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With coloured engravings. Duke of York, 5204, 1. 15s.

Tittle-Tattle.-Extracts from a ms. Pamphlet, intituled The TittleTattle Mongers. Newc. 1747. Brockett, 1211, 4l. 5s.

TITUS, Col. Silas. Killing noe Murder, briefly discourst in three Questions by William Allen (1657).


First edition, printed clandestinely. The real author of this famous pamphlet, which is said to have struck such a terror into the

mind of Cromwell as to render the concluding part of his life miserable, was the celebrated some Additions. Col. Silas Titus.-With London, 1659. 4to. London, 1689. 4to. Two editions were published this year in 4to. - London, 1689. Roxburghe, 8478, 3s.6d. Edinb. 1745. 8vo. Lond. 1708. 4to. 8vo. Reprinted in the fourth volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

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Killing is Murder, by Michael Hawke? London, 1657. 4to.

Killing is Murder and no Murder, by Michael Hawke. London, 1657. 4to. Titus and Gisippus. See LEWICKE, Edward. WALTER, William. Tixall Poetry. See CLIFFORD,


Tobacco battered and the Pipes shattered about their Ears, that idly idolize so base and barbarous a Weed. 12mo. Reed, 7812, 7s. 6d. Written by Joshua Sylvester.

TOD, George. Plans, Elevations and Sections of Hot-Houses, Green1807. Houses and Conservatories. folio.

White Knights, 4444, 17. TODD, George. An Account of Sheriff-Hutton Castle, near York, founded in the Reign of King Stephen. York, 1824. 8vo. 5s. With plates. Three hundred copies printed. The Life

Rev. Henry John. of Archbishop Cranmer, by the Rev. Henry John Todd. London, 1831. 8vo. 2 vols.

Tobacco. The Metamorphosis of Tabacco. London for John Flasket, 1602. 4to.

A poetical tract, A to F 1, in fours, 21 leaves. See Collier's Poetical Decameron, i. 188-92.

With portrait of the Archbishop engraved by Dean. A valuable addition to our ecclesiastical history.

Some Account of the Deans of Canterbury; from the new Foundation of that Church by Henry the Eighth to the present Time. To which is added, a Catalogue of the MSS. in the Church Library. By Henry John Todd, M.A. Canterbury, 1793. 8vo. Pp. 298, not including title, and dedication to Bishop Buller, 2 leaves; preface, 4 pages; introduction and contents, 8 pages, also Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. errata, one page. 890, 6s. Dent, pt. ii. 803, 7s. 6d.

Catalogue of the Books, both manuscript and printed, which are preserved in the Library of Christ Church, Canterbury. 1802. Svo. pp. 237, including two titles and an advertisement. 160 copies printed for the use of public libraries, &c. and not intended for sale.


Some Account of the Life and Writings of John Milton. The second Edition, with Additions, and a Verbal Index to the whole of Milton's Poetry. London, 1809. 8vo. with Mr. Todd portrait. 6s. LARGE PAPER. 10s. has published three variorum editions of the poetical works of the Poet in 1801, 1809 and 1826, as also an edition of his mask of Comus, with valuable notes, &c. in 1798. The life was republished with additions, 'derived principally from Documents in his Majesty's State-Paper Office,' London, 1826. 8vo.

Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower and Chaucer, collected from authentic Documents, with a copious Glossary. London, 1810. 8vo. A curious work, displaying great industry of investigation. Mr. Todd's researches into English literature have been equalled by few of our lexicographers or commentators. Bindley, pt. iii. 1265, 5s. LARGE PAPER, in 4to. Bishop of Ely, 1411, 15s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1317, 17. 1s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 706, with a duplicate set of the plates on India paper, 17. 11s. 6d.

The Accomplishment of Prophecy in the Character and Conduct of Jesus Christ. From the impressive Treatise on the Truth of the Christian Religion by James Abbadie, D.D. formerly Dean of Killaloe, with a Preface and Notes by the Editor (the Rev. H. J. Todd). 1810. 12mo.

