A Catalogue of Books, the Property of a Political Economist: With Critical and Bibliographical Notices

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Page 381 - Complete Angler; or, The Contemplative Man's Recreation : being a Discourse of Rivers. Fishponds, Fish and Fishing, written by IZAAK WALTON ; and Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or Grayling in a clear Stream, by CHARLES COTTON . With Original Memoirs and Notes by Sir HARRIS NICOLAS, and 61 Copperplate Illustrations.
Page 363 - He thinks in a peculiar train, and he thinks always as a man of genius : he looks round on nature and on life with the eye which nature bestows only on a poet...
Page 124 - After his death, as a sort of sequel to the above, was published a collection of tracts by his lordship entitled Origines Gentium Antiquissima ; or, Attempts for Discovering the Times of the First Planting of Nations.
Page 255 - An Essay on the Governing Causes of the Natural Rate of Interest ; wherein the sentiments of Sir William Petty and Mr. Locke, on that head, are considered.
Page 10 - Arbuthnot was a man of great comprehension, skilful in his profession, versed in the sciences, acquainted with ancient literature, and able to animate his mass of knowledge by a bright and active imagination; a scholar with great brilliancy of wit; a wit, who in the crowd of life, retained and discovered a noble ardour of religious zeal.
Page 363 - Seasons" wonders that he never saw before what Thomson shows him, and that he never yet has felt what Thomson impresses.
Page 3 - His prose is the model of the middle style ; on grave subjects not formal, on light occasions not grovelling ; pure without scrupulosity, and exact without apparent elaboration ; always equable and always easy, without glowing words or pointed sentences.
Page 181 - Lunchourg table ; her bosom was uncovered, as all the English ladies have it, till they marry ; and she had on a necklace of exceeding fine jewels; her hands were small, her fingers long, and her stature neither tall nor low ; her air was stately, her manner of speaking mild and obliging.
Page 205 - Dictionary of the English Language, in which the Words are deduced from their Originals, and illustrated in their different Significations, by Examples from the best Writers : to which are prefixed, a History of the Language, and an English Grammar; by Samuel Johnson, LL.D.
Page 291 - With a Life of the Author, an Introductory Discourse, Notes, and Supplemental Dissertations. By JR M'CULLOCH.

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