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Buch less to feed nod fees te atal be
Oi pride, ambition, or impare deres
But as a scale, by which the scene
From mighty means to Duter, 06
Securely, though by steps tal y oth
Mounts from inferior beides up to the
And sees, by no fallacious lugar
Earth made for man, kad Data:

Not that I mean i'approre, a sada
A superstitious and forestie coppie.
Truth is not local, God alile perrades
And fills the world of trainic od
And may be fear'd amidst the based on
Or scorn'd where business Dera 18:36
Dut'tis not easy with a miad lite ses
Conscious of weakness in it's pobles per
And in a world wbere, other ills spuit
The roving eye aisleads the careless
To limit Thought, by nature prope to !?!
Whererer freakish Fancy poists the var,
To bid the pleadings of Seli-one bestel,
Resigo our own evd seek our Malayn
To spread the page of Scriptare, and copy
Our conduct with the lass engraven,
To measure all that passes is the breast
Faithfully, fairly, by that sacred test;
To dive into the secret deers within
To spare no passion and no ferrite sa,
And search the wemes, important apie ti
Ourselves, and our recor'ry from oa talu
But leisure, silence, and a wiad releasd
from anxious thougits how sealth rare
How to secure, in some propitious boer
The paint of iut'rest or the post of powi,
A soul serene, and equally retri
from objects too much dreaded or desir'de
cate from the clamours of perverse de

least are friendly to the great pursel.
Pp'ning the map of God's estensive plas
hind a little isde, this lite of man;

Eternity's unknown expanse appears
Circling around and limiting his years.
The busy race examine and explore
Each creek and cavern of the dang'rous shore,
With care collect what in their eyes excels,
Some shining pebbles, and some weeds and shells;
Thas laden, dream that they are rich and great,
Aad happiest he that groans beneath his weight.
The waves o'ertake them in their serious play,
And er'ry hour sweeps multitudes away;
They shriek and sink, survivors start and weep,
Pursue their sport, and follow to the deep.
A few forsake the throng; with lifted eyes
Ask wealth of Heav'n, and gain a real prize,
Truth, wisdom, grace, and peace like that above,
Scald with his signet, whom they serve and love;
Scorni'd by the rest, with patient hope they wait
A kind release from their imperfect state,
And opregretted are soon snatch'd away
From scenes of sorrow into glorious day.

Nor these alone prefer a life recluse,
Tho seek retirement for it's proper use;
The love of change, that lives in ev'ry breast,
Genius and temper, and desire of rest,
Discordant motives in one centre meet,
And each inclines it's rot'ry to retreat.
Some minds by nature are averse to noise,
And hate the tumult half the world enjoys,
The lore of av’rice, or the pompous prize,
That courts display before ambitious eges;
The fruits that hang on pleasure's flow'ry stem,
Whate'er enchants them, are no snares to them.
To them the deep recess of dusky groves,
Or forest, where the deer securely roves,
The fall of waters, and the song of birds,
Aud hills that echo to the distant herds,
Are luxuries excelling all the glare
The World can boast, and ber chief fav'rites share.
With eager step, and carelessly array'd,
For such a cause the poet seeks the shade,

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From all he sees he catches her death
Pleas'd Fancy claps ber finizzas a ble tiesa
The rising or the setting arb of day,
The clouds that fit, or slowly fouint,
Nature in all the various shapes
Frowning in storms, or breathing gate
The snowy robe her wintry state 23225
Her summer heats, iver fruits

, ed her to Forbids th' advancement of the soul he binds;
All, all alike transport the gloring bei,
Success in rhyme his glory and resz".
O Natare! whose Elysiap scenes deciso
His bright perfections, at whose word wat
Next to that pow's, who form'd thee and time
Be thou the great inspirer of my strauss.
Still, as I touch the lyre, do thog espad
Thy genuine charons, and guide aa arides
That I may catch a fre but rarely Levi
Give useful light, though I should mas recur.
And, poring on thy page, whose erity bizt
Bears proof of an intelligence dirise,
May feel a heart earich'd by what it passe
That builds it's glors on it's Maker's print
Wo to the man, whose fit disclaims it siste
Glitt'ring in vain, or only to seduce,
Who studies nature with a wanton eye,
Admires the work, but slips the lessoa fj;
His hours of leisure and recess exeploys
Ja drawing pictures of forbidden jors,
Retires to blazon his own worthless name,
Or shoot the careless with a sures ajt.

The lover too shuns business and alsta
Teader idolater of abseat charms.
Saints offer nothing in their warmest praji,
That he devotes not with a zeal like theirs,
'T'is consecration of his heart, soul, time,
And ev'ry thought that wanders is a crime.
In sighs he worships his supremely fair,
And weeps a sad libation in despair;
Adores a creatur

and, devout in raia, Wins in return an answer of disdaia,

As voodbine weds the plant within her reach,
Rough elm, or smooth-grain'd ash, or glossy beech,
Is spiral rings ascends the trunk, and lays
Her golden tassels on the leafy sprays,
But does a mischief while she lends a grace,
Straitning it's growth by such a strict embrace;
So love, that clings around the noblest minds,
The saitor's air indeed he soon improves,
And forms it to the taste of her he loves,
Teaches his eyes a language, and no less
Rebnes his speech, and fashions his address;
Bet farewell promises of happier fruits,
Marly designs, and learning's grave pursuits ;
Girt with a chain he cannot wish to break,
His only bliss is sorrow for her sake;
Who will may pant for glory and excel,
Her smile his aim, all higher aims farewell!
Toprsis, Alexis, or whatever name
May least offend against so pure a fame,
Though sage advice of friends the most sincere
Sounds harshly in so delicate an ear,
And lovers, of all creatures, tame or wild,
Cat least brook management, however mild,
Yet let a poet (poetry disarms
The fiercest animals with magic charms)
Risk an intrusion on thy pensive mood,
And woo and win thee to thy proper good.
Pastoral images and still retreats,
Umbrageous walks and solitary seats,
Sucet birds in concert with harmonious streams,
Soft airs, nocturnal vigils, and day dreams,
Are all enchantments in a case like thine,
Conspire against thy peace with one design,
Sooth thee to make thee but a surer prey,
And feed the fire that wastes thy pow'rs away.
UpGod has form'd thee with a wiser view,
Not to be led in chaibs, but to subdue ;
Calls thee to cope with enemies, and first
Points out a conflict with thyself, the worst.

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