A Catalogue of the Archiepiscopal Manuscripts in the Library at Lambeth Palace : with an Account of the Archiepiscopal Registers and other Records there preserved. London, 1812. folio. Privately printed.

The History of the College of Bonhommes at Ashbridge, in the County of Bucks, founded by Edmund Earl of Cornwall; compiled from original Records and other authentick Sources. London, 1812. 4to. Pp. 104, B-O 4, besides half-title, title, preface and contents, 4 leaves; appendix, not paged, x 2-xxxx, with a halftitle, a glossarial and general index, 4 pages, also six plates at pp. 20, 50, 66, 70, 71, and 77.-Second Edition. To which is added, a Description of the present Mansion, erected on the Site of the ancient College. London, 1823. Atlas folio. Sign. a, b, B to Bb 1, pp. 1 to 95, with 31 portraits and plates, and two on the letter-press, all proofs on India paper. Duke of York, 5255, 162.

Original Sin, Free Will, Regeneration, Faith, Good Works, and Universal Redemption, as maintained in certain Declarations of

our Reformers, which are the Groundwork of the Articles of our Established Church upon those Subjects, with an important Account of Subscription to the Articles in 1604, and an historical and critical Introduction to the whole. Lond. 1818. 8vo.

A Vindication of our authorized Translation, and Translators of the Bible; and of preceding English Versions. London, 1819. 8vo. 6s. This work, occasioned by Mr. Bel

lamy's translation, and Sir J. B. Burgess's defence of it, contains some valuable information, and a good deal of research.

Observations on the metrical Version of the Psalms, made by Sternhold, Hopkins, and others. London, 1819. 8vo. 4s. London, 1822. 8vo.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rt. Rev. Brian Walton, Bishop of Chester, with Notices of his Coadjutors in editing the London Polyglott Bible: to which is added, his own Vindication of that Work. London, 1821. 8vo. 2 vols. with portrait of the Bishop. A valuable work, containing much curious and interesting information.

An Account of Greek MSS., chiefly Biblical, which had been in the Possession of the late Professor Carlyle, the greater Part of which are now deposited in the ArchiLonepiscopal Library at Lambeth Palace. don (1823). Svo. Privately printed.

A Vindication of Cranmer. London, 1826. 12mo. Mr. Todd has published Abp. Cranmer's Defence of the Doctrine of the Sacrament, to which this vindication was prefixed in 1825. 8vo.

A Letter to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning the Authorship of Icon Basilikè. Lond. 1825. 8vo.

A Reply to Dr. Lingard's Vindication of his History of England, as far as respects Archbishop Cranmer. Lond. 1827. 8vo.

Faith and Justification: Two Discourses by Dr. Sharp, formerly Archbishop of York, and the late Owen Manning, B. D. with a Preface, noticing Objections made by the present Archdeacon of Ely to a Public Declaration of these Doctrines at the Beginning of the Reformation in England, and with an Appendix of Notes, &c. Lond. 1829. 8vo.

Of Confession and Absolution, and the Secrecy of Confession, as maintained by the United Church of England, and as opposed to the Statements of Modern Romanists and their Advocates, &c. Lond. 1828. 8vo.

Bishop Gauden the Author of Icon Basilike, further shewn, in answer to the Remarks of Dr. Wordsworth, &c. Lond. 1829. 8vo.

Mr. Todd has edited two editions of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary, with very many additions, &c. likewise a variorum edition of of the Poetical Works of Spenser, some single Sermons, &c.

TOFTE, Robert. Translations. See ARIOSTO, Lod. BOIARDO, M. M. VARCHI, Ben.

Laura. The Toyes of a Traueller; or, the Feast of Fancie, diuided into 3 Parts by R. T. Gent. of London. Printed by Valentine Simmes, 1597. 4to. Dedicated To the ladie Lucie, sister to Henry, earle of Northumberland.'

Alba, or the Months Minde of a melan

choly Lover. By R. T. Gentleman. London, Felix Kingston, 1598. 8vo. In this work Shakespeare's Love's Labour Lost is noticed.

