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ing-up time, as he has some signature to the following assketches he would like to show tounding sentence :to you."

“It must not be overlooked I smiled, and my friend that the orime committed by smiled. G

h ad escaped the defendant is a direct oon. some time before from Rubleben sequence of his internment, but Camp, along with his friend it must also be borne in mind C- , and, possessing the two that he belongs to that nation invaluable assets, from an which is responsible for this osoaper's point of view, of a war, and an offence of this perfoot oommand of the lan- character must be proceeded guage, and a thorough know- against with the very utmost ledge of the country and the severity of the law (muss mit ways of the people, they suo- der unbedingtsten Schroffheit ceeded in reaching the Swiss der Gesetze entgegengetreten frontior, passed over during the werden).” day, but unfortunately, un- C- , who had lived thirtywittingly walked baok into five years in Germany, had Germany, and were arrested by been decidedly pro-German in two German sentries. They his sympathies for some time had not taken into account after the outbreak of war, but that they had crossed the if he had not become antiGerman-Swiss frontier at & German before the date of his point where a narrow tongue trial, he certainly swung round of Swiss territory rans into when he found himself face to Germany. They had walked face with so wioked a mookery into freedom on one side of the of the very elements of justice. tongue and baok into bondage I say that I smiled when I on the other side. He and his heard that GM had been to friend were charged, after oap- see me and wished to show me ture, with having attempted sketches. I went down to his to bribe the German guards cell, and had not been in conwho accompanied them from versation with him long before the Swiss frontier to the Stadt I learned that he had certain Vogtei Prison in Berlin, and proposals to make to me reboth men, I knew, were eager garding escape from the prison. to avoid the long term of im. He said that three, inoluding prisonment which would surely S , had decided to escape be the consequence of convio. through the main door, that a tion in the Berlin Police Court. duplioate key was almost ready, At a later date, C- , G-~'s and all that remained to be companion-after G-- had done before the night of the made good his escape-was escape was to make perfootly tried on a charge of attempted sure that the key would fit. bribery, and sentenced to six While the stage rehearsals months' imprisonment. He were going on, one man was showed me a copy of the judge to hold the door leading from ment, in which the judge who the exercise - yard into the had tried the case had put his vestibule, in order that no one


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should come in from that 8 was the man who had direction. Two others were to had the key made, and to him stand to the left of the main fell the honour of testing it. door on the two steps leading G- , Keith, and I stood on into the corridor, at the end of the steps and talked in as nonwhich was the administrative shalant a fashion as we could, office, and were to indulge in while the fifth man held the casual conversation in a non- other door. ohalant fashion, drowning any $ , doubtless spurred on noise the key might make when by his fear of approaching turned in the look, and so pro- punishment, was very daring vent the suspicions of the but very excitable, and throughsentry, in his cell close by, out the series of rehearsals in being arousod. They were a which we participated we were man short, and I was asked never quite sure whether the whether I would undertake to key was a misfit, or whether help them with the rehearsals, he had failed to make the key and also on their real escape, turn in the look because of the by holding the door loading to trembling of his hands. I the vestibule from the exercise- have often smiled since at the yard. At that stago it was recolleotion of how he would not suggostod that I should turn away from the door and become one of the escaping follow us apstairs, muttering party. My funotions were in his queer English under his simply to hold the door, and as breathsoon as the three had escapod, "E will go! 'E will go! rush upstairs to my cell. I I know 'e will go," meaning smiled at so naïve a request, that the key would eventually by ocoding to which I should fit. be running all the risks and After three unsuccessful enjoying precious little of the tests, we hit upon the idea of fun. I told him so, whereupon covering the wards of the key he invited me to come with with a thin film of oandle-wax, them. Wo discussed plans in in order that when the koy full detail, and I finally ob- was turned in the look any tained permission to co-opt my obstacle it met would leave friend Erio Keith, to whom I the imprint of its shape on was pledged.

the film of wax. That portion Keith and I did not definitely of the key had then simply decide to escape with the three to be filed away. until the last moment, though The fourth test was su00088we made all necessary prepar- ful. We did not escape that ations for such an eventuality, night, because certain other and, having been taken fully preparations were not yet cominto oonfidence, we felt it only plete. We met in many places right to volunteer to help them for the purpose of discussing in trying the key.

plans, and finally deoided to We had some amusing and make the attempt between rather exciting rehearsals. half past five and six, on

by &000ding all the risks the tests, wo bhe wards of the seas,

the evening of the 16th of Behnert, who, we knew, had November 1916.

insisted upon being furnished That day, about a quarter with a Browning revolver if of an hour before our rendez- he accepted sentry duty there, vous with our fellow - con- and he had boasted on one spirators in the exeroise-yard, oooasion that he would shoot Keith and I decided that we dead on the spot any man whom would join the rest in escaping he found trying to escape from the prison, and then, in through the main door. I all likelihood, endeavour to confess that this made me feel escape from the country on our very uncomfortable, and I think own initiative. We put on our all my confederates, except warmest overooats, and, as we 8- , who was astoundingly wore stuffing into our pookets determined, felt that we were certain impedimenta we should running enough risks already require on the way, Koith without facing this additional looked at me and said

and very grave one. S- 's "I suppose you are not over. determination, however, made looking the fact that we may us feel ashamed of our nervousboth be dead men within a nens, and with some misgivings quarter of an hour ?”

we decided to carry on. During I nodded. I guessed that he the suspense of waiting until was referring to the possibility the coast was clear, I candidly of our being shot by the sentry confess that I did not feel as at the very moment of passivg cool as the proverbial onoumber. through the door, or crossing The really trying part of an the street.

