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Temper, serious, the advantage of it....

598 Valctudinarians in society, not to be adailted into a
Temperance the best preservative of heaith.

195 pany but on conditions.....................! Telf....
What kind of temperatce the best....

193 Vanity, the paradise of fools............
Templar, one of the Spectator's club, his character...

A vision of her and her attendants ........
Temple (Sir William), his rule for drinking...

195 Vapours in women, to what to be aschbes...
Ten, ca!led by the Platonic writers the complete number 221 Variety of men's actions proceeds from the pasta......

olars he has
Tender hearts, an entertainment for them

697 Varilas, his cheerfulness and good humogrnuletin

Wir: Foper to be
Tenure, the most slippery in England....

6.3 nerally acceptable.....
Terence, the Spectator's observations on one of his pinys.. 502 Ubiquity of the Godhead considered....***

Terror and pity, why those passions please..

118 further considerations about it..........

Vyr and fools, th
Thales, his saying of truth and falsehood ...

521 Venice Preserved,' a tragedy, founded on a whepa.. Wirthe garden
Thames, its banks, and the boats on ic described

454 Vebus, the charming figure she makes in the firx Ex.

Websburl of it
ithat, his remonstrance.

80 An attendant on the spring.

Theatre (English), the practice of it in several instances Verses by a despairing lover ...........
42. 41. 51 On Phebe and Colin.........

Tveito de foni
Of making love in the theatre
602 Translation of verses pedantic out of lalu....

Only be valued
Themistocles, bis answer to a question relating to the

The Royal Progress ....

marrying his daughter

To Mis.
on ter gintto.....

Wone so much
Theodosius and Constantia, their adventures...

161 Vertumnus, an attendant on the spring...
Theogais, a beautiful saying of his..

Lita would
461 Ugliness, some speculations upon it...........

TW to try!
Thimbleton (Ralph), lis letter to the Spectator,

Vice as laberinus as virtus...

X: Let's rette
Thinking aloud, what .............

211 Villacerfe (Madame de), an account of her desti, aut
Thoughts, of the highest importance to sift them ....

the manner of il.....

The poolsit de
Thrash (Will) and his wife, an ipsipid couple..

Vinci (Leonardo), his many accomplishments, at ditech

The this artico
Thunder, of great use on the stage.

able circumstance at his death.............
Thunderer to the playhouse, the hardships put upon hin, Viner (Sir Robert). his familiarity with King Char's 11.

Las fathas ric
and his desire to be made a cannon.

36 Virgil, his beautiful allegories founded on the Pesca
Tickell (Mr.), his verses to the Spectator


philosophy ....
Tillotson (Archbishop), improved the notion of hica-

wherein short of Homer.....

Ter, the seces
ven and liell

447 His fable examined in relation to Halicarnassess to
Time, our ill use of it.......

03 tory of Æneas .......
The Spectator's direction how to spend it

His genius....

2-3, the to

llow the time we live ought to be computed ... 316 Compared with Homer...
Title-page (Authony), his petition to the Spectator 304

When he is best pleased .....
Titles, the significancy and abuse of them ..:

480 Virtue, the exercise of it recommended.
Tom Titt, to personate singing birds in the Opera..


Ils influente......
Tom Touchy, a quarrelsome fellow.....


Its near relation to decency......
Tom Trusty, a tender husband and careful father. 479 The most reasonable and genuine source of honour
Tom Tulip, challenged by Dick Crastia.


Of a beautiful nature
Flies into the country......

91 The great ornaments of it.....
Tom the Tyrant, first minister at the coffee-house be-

To be esteemed in a toe
tween the hours of eleven and twelve at night..... 49 When the sincerity of it may reasonably be süspartai
Tombs in Westmiuster Abbey visited by the Spectator.. 26 The way to preserve it is ili integrity
His reflections upon them...

20 The use of it in our afflictions...
Toper (Jack), his recommendatory letter in behalf of is Virtues, supposed ones not to be relied on...........


