Abstract and Analysis of the Report of the Indian Education Commission, with Notes, and "The Recommendations" in Full

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Hamilton, Adams, 1884 - Education - 255 pages

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Page 62 - The importance of female education in India cannot be over-rated ; and we have observed with pleasure the evidence which is now afforded of an increased desire on the part of many of the natives of India to give a good education to their daughters. By this means a far greater proportional impulse is imparted to the educational and moral tone of the people than by the education of men.
Page 46 - We have always been of opinion that the spread of education in India will produce a greater efficiency in all branches of administration by enabling you to obtain the services of intelligent and trustworthy persons in every department of Government ; and, on the other hand, we believe that the numerous vacancies of different kinds which have constantly to be filled up, may afford a great stimulus to education.
Page 19 - But this success has been confined to but a small number of persons ; and we are desirous of extending far more widely the means of acquiring general European knowledge of a less high order, but of such a character, as may be practically useful to the people of India in their different spheres of life.
Page 20 - The wise abandonment of the early views with respect to native education, which erroneously pointed to the classical languages of the East as the media for imparting European knowledge, together with the small amount of pecuniary aid which, in the then financial condition of India, was at your command, has led, we think, to too exclusive a direction of the efforts of Government towards providing the means of acquiring a very high degree of education for a small number of natives of India, drawn,...
Page 148 - It will be the duty of the Commission to inquire parti" cularly into the manner in which effect has been given to the " principles of the despatch of 1854, and to suggest such measures " as it may think desirable in order to the further carrying out of " the policy therein laid down.
Page 63 - What we desire is, that, where the other qualifications of the candidates for appointments under Government are equal, a person who has received a good education, irrespective of the place or manner in which it may have been acquired, should be preferred to one who has not ; and that, even in lower situations, a man who can read and write be preferred to one who cannot, if he is equally eligible in other respects.
Page 19 - Aided, therefore, by ample experience of the past, and the most competent advice for the future, we are now in a position to decide upon the mode in which the assistance of Government should be afforded to the more extended and systematic promotion of general education in India, and on the measures which should at once be adopted to that end.
Page 161 - State should now be directed in a still larger measure than heretofore;" and "that Primary Education be declared to be that part of the whole system of Public Instruction which possesses an almost exclusive claim on local funds set apart for education, and a large claim on provincial revenues.
Page 63 - ... to pass every student of ordinary ability who has fairly " profited by the curriculum of school and college study which he " has passed through, the standard required being such as to " command respect without discouraging the efforts of deserving
Page 62 - By this means it is hoped that, at no distant period, institutions may be in operation in all the presidencies, calculated to supply masters for all classes of schools, and thus in time greatly to limit, if not altogether to obviate, the necessity of recruiting the educational service by means of engagements made in England. The medium of education is to be the vernacular languages of India, into which the best elementary treatises in English should be translated. Such translations are to be advertised...

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