunate Interruption-

Afternoon Drive-Boultbee promises to call again-

The Aristocratic Luxury of Gout-By a singular

Coincidence Captain Boultbee finds, when he calls,

Miss Aylmer choosing a Bracelet-Bargaining in the

East—The Pleasures of Giving and Receiving,

-A Ball at Government House—A Distinguished Ac-

quaintance-Lords very like other people after all-

Boultbee thrown over for Lord Adair—Is unreason-

ably angry at the same - Wonderful forwardness of

some people—Others have very bad Taste-A two-

legged Spaniel-Drive back to Dum-dum- The wrong

Lady's feet squeezed,

The wrong Visitor— The right one afterwards—A ruse

de femme-The effect of Red Hair-Lord Adair at

Dinner--Colonel Jones on the Influence of Blood-

Flirtation and Confession,

Tête-à-tête Ride-A Number is as good as a Name-

Good-bye, Willie”—M'Clusky's Pamphlet-More

ury than Wool-A Dream of Greatness—A German

istom-An Awkward Remark- The Enamoured

vilian-The Art of Love-A Ride and its Circum.

aces-A Kiss or a Faint, which was it? .

the World would say—M'Clusky anxious to

rose, but is prevented-A Ball at Calcutta-

strings to a Bow found to be one too Many-

Third assigned a Humiliating Position—The

Say who would be a Spaniel-Emily blackens a

Complexion—The Startled Lover— The Fish

be kept longer in play- A Practical Joke— The

y Husband in spite of Himself Behaves with

ty-How to catch a Husband-Not too Coy-

18-tête Interrupted— The Story of Lot's Wife

od-A Tender Adieu-What does it Mean!

unce better than Shadow,

en and Ill-natured Women-Red Hair and

Lacles-The Wrong Proposal prematurely

urely eluded-A Pic-nic at the Botanical

Proposal this time not eluded—An Un.



About Wordsworth's Poetry, by S. F. Williams,

Accidents, Curious,

A "Genteel Article,” by Cuthbert Bede,

Air, Castles in the,

Air, The Uses of Fresh, by R. Dundas Thomson, M.D., F.R.S.,

Albert, Victor, Christian, Edward, by Miss Sheridan Carey,

An Hour in Westminster Abbey,

A Nice Day, by C. H. M.,

A Note on the Story of Bovinian, by J. O. Halliwell, F.R.S.,

255, 525
April, The First of, or Some Passages in the Life of Miss Angelina Everbloom,
Edited by Captain O'Toole,


A Rosy Face and Chesnut Hair, by S. H. Bradbury (Quallon),


Autumn, by Leila,


Dickens's Works : A Series of Criticisins, by S. F. Williams-

No. 5.—“The Pickwick Papers” —Concluded,

No. 6.-"Oliver Twist,"
Dreams, The Lady of My, by Dalton Stone,



Evanescent Literature, by Shiress Will,
Familiar Faces, Photographs of, by a Female Photographer,
Fireside Musings, by S. H. Bradbury (Quallon),

211, 413, 516, 609



Lady Gertrude, by S. H. Bradbury (Quallon),


Like a Star it Never Darkens, by S. H. Bradbury (Quallon),


Literary and Scientific Events, Current History of,

107, 328, 442, 546, 659

Literary Circular, The Lady's, A Review of Books Chiefly Written by


103, 219, 322, 435, 653

Literature, Evanescent, by Shiress Will,

London without Papers,

Memory of a Little Child, Sacred to the,

Misses and Matrimony, Edited by W. W. Knollys-
Chapter VI.--Hints as to choosing a Husband-Arrival at Madras-

Native Customs rather astonish a new Comer-A
Mysterious Invitation-Unfortunate consequence of
accepting it--A would-be Duellist baffled,

VII.-A Letter from Uncle Aylmer-Colonel Montmorency

Jones, His Origin, History, and Peculiarities-A
Theological Discussion in which Mawworm is dis-
comfited by a Baboo-Disappointment of Emily at
the Tame Nature of the Passage up the Hooghly-
Preparations both of dress and behaviour for landing

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