Vision of human miscty...,
Torre, in Devonshire, how unchaste widows are punished Visit: a visit to a travelled lady, which she received in


her bed, described...
Torture, why the description of it pleases, and not the Vocifer, the qualifications that make him pass feraty

418 gentleman...
Townly (Frank), his letters to the


50 Volumes: the advantage an author retires
Trade, the benefit of it to Great Britain

69 his works in volumes, rather than in slog e piece
Trading and landed interest ever jarring.

174 Understanding, the abuse of it is a great evil......
The niost likely means to make a man's private for-

Wherein more perfect than the inagination......****


Reasons for it.....
Tradition of the Jews concerning Moses...


Should master the passions.....
Tragedy: a perfect tragedy the noblest production of hu- Universe, how pleasing the contemplation of it concert
man nature.....

39 Uranius, his great composure of his soul.........."
Wherein the modern tragedy exceeds that of Greece Vulcan's dugs, the fable of them....
and Rome.

Blank verse the most proper for English tragedy... 39 WAGERING disputants exposed ...
The English tragedy considered

39 Wall, the prodigious one of China...
Tragi-comedy, the product of the English theatre, a mon- Wars, the late, made us so greedy of news.
strous invention.

40 Wasps and doves in public, who....
Transmigration, what

211 Wealth, the father of love....
The transmigration of souls asserted hoy Will loney. Wealthy men fix the character of persons to better


How believed by the ancients.

408 Wedlock, the state of it ridiculed by the lovu ve
Trap (Mr.), his letter to Mr. Stint

Weed (Ephraim), his letter to the Spectator storba
Travel, highly necessary to a coquette..


marriage and estates .....
The behaviour of a travelled lady in the playhouse 45 West Eaborne, in Berkshire, a custom there for
At what time travelling is to be undertakcu, and the

What Lord Coke said ot the widows' worthy
true ends of it......

361 Whichenorre, bacon Birch, in Staffordshire,
Travellers, the generality of the exploded..


to it...
Trees, more beautiful in all their luxuriancy than when Whisperers, political.
cut and trimmed

Whispering place, Dionysius the tyrant's
Trimming, the Spectator unjustly accused of it.


While (Molt), a notorious witch......
Trueby (Widow), her water recommended by Sir Roger Who and which, their petition to the Spectator....***
as good against the stone and gravel


Whole Duty of Man, that excellent book tartott
Trucpenny (Jack), strangely good-natured


Truuk-maker, a great man in the upper gallery in the Widow (the), her manner of captivating Ser Roger eCa


Truth, an enemy to false wit.

63 Her behaviour at the trial of her cause....********
The everlasting good effect truth has even upon a

Her artifices and beauly ........
man's fortune and interest.

352 Too desperate a scholar for a coustry gentleet
Always consistent with itself.

352 Her reception of Sir Roger........
The excellence of it.

50T Whom she helped to some tipsy in the eye 0 al
Tryphidorus, the great lipogruinmatist of antiquity 59

Tully praises himself

569 Has been at the death of several lose.....
What he said of the immortality of the soul.

588 Sir Roger's opinion of her, that she either drugo
Of uttering a jest..


marry or she does not
Of the force of novelty...

626 Widows, the great game of fortape-baguri.........
What he required in luis Orator...

633 Widows' club, an account of it..........
Turner (Sir William) his excellent maxim

509 A leller from the Gresident of it to the percent
Tyrants, why so called


about her suitors...

Duty of widows in old times..
VAINLOVES, the family of

Valentinus (Basilius) and Alexandrinus, their story.

A custom 10 puntsh usthaste odes in Berustus

Devonshire ...
Valerio, bis character .....

Valetudinarians in chastity ......

Instances of their riding the black tans bert...
Valetudinarians in society, who .........

395 Wig, long ose, the eloquence of tive bat.......********

William and Betty, a short actoriat of the same...

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Ilian IIT. King of England, compared with the French Women, their usus, conversation.....


