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of the wooden framework of into Jones and the soldier. the door, to stand in such a Turning back just in time, position that he would not see I entered another compartme. I remembered that I was ment. smoking an English cigarette, When, the night before my and glanced round to see if escape from the Camp, I found any one had notioed its peculiar that all my carefully laid plans aroma, which is so different had gone smash, it was a crusbfrom that of German cigarettes. ing blow to have to face. I felt I was relieved to find that it like a general who had dreamed had apparently attracted no for months of a brilliant vioattention, and I flung the cigar- tory, drilled bis armies to the ette into the street.

highest pitch of perfection, and, It became necessary to do a just as he imagined himself on little careful caloulation. I the very eve of the realisation assumed that Jones and the of his ambitions, found bis soldier would take the tram to armies surrounded and deoi& certain tube station, the mated before he had had an Wilhelms Platz. I also wanted opportunity of striking a blow. to take a tube from the Wil- The friend in whom I had conhelms Platz into the centre of fided, however, introduced me the oity, but I had already had to another man in Camp who more of their company than I was able to give me an address thought was wise, and decided at which I might stay in Berso to arrange matters that I lin. This address, he assured should be certain of taking the me, was absolutely safe, and I train after theirs. I inquired of should be able to stay there the oonductress concerning the as long as I liked. But if I whereabouts of the Wilhelms find myself mixed up in the Platz, which I had never visited next Armageddon in a similar before, and dropped from the manner, I shall at least know tram about three hundred yards how not to act upon the wellaway from it.

meant advice of a friend. It In order to kill time and give was on the strength of his the two an opportunity of leav. recommendation that I decided ing the tube station before me, to adhere to my resolve to I went into a shop to buy escape from Camp on the cigarettes. The woman seemed Saturday morning, and when to stare at me rather suspi. I took the tube from the oiously, but she allowed me to Wilhelms Platz to a certain go, and I took no further notice other part of Berlin, I did so of the inoident. I then strolled with a view to oalling at this in a leisurely fashion to the address, and remaining there tube station, took my ticket, in concealment until I had and found the train waiting. I sufficient time to improvise walked quite unsuspectingly to fresh plans. . the smoking compartment, and I had no great difficulty in just as I was about to enter, finding the house in question found myself again running when I left the tube station,

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“Whom is he seeking? own accord. Fortune was Not me, surely ?”

harrying me at every turn, “Oh, no! of course not and my blood was up.

I turned down the first quiet And then the person told street which I could find, and, me the purpose of the de- choosing only those streets tective's visit.

which were little frequented It was clear that I had by people, I zigzagged until had a very narrow escape, I had quite lost my bearings. as this was one of the very As I turned round one corner, places in which I expected I glanced back along the quiet the detectives to seek me, street, through which I had less than two hours later. just passed, in order to make

“You have not escaped, sure that no one answering have you ?"

the description of the deteotive Again I foroed a laugh as had followed me. This was I said,

an easy matter, seeing that I “No, indeed not. I am always chose streets which out on leave, as I said were not crowded with people. before."

When I felt fairly certain that Then, glanoing at my watoh, I had thrown him off the scent, I pretended to be horrified at if he were aotually following the time.

me, I decided to make matters “Good heavens! I must be doubly certain by dropping going. I have squared my down into a tube station and soldier to wait for me at taking train to another part such and such a place, and of the oity. I asked my way I shall be late if I do not to a certain tube station of an leave immediately. Good. old man whom I met, and disbye.”

covered that I had oompletely I went out, wondering what lost my bearings. In order to on earth I should say by way get to this tube station, I had of a last attempt at bluff if to go along the whole length I met the detective at the of the prison in wbich I had door.

been inoarcerated for over two On arrival in the street, I years, and also along the whole found that he was not there; length of the Chief Police but the street was fairly Station in Berlin. Luckily, I crowded, and I thought it saw no warders, and arrived best to assume that he was at the tube station in safety. somewhere among the people There, without loss of time, waiting to watoh my move. I took a train to the West ments.

End of Berlin, and got out at “All right," I said to myself; the Zoologioal Gardens Station. “I will see, at any rate, that I was still at large, but the I get a run for my money, and precious freedom for which I give you one as well."

had struggled so long and so All thoughts of returning to persistently seemed no nearer the Camp had vanished of their than before.

By this time I was hungry, one jehu, and asked him to and went into the Wilhelms drive me there. He looked Hallen Restaurant, whioh I me up and down, and then, had visited on a former osoape, jerking his thumb over his having previously purchased shoulder at his horse, which & Smart imitation - leather was simply a bag of skin and attaché - oase, into which I bones, said in his funny Berlin transferred the odd articles I dialeothad brought with me from “Wot, mit diesem Hund ? the Camp, and with which Det glaub' ich nit.(What! my pockets were overloaded. with this tyke? Not likely !) Throughout the remainder of There was a great shortage my stay in Berlin, I carried of fodder, and I do not rethis attaché - case wherever I member to have seen one went, walking about with the decently fed horse, either in air of a twenty-fifth rate oom- Berlin or in any of the other mercial traveller. A major, German towns through which resplendent in his parade uni. I passed. form, sat at the next tablo to. The contrast between Lonme, but I took no notice of don and Berlin in time of war him, and ordored an expensive is most marked. While there vegetable meal which quite are few indications in London, failed to satisfy my hunger, at the present day, that Eng. but served, nevertheless, to land is involved in war, apart stave off its more aoute pangs. from the presence of an unAfterwards I visited a num. usual number of men in khaki ber of cafés, and walked along and an all-round rise in prioes, the Kurfürstendamm and the in Berlin it is impossible to Tauentzienstrasse — the Pall escape from the atmosphere of Mall and Regent Street of war. There is much less traffic Berlin-and did my utmost in the streets than in times of to ascertain the whereabouts peace. Apart from army autoof & certain address which mobiles, practically no motorhad been given to me by a cars are to be seen in the streets, Russian Pole in prison. Two and the very few wbich one addresses which I had obtained meets are, on account of the in this way I had written shortage of rubber, furnished down on oigarette papers and with noisy wooden tyres, which concealed on my person, with are fitted with steel cushion & view to using them in some springs between the outer and such emergenoy. It appeared, the inner rim. No bicycles may however, that this particular be used except for business address was in one of the purposes, and the few that are most unsavoury slums in allowed have a type of tyre Berlin. All the cab-drivers similar to the one desoribed. whom I approached refused By paying through the nose, point-blank to drive me there, and producing the necessary mainly, I suppose, on account coupons, it is still possible to of the distance. I spoke to obtain a meal in hotels and

