The Assayer's Manual. An Abridged Treatise on the Docimastic Examination of Ores, and Furnace and Other Artificial Products

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H.C. Baird & Company, 1883 - Assaying - 301 pages

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Page 12 - Pacts about Peat as an Article of Fuel : With Remarks upon its Origin and Composition, the Localities in which it is found, the Methods of Preparation and Manufacture, and the various Uses to which it is applicable ; together with many other matters of Practical and Scientific Interest. To which is added a chapter on the Utilization of Coal Dust with Peat for the Production of an Excellent Fuel at Moderate Cost, specially adapted for Steam Service.
Page 6 - Assistant : Comprising Metallurgic Chemistry; the Arts of Working all Metals and Alloys ; Forging of Iron and Steel ; Hardening and Tempering ; Melting and Mixing; Casting and Founding ; Works in Sheet Metal; the Processes Dependent on the Ductility of the Metals ; Soldering ; and the most Improved Processes and Tools employed by Metalworkers. With the Application of the Art of Electro-Metallurgy to Manufacturing Processes; collected from Original Sources, and from the works of Holtzapffel, Bergeron,...
Page 4 - BLINN.— A Practical Workshop Companion for Tin, SheetIron, and Copper-plate Workers : Containing Rules for describing various kinds of Patterns used by Tin, Sheet-Iron and Copper-plate Workers; Practical Geometry; Mensuration of Surfaces and Solids ; Tables of the Weights of Metals, Lead-pipe, etc.
Page 9 - DYER AND COLOR-MAKER'S COMPANION: Containing upwards of two hundred Receipts for making Colors, on the most approved principles, for all the various styles and fabrics now in existence; with the Scouring Process, and plain Directions for Preparing...
Page 3 - Metallurgy of Iron. A TREATISE ON THE METALLURGY OF IRON : containing Outlines of the History of Iron Manufacture, Methods of Assay, and Analyses of Iron Ores, Processes of Manufacture of Iron and Steel, &c. By H. BAUERMAN, FGS, Associate of the Royal School of Mines.
Page 7 - A Practical Treatise on Mechanical Engineering: Comprising Metallurgy, Moulding, Casting, Forging, Tools, Workshop Machinery, Mechanical Manipulation, Manufacture of SteamEngines, etc.
Page 2 - Companion : A Treatise in which the Practical Operations of the Trade are Systematically laid down : with Copious Directions Preparatory to Papering; Preventives against the Effect of Damp on Walls ; the Various Cements and Pastes Adapted to the Several Purposes of the Trade; Observations and Directions for the Panelling and Ornamenting of Rooms, etc. By JAMES ARROWSMITH, Author of "Analysis of Drapery,

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