Their strongest passion.....

limble (Will), his letter to Sir Roger de Coveriey.. 108 Not to be considcreil merely as objects of sight..... 3.3
His character

108 Women (le English). excel all other nations in beauty.. 8L
His conversation with the Spectator

108 Signs of their improvement under the Spectator's
A man of ceremony


Thinks the Spectatnr a fanatic

186 The real commendation of a woman, what....... 95, 104
And fears he has kilicd a man


Their pains in all ages to adorn the outside of their
sine. not proper to be drank by every one that can swal-


low ..........
140 More gay in their vxture than men.

inter-gardros, recommended, and described
477 Not pleased with modesty in men

03 'ise men and fools, the difference between them
225 Their ambition....

Elise (Mr.), the gardener, an heroic poet....,
477 Deluding women, their practices exposed.

it, the mischief of it when accompanied with vice ... 23 Women great orators..

Very pernicious when not tempered with virtue and

Have always designs upon men

23 Greater tyrants to their lovers than husbands

L Tarned into deformity by affectation

38 Reproved for their neglect of dress after they are
Only to be valued as it is applied


The history of false wit....

6 Their wonderful influence upon the other sex ....... 510
Nothing so much admired and so little understood.. 58 Words, the abuse of them demonstrated in several in-
Every man would be a wit if he could..


The way to try a piece of wit..

62 The pleasures proceeding to the imagination from the
Mr. Locke's reflection on the difference between

ideas raised by them ....

wit and judgment ....
62 Work necessary for women...

The god of wit described ...

63 World (the), considered both as useful and entertaining.. 387
The many artifices and modes of false wit..
290 The present world a nursery for the next..

Mag purchase riches, but is not to be purchased by

World of matter, and life, considered by the Specta-


lit (false). why it sometimes pleases
416 Writer, how to perfect his imaginatiou

Nothing without judgment..

419 Who among the ancient poets had this faculty 417
e Tits, minor, the several species of them.
501 Writing, the difficulty of it to avoid censure..

Wits ought not to pretend to be rich.

509 Writing upintelligibly, the art of it much improved.. 379
Toman, the utmost of her character wherein contained.. 349
The notion some women have of virtue and vice..... 390 XENOPHON, his school of equity.

A definition of woman by one of the fathers ...

265 His account of Cyrus's trying the virtue of a young
The general depravity of the inferior part of the sex. 274


They wholly govern domestic life

Toman of quality, her dress the product of a hundred YARICO, the story of her adventurc..

69 Yawning, a Christmas gambol...

foman's man described.

Youth, instructions to them to avoid harlots

flis necessary qualifications ....


Yomen the more powerful part of our people
4 ZEAL, intemperate, criminal.... ...

Their ordinary employments

10 Zemroude (Queen), her story out of the Persian Tales'.. 518
Smitten with superficials..

15 Zoilu3, the preteaded crític, had a very long beard....... 331



Goswell Street, London,






THE ILIAD and ODYSSEY of HOMER, Life of the Author, by BEJLBY PORTES, D.D.

translated into English Blank Verse, by late Bishop of London. 2 vols. 8vo. WILLIAM COWPER, Esq. with a Preface by his Kinsman, J. JOHNSON, LL. B. and illustrated with POETRY, with an Introduction and Rests

VIII. SELECT BEAUTIES OF ANCIENT ENGLKA Fifty Engravings, from the Paintings and Designs of Fuseli, HOWARD, SMIRKE, STOTHARD, WESTALL; lege, Oxford. With a Memoir of Mr. Beanie, bo

By the late HENRY HEADLEY, A. B. of Triaity (le &c. &c. Members of the Royal Academy. In the Rev. HENRY Kett, B. D. Fellow of Trang 4 vols. 8vo. Price 41. 163. in Boards. +++ The Engravings wbich decorate this Edition of Cowper's

College, Oxford. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 14, Homer, were originally designed for a Splendid Edition of Pope's

Boards. Translation, Jately published, of which the Letter-press of the Large Paper Copies were unfortunately destroyed by Fire. This IX. THE WORKS, in Prose and Verse, of k. accident has afforded an opportunity to the admirers of Couper, A. COWLEY, with Notes by Dr. Huro, la of villustrations to his Volumes, which, as Proof Impressions, Bishop of Worcester, and a fine Portrait of de having ban the privilege of being taken from the Plates prior to Author. Elegantly printed in 3 vols. 8vo. 16. 11. ] the ghotatiop froin the Pocm being affixed, bas rendered them in Boards. equally as applicable to the text of one Version, as to that of the other *** Copies on Royal Paper, Price 72. 4s. Boards, as also of

