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start as soon as a conveyance sat on the box of the waggon could be arranged. This most and appeared to use the whip unwelcome news made us both unceasingly. Through the long heartily for a heavy chinks of the canvas we could storm that night: & murrain see a man riding at each on all Turk transport: or & wheel, whilst three or four plague of profound slumber on more spurred their steeds along all our guards.

80 olose behind that whenever Broussa was likely to be the vehicle cheoked, the horses our eventual destination : & ran their noses into the backdelightful climate, excellent board. The remainder of the water-sapply, high above the escort kept ten or twelve Sea of Marmora, charming lengths in rear. It was a most views, only four hours' run uncomfortable night: Gold, and from Stamboul—all the com- the road very rough. The forts of a first-olass peniten- oart bad constantly to be tiary in fact.

helped over bad bits by one We were pretty sleepy, but or two of the guard, and somewe hadn't been rolled in our times we had all to get out greatooats on the floor of the whilst the empty waggon was tent for more than an hour dragged over some obstacle. when we were waked by & Towards morning we halted curt summons to get up and be half an hour for water. going. In vain we opposed Soon after dawn the miser. this : cajoled, delayed, even able pair of ponies gave out insisted on an A.D.C. going altogether. We were not sorry back to the General with a to get down and walk to get request that as we were very some warmth into our legs. tired we might be permitted a Four of the guard accompanied night's rest. The answer came us, the remainder staying with that the order was inexor- the waggon. The whip had no able, had come from higher effoot on the exhausted animals authority, and must be obeyed. harnessed to the vehicle. With

A small springless waggon, the indifference born of habit, closed in all round with oanvas three or four of the guard flaps, a waited as in the bright would proceed to dismount and moonlight, surrounded by about belabour them savagely with a dozen mounted men. We their rifles till they staggered found next morning that there on once more. As the sun rose were Tartars. They were we came to strips of oultivation looked upon by the Turkish and soattered palm-trees, and authorities as very trustworthy saw for the first time the and quite unbribable, probably famous water-wheels by which quite correctly-in any case, all the irrigation of the upper they couldn't anderstand our reaches of the river is done. best - intentioned attempts at An arched aqueduet of grey bribing in any known language. stone runs out into the water Strong, cheery, hearty follows, and carries at its far end bat absolute barbarians. Two one or more Heath-Robinson.

series rencs of thilong them all

looking wheels, eighteen to every Wednesday: Tuesday, twenty-four feet in diameter, to-day. The Post-Commandmade of branches and logs all ant, a meagre, saturnine sort in the rough. Along the cir- of youth, buttoned up to the oumference of this is bound a chin in a magnificent grey series of earthen pots, and on German officer's overcoat reachthe spokes are fastened paddles. ing to his anklos, which made Against these the force of the him look more than ever like current is directed by stone a Jesuit in & oassook. The weirs, which slope diagonally Supply Officer-round and comout into the stream. As the fortable, as was befitting. And wheel turns slowly, groaning the Mayor-in dress and apand travailing, the pots dip pearance a seedy north-country under the water at the bottom farmer. None knew English of the oirole, fill, and travel on or more than a few words of up till, at the top, they empty French, and as we had taken their burden with a pleasant ap a firm position on the only splashing into the stone runnel. bonoh, happily they melted Why the whole contraption away before long. This gave doesn't fall to bits forth with is us a chanoe of examining our one of those mysteries of Ori. quarters. Ballast very soon ental mechanism, like the Ekka found in an old box full of and the Dhobi's donkey, to papers an excellent German whioh sojourn in the East map, and got busy measuring gradually hardens one.

scales and bearings which The water - wheels became might be useful to us. more frequent; the palms Accompanied by the sentry thiokened to a grove; houses normally stationed at the door began to ooour at intervals of our room, we were permitted We passed a couple of big to take exercise up and down oaves, wherein ammunition on the flat roof of the singleboxes were dimly visible, storied shed which ran round guarded by sprawling Tartars, three sides of the courtyard. and crossed & field to the We thus obtained a fair idea village on the river's edge of the lie of the land and the