failede blodored not


restaurants; but I usually tered, to find that it had been found that I had to have a called, in times of peace, Das moal in each of at least two englische Café." I sat down restaurants to satisfy my in an easy-chair, lit my last hunger. The low-class night English “ Waverley” cigarette, cafés which used to be ohar- and decided that I would startle aoteristio of a certain seamy the waiter. Ho came up. side of Berlin life are still to be “What will you take, found, but the better-olans oafés, sir?” such as the Palais de Danse, “Bringen Sie mir bitte ein Maxim's, and the Fledermaus, Whisky and Soda.” have been closed by the police. He stared at me, with a

There is a marked absence puzzled expression on his face, in the streets of able-bodied and said quietlymen of miltary age in oivilian “We haven't got that, sir.” clothes, and many of the women “Haven't you ?and ohildren look pinched and “No, sir.” hungry. I notioed the effects I then decided that I would of the shortage of food more ask for something Frenob, and particularly in the case of told him to bring me a Henlittle children. Toa, cocoa, nessy's cognao. coffee, and ohooolate were un. “I think we have a little of procurable. The coffee sup- that, sir," he replied, and presplied in the most sumptuous ently brought me a small glass Borlin cafés is a concoction of Three Star brandy, and left brewed from roasted acorns, me. I sat there for threebarloy in the husk, or corn, and quarters of an hour, sipping it is supplied without sugar or my brandy and smoking my sacoharine. The hand of war English oigarette to the end. lies heavy on the German Neither the aroma of the Eng. people, and wherever I went I lish cigarette nor the strange heard no sentiments so fre- thing I had ordered seemed to quently uttered or so strongly arouse the waiter's suspicions. expressed as an utter loathing When I left the café I felt of war and a fervent desire for justified in coming to the conpeace.

clusion that luck was with me About three o'olook in the after all that my star was not afternoon, after many futile 88 malignant a one as I had attempts to find the address feared it must be. given to me by the Russian I then set abont with more Pole, I began to think again determination than I bad prethat there was something viously shown, to find the wrong with my luok, and I address which I sought, and, rashly resolved to put matters with the help of a chauffeur, immediately to the test. I who gave me partial instruowalked along the Kurfürsten- tions, I managed to find the damm in search of the most place in the slums of Alt Mosumptuous oafé there. I found abit, after a wearisome journey one without a name, and en- by tram and on foot. I was not altogether sorry when I darkness, to a certain extent, found the door of the house would shield me from too banged in my face and looked, oritical observation, I went to before I had had an oppor- the bost oinema theatre I could tunity of explaining the pur- find, and took one of the best pose of my visit. I left to seats. I had not been there wander a little longer in the three minutes before I disstreets of that part of Berlin, covered that the film on the in the dark and rain, and then, soreen was a deteotive film, in with the future as black before which the partioular Sherlook me as over, I took a tram to Holmes in question was getting the Potsdamer Platz in the the best of it all the time! centre of the oity. It was a Now, I had had enough of Saturday night, and there was detectives for one day; they a great orowd of people

were beginning to get on my I needed an opportunity to nerves, and, leaving the filmcolleot my thoughts, and to star to track down his luokless deoide definitely upon some victim, I got up and walked course of action before it was out of the theatre into the too late. It was quite out of drizzling rain. the question for me to go to a People who knew Berlin hotel, for I was not furnished well had warned me to steer with papers, nor had I any clear of the Unter den Linluggage, and I had not suffi. den, Friedrichstrasse, Leipzigercient confidence in the quality strasse, the Potsdamer Platz, of my German to risk long Tauentzienstraste, and the oonversations with any one—at Kurfürstendamm; but, by some any rate, not until I had be- strange oussedness, I found come a little more experienced myself, during the three days in the art. It oocurred to me I spent in Berlin, wandering to visit & café and oinema most of the time along those theatre. In the café I sat very streets. If I took a quiet among German soldiers and side street in order to get out officers for about an hour, ex. of one of them, the quiet side amining time-tables, and won. street invariably led me into dering whether I ought to another of the main streets. endeavour to escape from By this time I had come to Berlin before midnight. It my last card. It was one was essential, however, before which I wished to avoid playI did so, that I should have a ing if I could possibly do so, more or less olear idea of the but everything else bad failed lines on which I intended to me. It was impossible for me carry my escape througb, and to sleep out. Not only was this was not a problem which the weather cold and wet, but could be settled in a few there was the more important minutes. Thinking that I consideration that I had by might have the best opportu- this time decided, that I would nity of colleoting my thoughts not endeavour, as one usually in a cinema theatre, where the does on suob an enterprise, to

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