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GOVERNOR. His Excellency the Right Honourable DAVID, Earl of GLASGOW, Knight Grand Cross of the

Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George.

Premier, Minister for Public Works, Minister of The Hon. RICHARD JOHN SEDDON.

Defence, and Minister of Native Affairs
Attorney-General and Colonial Secretary .. The Hon. Sir PATRICK ALPHONSUS BUCKLEY,

Jinister of Education, Commissioner of Stamp The Hon. WILLIAN PEMBER REEVES.

Duties, and Minister of Labour
Minister of Lands and Immigration, Minister of The Hon. John MCKENZIE.

Agriculture, and Commissioner of Forests
Colonial Treasurer, Postmaster-General, Electric The Hon. JOSEPH GEORGE WARD.

Telegraph Commissioner, Minister of Marine,
Minister of Commerce and Industries, and

Commissioner of Trade and Customs
Minister of Mines and Minister of Justice . The Hon. ALFRED JEROME CADMAN.
Representing Native Race (without Portfolio) .. The Hon. JAMES CARROLL.
Member of Executive Council


ROLL OF THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCILLORS. Acland, Hon. John Barton Arundel, Canter- Montgomery, Hon. William, Canterbury. bury.

Morris, Hon. George Bentham, Auckland. Baillie, Hon. William Douglas Hall, Marl. McCullough, Hon. William, Auckland. borough (Chairman of Committees).

McLean, Hon. George, Otago. Barnicoat, Hon. John Wallis, Nelson.

Oliver, Hon. Richard, Otago. Bolt, Hon. William Mouat, Otago.

Ormond, Hon. John Davies, Napier. Bonar, Hon. James Alexander, Westland. Peacock, Hon. John Thomas, Canterbury. Bowen, Hon. Charles Christopher, Canterbury. Pharazyn, Hon. Robert, Wellington. Buckley, Hon. Sir Patrick Alphonsus, K.C.M.G., Pollen, Hon. Daniel, Auckland. Wellington.

Reynolds, Hon. William Hunter, Otago. Dignan, Hon. Patrick, Auckland.

Richardson, Hon. Edward, C.M.G., Wellington. Feldwick, Hon. Henry, Otago.

Rigg, Hon. John, Wellington. Grace, Hon. Jorgan Stanislaus, C.M.G., Wel- Scotland, Hon. Henry, Taranaki. lington.

Shephard, Hon. Joseph, Nelson. Hart, Hon. Robert, Wellington.

Shrimski, Hon. Samuel Edward, Otago. Holmes, Hon. Mathew, Otago.

Stevens, Hon. Edward Cephas John, Canter. Jenkinson, Hon. John Ldward, Canterbury. bury. Jennings, Hon. William Thomas, Auckland. Stewart, Hon. William Downie, Otago. Johnston, Hon. Charles John, Wellington. i Swanson, Hon. William, Auckland. Kelly, Hon. Thomas, Taranaki.

Taiaroa, Hon. Hori Kerei, Otago. Kenny, Hon. Courtney William Aylmer Thomas, Wahawaha, Hon. Ropata, N.Z.C., Auckland. Marlborough.

| Walker, Hon. Lancelot, Canterbury. Kerr, Hon. James, Westland.

Walker, Hon. William Campbell, Canterbury. MacGregor, Hon. John, Otago.

Whitmore, Hon. Sir George Stoddart, K.C.M.G., Mantell, Hon. Walter' Baldock Durant, Wel- Hawke's Bay. lington.

Whyte, Hon. John Blair, Auckland. Miller, Hon. Henry John, Otago (Speaker). Williams, Hon. Henry, Auckland.


Massey, William Ferguson, Waitemata.
Bell, Francis Henry Dillon, City of Wellington. McGowan, James, Thames.
Buchanan, Walter Clarke, Wairarapa.

McGuire, Felix, Egmont.
Buddo, David, Kaiapoi.

McKenzie, Hon. John, Waihemo. Buick, Thomas Lindsay, Wairau.

McKenzie, Roderick, Buller. Button, Charles Edward, City of Auckland. McLachlan, John, Ashburton. Cadman, Hon. Alfred Jerome, Waikato. McNab, Robert, Mataura. Carncross, Walter Charles Frederick, Taieri. Meredith, Richard, Ashley. Carnell, Samuel, Napier.

Millar, John Andrew, Chalmers. Carroll, Hon. James, Waiapu.

Mills, Charles Houghton, Waimea-Sounds. Collins, William Whitehouse, City of Christ Mitchelson, Hon. Edwin, Eden. church.

Montgomery, William Hugh, Ellesmere. Crowther, William, City of Auckland.

| Morrison, Arthur, Caversham. Duncan, Thomas, Oamaru.

Newman, Alfred Kingcome, Wellington SubDuthie, John, City of Wellington.

urbs. Earnshaw, William, City of Dunedin.

