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T the recommendation of some kind friends I have, with great satisfaction, undertaken to meet a public want by preparing a Second Edition of this book, knowing that the former volume has not only been useful and appreciated as such, but that it has undeniably done much towards the establishment of the great University Mission to Central Africa, now being advocated before the country at large.

Many expressions to be found in the introduction to the first Edition were intended to be and are, as it were, prophetic. Witness the following passage written two years ago; In this place of learning he (Dr Livingstone) has left a track behind him; and has sown seed which will, in the end, produce good fruits in Africa. He came here with the avowed purpose of striving to awaken a deeper interest in Christian Missions to the heathen; and spoke with the authority of the greatest of modern travellers, among the men and in the place where a Missionary spirit ought pre-eminently to prevail1.'

Dr Livingstone's visit to Cambridge, together with the impression produced among us thereby, as well as by his lectures, have been herein stereotyped so as not

1 Introduction to the First Edition,

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