adventure of this kind is not It was about half-past five the strain of doing things, but in the evening, and already the nerve - trying ordeal of dark when we entered the yard. waiting to do things. We found our fellow - con- The yard was crowded when spirators walking round and we entered, but shortly afterround the narrow confine-less wards the ory “Essenbolon !” than seventy paces round its rang through the building, and outer odge—with a most hang- most of the Poles left in order dog look, whioh would have to receive the prison skilly in been intensely amusing had not their cells. We waited until the whole matter been too we were almost alone in the serious for laughter. We post- yard. Then one of our number poned the laugh for the time opened the door leading into boing. We joined them once the vestibule, in order to reconor twice, when whispered con- noitre and see that the coast sultations took place.

was clear. Evidently the vestiOur first move on arriving bule was empty, for he signalled in the yard was to ascertain to the rest to follow. Once who was the oorporal on duty inside the vestibule, Keith, inside the main entrance. We G- , and I took up our posts saw to our dismay that he and started a conversation, Was & German corporal, named with a view, as I have said

above, of shielding 8- from aster. In other words, it is any one looking down the just possible that we had & corridor from the office, and touch of “cold feet." We had also with the intention of had too much prison to be in drowning the sound of the first-olass escaping condition. key being turned in the look. Presently one of our number Another man held the door looked again into the vestibule, leading from the yard. Keith and came back with an expresand I had our suspicions sion of undisguised disgust on aroused by the presence of a his face. sixth man, as apparently & "The soldiers have just passive spectator. This man, brought in the food for the I knew, was an interned Ger- remand prisoners in the mili. man, who had been running & tary part of the prison, and their gambling-hell in Berlin which part fills the vestibule.” had shortly before been raided "That's bad! They will not by the police. It was too late, take the cart away until well however, to make any protest. after looking-up time, and they 8— had already inserted the usually leave a sentry beside key in the look. We waited it," I said. “It seems as and watched, our nerves tense though esoape is out of the with exoitement. The key question to-night." would not turn. There was no 8 left us in order to time for another trial. We reconnoitre. dared not linger longer, and H e came back and said, in followed him back into the an exoited whisperyard. Keith and I charged "Come on! Dere's no soldier him with a breach of faith in dere. De cart was up against admitting a sixth man without de door, but I have shoved him having first secured our con- baok, Dere's room to get out sent, but he assured us that now. Como on.” the man was all right, and in Away we went once more any oase had not the intention into the vestibule and took of leaving Berlin after his our appointed places. Sescape from the prison. As to glanced round before he put the his failure to open the door, he key into the look. The coast thought that in the excitement was clear. While he was openof the moment he had put in ing the door the Lieutenant's the shank orookedly, though he orderly passed into the office, swore that the key would fit. but we were covering S

"'E will go! I know 'e and he noticed nothing unwill go!”

usual. We were close to the We fell to pacing the yard sentry's cell, but he did not again, for we had beoome ill at stir. Perhaps our casual conease and our minds were filled versation served, as we intended with a vague fear that our it should, to drown the noise failure to open the door at the made by the turning of the oruoial moment might perhaps key in the look. be an omen of approaching dis. Wonder of wonders, the door

from the rest, and to cut two couple one, we founaite a

Adventures in German Captivity. 117 opened! S— swiftly with papers. Before long we found drew the key, and without ourselves in the famous Unter glanoing round slipped out den Linden near the Dom, and, into the street. We followed, as we discovered later, passed one by one, Keith and I coming quite olose by the Berlin Komlast.

mandantur. The arrangement had been We had arranged a rendezthat we should on no account vous with $ and Grun lest we should arouse the in the Wilhelms Hallen Ressuspicions of any one passing taurant, near the Zoological by, but for a second or two Gardens Station, and, after we all olean forgot the arrange- inquiry from several people, ment and ran. Happily, the wo managed to find a tram street was fairly empty. Thirty which took us there. It was or forty pacos to the left of the late at night, and we did not exit was & side street. All, see a great deal of street life except Keith and me, made for in Berlin. On arrival at the the street in order to jump on restaurant, which was quite & to the first tram-oar. We, fashionable one, we found our however, had decided to cut two oonfederates waiting for adrift from the rest, and slow- us, and sat down to drink ing down, we crossed the street, beer, smoke cigarettes, and trying hard to walk as unoon- discuss plans. S had in cernedly as though we had his possession a receipt for never known the inside of a some very necessary artioles jail.

of ours which had somehow It was a queer feeling that or other found their way oame over one. It seemed be- from prison to a certain place yond belief that we had at last in Berlin. We here made the succeeded in escaping from the fatal error of trusting our achated place, and every second complice to too great an exwe were conscious that a bullet tent. He suggested that we might hit us square between should meet again at ten in the shoulder-blades. Crossing the Café Josty, opposite the the Direksen Strasse diagonally Wilhelms Hallen Restaurant, to the left, we came to a railway and said that he would araroh and passed through, feelrange in the meantime to find ing a good deal easier, though as quarters for the night. We conscious still that we were not had no papers, and therefore yet safe from pursuit. Only thought it unwise in the exwhen we had turned round two treme to endeavour to procure other corners did we feel any a room in any hotel. In the real relief from the great ten- meantime Keith and I were Bion. By that time we were to go off, before the shops lost. Neither of us know closed, to make certain necesBerlin well, but we wandered sary purchases for our final on, conscious of a tremor as we tramp to the frontier. We passed a policeman, fearing lost left, and went straight to a he should ask for our military kind of Harrod's or Selfridge's

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