Honovrs Academie. Or the famovs Pastorall of the faire Shepheardesse Ivlietta, done into English by R. T. Gentleman. London, 1619. folio. A prose composition, intermingled with poetry. Bindley, pt. iii. 1892, 16s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1609, 1. 1s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 750, 37. 10s.

TOFTS, Mary. Tracts relating to Mary Tofts, the Rabbit Woman of Godalming.

Reed, 1307, eight tracts, with St. André's miscarriage, a ms. poem, 17. 12s. 1456, seven tracts, 17. 1s. Baker, 409, ten tracts and various bills, 27. 2s. Kirgate, 266, 11 tracts with two drawings and 3 prints, 47. 17s. Nassau, pt. ii. 709, a collection of tracts, with a portrait of Tofts in Indian ink and plates, bound in rabbit skin, 67. 12s. 6d. Stevens, 1551, a complete collection of the tracts, with several mss. &c. 14. 10s. resold Roxburghe, 2001, with the addition of a letter from Howard the pretended accoucheur to the Duke of Roxburghe, detailing the

whole circumstances of the case, 361. 15s. resold White Knights, 4149, 127. 12s.

An exact Diary, together with an Account of her Confession of the Fraud. By Sir Richard Manningham, Kt. London, 1726. 8vo. Pp. 38, including two titles. Hibbert, 5058, 2s.

A short Narrative of an extraordinary Delivery of Rabbets, performed by Mr. John Howard, Surgeon at Guildford. Published by Mr. St. André. London, 1726. 8vo. pp. 40.

Remarks on a short Narrative . . . . By Thomas Brathwaite. London, 1726. 8vo. pp. 32.

Some Observations concerning the Woman of Godlyman in Surrey. By Cyriacus Ahlers. London, 1726. 8vo. pp. xii and 28.

The several Depositions of Edward Costen, Richard Stedman, John Sweetapple, Mary Peytoe, Elizabeth Mason, and Mary Costen. London, 1727. 8vo. pp. 22, not including an Advertisement by M. St. André.

The Sooterkin dissected. London, 1726.


The Anatomist dissected: or the ManMidwife finely brought to Bed. By Lemuel Gulliver. Westm. 1727. 8vo. pp. 34 and title.

Mr. St. André's Case and Depositions, as publish'd in the London Gazette of Feb. 23, 1724, and the Daily Post of March 4, 1725. London. pp. 21.

Advertisement occasioned by some Passages in Sir R. Manningham's Diary by I. Douglas. London, 1727.

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The Life of John Milton. Amyntor, or a Defence of Milton's Life. London, 1699. 8vo. 2 vols. 3s. The life was originally prefixed to the Amsterdam edition of Milton's Prose Works in 1698. London, 1761. 8vo. 5s. Best edition, with notes, edited by Thomas Hollis. Garrick, 2435, morocco, 10s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1268, morocco, 19s. 6d. Hollis, 703, morocco, 1.11s. 6d.

Toland's History of the Druids; with a

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Duke of York, 5055, 1. 3s. Dent, pt. ii. 804, 1. 1s. LARGE PAPER, in 4to. Towneley, pt. ii. 1465, russia, 21. Beckford in 1817, no. 128, morocco, 81. 8s. Collation.-Vol i. page 186, not including title, dedication, preface and directions; also 19 plates, including a plan. Vol. ii. page 134, not including title, list of plates and 8 pages of index, also 62 plates.

Thomas. Musica Deo sacra et Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, 10 pts.

A copy, dated 1664, is in the library of Christ Church Coll. Oxford. A notice of Tomkins will be found in Burney's History of Music, ii. 133-4 and 365-7.

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This work, designed principally for the use of young students in divinity, has been frequently reprinted. It contains proofs of the authenticity and inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; a summary of the history of the Jews; a brief statement of the contents of the several books of the Old and New Testaments; a short account of the English translations of the Bible and of the Liturgy of the Church of England; and a scriptural exposition of the XXXIX Articles of Religion. 1799. 8vo. 2 vols. Willett, 1939, 11s. Horne Tooke, 556, 17. 11s. 6d. 1809. 8vo. 2 vols. Drury, 4305, 11s.

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