At the entrance to the khan dispositions of the enemy. The -& closed square of sheds with office had two small unglazed a two-storied building at each windows looking across thirty end-We were received by the yards of foreshore to the river. Commandant, and conducted Pulled up on the foreshore for to his office above the gateway. several hundred yards were Here ooffee was provided, and rows and rows of those heavy the nobility and gentry of the square - ended, flat-bottomed neighbourhood quiokly gath- boats which the Turks build ered to meet us. All the officers higher up and send down river were lieutenants. There was loaded with stores. Opposite he Commandant himself, & us, aoross a couple of handred weak - looking, middle-aged yards of the olean, swiftly. Arab, who perhaps shaved running river, was a palm

and opport our thought

covered island, on which the transferred from the office to main village seemed to be the room next door, The win. built. One of the big boats dows of this were somewhat was being used regularly as a less practicable; on the other ferry to the island, worked with hand, it was four yards farther difficulty by four men. The from the sentry in the archway. drop from the office windows We were just off to sleep when to the ground was about 12 we received a visit from the feet, but the room was thought. local medioal officer, an Arlossly situated directly over the menian, who spoke fairly good main entrance arob, where a English, learned in the Medioal sentry was posted. By man- College at Beirut. He seemed ipulating the table and bench, to think we should stay where it might be possible, though we were for a couple of days not easy, to get out of the whilst a better conveyance was window and up on to the roof. being provided. He offered to This roof was the highest part send us up some bodding pondof the whole building, and ex. ing the arrival of our own kit, tended over the five rooms and interested himself in arwhich formed the upper storey ranging for the provision of of the khan along its front face. an evening meal for us. There was also an upper storey, He invited us to visit his where the garrison lived, along hospital on the island in the its rear face. Ono long side of afternoon, saying he would the courtyard was formed by make the necessary arrange& wall 12 feet high; the other ments with the Commandant. side by the line of flat-roofed Acoordingly about 2.30 P.M. sheds, on which we were per- we were ferried across with mitted to take exeroise. The one officer and four Tartars drop from this roof to the lane as escort. The current was alongside was only about 12 swift, and it was only after feet, and the lane was only much invocation of Allah that 50 yards long, but there was the rough clumsy boat just & sentry stationed at the end managed to make the landing where it gave on to the fields. without being swept downBeyond him, a couple of hun- stream. We were met on the dred yards across the open, bank by the dootor and the and one would be at the foot pharmacist, another Armenian, of the hill, rather uncomfort. and shown with great pride ably close to the sentry at the over the hospital. This con. ammunition oave, but with only sisted of four or five miserable three or four hundred yards' Arab houses, with tiny rooms olimb up the open slope to the and mud walls, stuffy, flyorest. Not till one was over blown, and hot. The patients the crest would one be out of lay orowded on the floors of sight of the village in this time the rooms,—at times, it was of full moon,

said, to the number of a hunWhen we returned from our dred or even more. It was a promenade, we found ourselves most depressing sight, yet we

were assured it was by far the There seemed to be a great best hospital within a hundred many remains of ancient stone miles of the firing line; and buildings. The island lies until the present dootor's ar- about mid-stream, 250 yards rival, three months' previously, from the right bank, whence there had been nothing at all. we had come, and rather Indeed it was only within the farther from the left. last few weeks, by dint of re- One incident in our wanpeated applications, that he derings round the island gave had been able to get any us some momontary anxiety. drags or dressings. He was We were passing under a twoimmensely proud of his phar- storied house, Pilot with the maoy, though to us it seemed dootor somewhat ahead, deep a very poor affair: three in conversation, when Ballast, small sholves of drugs and who was behind, looked up and & box of dressings. This was saw three or four Germans in the only Clearing Hospital an upper window. Pilot's confor a whole Infantry Division, versation could not be stopped and the next nearest hospital quite at once, and if any of the was a hundred miles back from Huns happened to understand the front, over a very rough English we were afraid we road, with practically no means might got into trouble. of oonveyance available for a Bofore we left the island we serious case.