O'Regan, Patrick Joseph, Inangahua. Flatman, Frederick Robert, Pareora.

O’Rorke, Hon. Sir George Maurice, Kt., ManuFraser, William, Wakatipu.

kau (Speaker). Graham, John, City of Nelson.

Parata, Tame, Southern Maori.
Green, James, Waikouaiti.

Pere, Wi, Eastern Maori.
Grey, Right Hon. Sir George, K.C.B., City of Pinkerton, David, City of Dunedin.

Pirani, Frederick, Palmerston.
Guinness, Arthur Robert, Grey (Chairman of Reeves, Hon. William Pember, City of Christ.

church. . Hall, Charles, Waipawa.

Russell, George Warren, Riccarton. Hall-Jones, Williain, Timaru.

Russell, William Russell, Hawke's Bay. Harris, Benjamin, Franklin.

Saunders, Alfred, Selwyn. Heke, Hone, Northern Maori.

Seddon, Hon. Richard John, Westland. Hogg, Alexander Wilson, Masterton.

Smith, Edward Metcalf, New Plymouth. Houston, Robert Morrow, Bay of Islands. Smith, George John, City of Christchurch. Hutchison, George, Patea.

Stevens, John, Rangitikei. Hutchison, William, City of Dunedin.

Steward, Hon. William Jukes, Waitaki. Joyce, John, Lyttelton.

Stout, Hon. Sir Robert, K.C.M.G., City of Kelly, James White, Invercargill.

Wellington. Kelly, William, Bay of Plenty.

Tanner, William Wilcox, Avon. Lang, Frederic William, Waipa.

Te Ao, Ropata, Western Maori. Larnach, Hon. W. J. M., C.M.G., Tuapoka. Thompson, Robert, Marsden. Lawry, Frank, Parnell.

Ward, Hon. Joseph George, Awarua. Mackenzie, Thomas, Clutha.

Willis, Archibald Duddingston, Wanganui. Mackintosh, James, Wallace.

Wilson, James Glenny, Otaki. Maslin, William Stephen, Rangitata.





JUNE 23 TO JULY 20, 1894.

EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIATIONS. Int., Introduction of Bill.-1R., 2., 3R., First, Second, and Third Reading.--Dis., Discharged.

h., House of Representatives.-1.c., Legislative Council.-Adj., Adjournment or Adjourned. -Amend., Amendment.--cl., Clause.--Com., Committee of the whole House or Committed. -Recom., Recommitted or Recommittal.-Sel. Com., Select Committee.-Conf., Conference, --Cons., Consideration. -- Deb., Debate. — Expl., Explanation.— Instr., Instruction.-m., Motion.--Obs., Observation.--., Question.-m.q., Main Question.-p.9., Previous Question. -Rep., Report.--.P., Report Progress.-Res., Resolution.

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ALLEN, Mr. J.-continued.
Bank of New Zealand Share Guarantee Bill,

Int. 486 ; 2n. 502
Bezar, J., 9. 220, 223
Coal-niners' Relief Fund, 9. 197; m. 548
Electoral Rolls, m. 549
Fire-appliances, Obs. 182
Hawkers and Pedlars Bill, 2n. 211
Hennah, Captain, q. 229
Lands and Survey Advertising, m. 275
Martini Rifles, q. 192, 274; m. 396
Overcrowding Railway-carriages, q. 191
Parliamentary Disabilities of Women Aboli-

tion Bill, 21. 403
Pharmacy Bill, Com. 601
Serjeant-at-Arms, m. 108, 340
Shops and Shop-assistants Bill, 2r, 117, 127
Standing Orders, Coin. 183; m, 629
Tuapeka Seat, m. 11
Waipori River, 9. 630
Waitemata Election, q. 382, 391

ACLAND, Hon. J. B. A., Canterbury,

Legitimation Bill, 2R. 485

Address in Reply,
h., m. (Mr. Montgomery), 30, $4; presented

103, 107
1.C., m. (Hon. Mr. Kelly), 62; presented 102
Address to Her Majesty,
1.c., m. (Hon. Sir G. S. Whitmoro), 102

Amounts paid to Borough Councils,
h., q. (Mr. Pirani), 514

Amounts paid to Borough Councillors,
h., 9. (Mr. Pirani), 544

Agricultural Associations,

h., q. (Mr. Massey), 268 Agricultural Implements, h., 9. (Mr. Massey), 543

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Alcoholic Liquors Sale Control Act,
h., 9. (Sir R. Stout), 114, 271; m. 397

Annual Rainfall,
h., m. (Mr. Buchanan), 197

ALLEN, Mr. J., Bruce,
Auctioneers Bill, 2R. 200
Bank of New Zealand, 9. 360

Armed Constabulary,
h., q. (Dr. Newman), 363

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