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metaphor, for 'tis but a stinking figure, look you, at best), pray you speak more discreetly and more charitably hereafter."

"I shall, sir, and thank you!"

"Pray, sir, what put crabbed Ben in prison?"

"'Twas on an accusation of murther, sir—an accusation o' murther. In some honourable quarrel, himself wounded, his adversary was done to death."

"You say well, kind sir, these pestilent duels be mere manslaughter, howsoever men hide their abhominable practice under a curious card of credit."

"So Ben's a Papist now?"

"Ay, and thus the poor jail-bird is oft tainted!"

"And corrupt! they, having this charge, being neglectful."

"Fly-blown, one might say!"

"Oh, sirs, your figures make me cast the gorge—farewell!"

"They of Oxford, gentlemen, did you hear? T'other day at the Assizes, some misdemeanants then on trial, the stench o' them did so afflict the common air that 'ere night one judge, two sargents, several of her Highness's Deceptions Nostrums. 23

Council, at least a score o' the outer Bar, not to speak o' the Attorneys (one Quillet I wot of), a tipstaff (they tell me), and four or five javelin men, besides some seven hundred others, incontinently were spotted!"

"My goodness, sir! and died?"

"Plagued, sir! Plagued!"

"O' th' Rheum, eh?"

"Alack! Alack! Had they no strong waters, sir ?—. nor Holland, nor Geneva? they be sovereign specifics."

"Indeed sir, no! The more part had already drunk so deep o' those Consolations they were ill fit to be farther jumped; so they did burn some frankinsence, and departed i' the odour, as I may say!"

"Hush! A silence there!"

"See, sirs, how my little Lord of Hereford toys with the old Knight's sword-hilt."

"Ay, fondling it, the pretty child!"

"You'd fain hope the Viscount should come near to the Earl's glory i' the hereafter time."

"'Tis a toward son, sir, shall grace so happy a sire!"

"Grant it! grant it"

.." They be come, Nell! They be come!"

"Where? where? I don't see them! Mother! Where, Will?"

"Hush! Hush!"

"They be gone private to shift their riding suits. Davy saw 'em—told 'Zekiel—he at door told Chamberlain—he my Lord."

« Hush!"

« Oh, list to—

'Hey Robin, jolly Robin,
Tell me how thy lady does!'

"'Tis so sweet—makes me think of our little Robin at home!"

"Ah Nell, dear!"

When the Act was over, cometh in the pause one in a purple damasked suit; the doublet incautiously unfastened. Cloth o' silver lining, hey! And who followeth in scarlet ?" Is 't the fashion in Hants, or wherever else your brave worships come from, to wear the inside o' your clothes outside, after the Irish mode?" quoth Tarleton. Here is another must shew you his under vest, and that not for coolness nor for the manner! But when an Esquire hath cloth o' gold to his case, what lets but he

[blocks in formation]

vaunt it with a flourish? The gentlemen are right welcome to my Lord and to his Countess, to the Cheney family and many others. There be glad greetings. And, the play being over, off they wend to a banquet: trumpets and cornets, hautboys and tabors, knock it and blow it merrily for an hour or two.



"Go to! Homo is a common name to all men."

i King Henry IV., act n. sc. i.

IS a tedious chronicle recording the follies of great people. Let the histories of hereafter times cog and glose it as they will, these annals shall speak the truth.

Now her Highness had strictly enjoined all the Maids of Honour to keep a virgin state as much as might be. 'Twas a royal edict after the antique vein. King Canute, with his crown and sceptre, he sitting in an easy-chair, the sycophant courtiers behind, the unaccommodating sea in front, was more modest than her Grace. The heathen Dane paid a pretty compliment to the elements; but her most sacred Majesty, Elizabeth, the defender of our faith and so forth, would fain run a tilt against Nature. Consider the savoury

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