had an opportunity of seeing Tea, with sugar-both rather the village oarpenter at work precious commodities — was on the construction of a new served to us, our escort, and water-wheel, and the miracle various other personages who of its holding together at all had drifted into the dootor's became more wonderful than bedroom. Here he showed us ever. Eventually about four his photographs and certifi- o'olook we returned to the oates, his few books—he had right bank, the richer for a an English Materia Medica' good deal of useful informaamongst his most treasured tion, and a very precious glass possessions — and his water- . bottle of one imperial quart colour sketobes. Yes, he was capacity. an artist. But appreciation of During the day the Pilot Armenian art is evidently not had once or twice heard what acquired spontaneously by he thought was the sound of Europeans. Our Turkish con- guns to the south-east, and frères became gradually 80 after consultation we decided bored by the English con- that if the moon should be versation that they eventually hidden at all, or if any chance left us alone, with only the should occur of evading or four Tartars to guard us. The downing the sentry stationed island was a very pretty little under our window, we would place, a happy combination of make a dash for the desert olear green water, grey rook, that night. The river was mud walls, and palm - trees. beyond our powers of swim

right here of us precious Bler

Matoria mom had eelook tentually abbal than

ming without assistanoe, and whole demeanour of the latter would mean leaving our boots, changed. A few more words thus rendering us practically and both were running to. immobile if we did reach the wards the khan, jabbering hard. far bank. We had a quart of Ballast turned on his heel, water, and in the emergenoy entered the room, shook the bag we had brought from the Pilot, and said: “Wake up, aeroplane enough rations for old bird, things have started forty-eight hours at & pinoh. happening; Bob the Thruster We had been promised a meal is getting a move on.” The that evening, and were be- khan was already resounding ginning indeed to feel that with shouting, running, and we needed it. We know the bustle. Very soon the wilddireotions and distances ap- eyed Commandant burst into proximately from the German the room with peremptory map, and we felt confident orders that the prisoners were that once given & fair start, to start off at once. The in that limestone wilderness greatest astonishment was full of holes and caverns, we foigned: overy form of pretext had a very good chance of to delay matters was tried. avoiding our pursuers. The We were both bundled out whole difficulty lay in getting unceremoniously into the same the fair start, and the most old vehiole as before. Whaek ! insuperable part of this, under whack! went the whip, and the existing conditions of full off we started at full gallop, moon and great quiet, was the with our mounted escort tearevasion of the sentries in the ing along behind. A regular first few hundred yards. For sauve qui peut from the village this we must depend on oppor- was in progress. As far as tunity.

oould be seen westwards the So muoh settled, Pilot whole strip of the plain bepromptly fell asleep. Ballast tween the hills and the river went out to stalk up and was dotted with flying figures. down the roof, and that is Men on ponies, men on donkoys, how he happened to witness men running--all with faces the arrival of the messenger. towards the sunset, and appreThe sun was within half an hensive glanoes over their hour of setting when there shoulders. No one seemed to was a clatter of hoofs on the have waited to colleot any kit. road, and an Arab oame gallop. Perhaps they had none. Anying, loose rein, down the lane. way, they were rushing along The pale ascetio, always with nothing but rifles and buttoned to ohin in his strait bandoliers, & hunk of bread overcoat happened to be and a water-bottle, with perslowly paoing the foreshore. haps a hastily snatohed up The Arab threw himself off coat or blanket. his mount, dashed up to the The Waggon jumped and officer and commenced an ex- bounded, the drivers lashed cited harangue. At once the the horses, the Tartars beat


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