X. ESSAYS, on Dissipation, Conversation, Ethe Plates separate, Price 31. 3s. in a Portfolio.

vy, Connections, Education, Religion, &c. de red 11. MARMION; A TALE OF FLODDEN MORE. A New Edition. Price is, in Board

principally for YOUNG LADIES. " By Hamu FIELD. By Walter Scott, Esq. Illustrated by Engravings from the Designs of Richard WESTALL,


with the Life of the Author, and a portrait encrarti Six finely engraved Plates, in svo. will a vignette, 18s.; Proofs, by Anker Smith, A. R. A. from a Gem by Well The Plates, with the Poem in 8vo. 11. 48. in Boards; Prooss,

Smail 8vo. 7s. in Boards. with the Porm in 4to. 31. 3s. in Boards.

XII. TAE POETICAL WORKS OF JOHN MILTON ul. THE LAY of the LAST MINSTREL, a Poem. By WALTER Scott, Esq. Illustrated by LL.D. and Remarks by John Aikin, M. D. bez

with a Life of the Author, by Samuel Jours, Engravings from the Designs of Richard WFSTALL, somely printed in 3 vols, small Sto

, with Esq. R. A.

engraved by Messrs. Bromley and Mitan, Il Ina Six finely engraved Plates in 8vo. with a vignette, 128.; Proofs, Boards. on 4to. Paper, 11. 11s. 61.: or.

The Plaies, with the Poeni in 8vo. 11. 2s.6d. in Boards; Proofs, with the Poem in 4to. 31. 138. od. Boards.


, to prevent cruelty to Animals. By X

sioned by Lord Erskine's Bill in the House of THE LAKE, by Mr. Westall, are in preparation. Pratt. Price 6s, in Boards.

v. ENGLISH COMEDY, a Collection of the most celebrated Dramas

since the commencement SPENSER, with a Portrait and Life of the deceasta of the Reformation of the Stage by Sir Richard and Portraits of his Friends Sidney and later Steele and Colley Cibber. 11. 16s. in Boards.

In 6 elegant vols. the latter from Mr. Bone's Enamel, after an es Copies are kept in various elegant bindings as presents for na lube Roval Academy; also Four beauties Young People. including some Pieces now first published. By the ney, Engleheart, and C. Pye, from new Dera

v. THE VILLAGE CURATE, and other Poems. gravings from the Faerie Queene, by Meer is Rev. JAMES Hurdis, D. D. late Fellow of Mag- 16 yols. Small 8vo.?21. 25. in Boarde.

Thomas Stothard, Esq. R. A. elegantly prisiedi dalen College, and Professor of Poetry, in the Uviversity of Oxford. "In 1 vol. 8vo. iOs. 6d. in Boards.

vI. THE FAVOURITE VILLAGE, with an gedy. By the Rev. JAMES "Hunsbed, and D. Tree Smirke, Esq. R. A. clegantly printed in = 18 Fellow of Magdalen College, and Professor of small 8vo. 14s. in Boards. Poetry, in the University of Oxford. In one vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. in Boards. complete Edition of Hurdis's Poetical Works.

* *


nal by CORNELIUS JANSSEN, exbibited last butan

XV. HUDIBRAS, A Poem, By SANUEL BI TA, with select Notes by Dr. Zachary GRET, the use thor's Remains, his life by Dr. Johnson, bis Portal

rontispieces, from Pictures by Reber

• The above Volume, with the Village Curate, &c. orms a his most distinguished Observations on life, and from the Works of Archbishop SẮCHER; with a vu. SERMONS for every Sunday in the Year, in one Pocket Volume, with a tige Lagi

38. Od. jp Boards.

xvI. THE BEAUTIES OF STERNE; incheng all his Pathetic Tales, his Humorous Descriptis copious Selection from his Sermons. Neally priams

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