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Else, on the fatalist's anrighteous plaa,
Say to what bar amenable were al
With nought in charge, he could betraj so te,
And, if he fell, would fall because be nes
If Love reward him, or if Vengenace strike,
His recompence in both unjust alike.
Divine authority within his breast
Brings ev'ry thought, wordi, action, to the test;
Warns him or prompts, approves hin er resouro
As Reason, or as Passion, takes the reios.
Heav'o froin above, and Conscieace frou Tiba
Cries in his startled ear-Abelain from sa!
The world around solicits his desire,
And kindles in his soul a'rous fire ;
While, all his purposes and steps to guard

Peace follows Virtue as its sure reward;
And Pleasure brings us surely ia her traia
Remorse, and Sorrow, and viadictive Pain.

Man, thus endu'd with an electire roke,
Must be supplied with objects of his chine,
Where'er he turns, enjoyment and dedit,
Or present, or in prospect, meet his sight;
Those open on the spot their honey'd rate;
These call him loudly to pursuit
llis unexhausted mine the sordid rice
Avarice siows, and virtue is the price.
Her various motives his ambition raise-
Pow'r, pomp, and splendour, and the best

There Beauty wooes hin with expanded areas;
E'en Bacchanaliza madness fias its charns.

Nor these alone, whose pleasures less reáil
Vight well alarm the most unguarded mind,
Seek to supplant his inexperienc d youth,
Or lead him devious from the path of trut;
Hourly allurements on his passions press,
Sate in themselves, but dang rous ia th' escala

Hark! how it fiouts upon the dewy air!
O what a dying, dying close was there!

is he, the Se that he

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Troe beagle
Carg'd wi
Be takes of
Tie jos the
Tis exercis
Azala imp
Leaps ev's
Like a skais

Lights of
But if ecce
The come!
Yours, res
What there
With the

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Xo. Bat bis ora engagerbest biads Of sabbath

A mere charch jeggier, bypocrite, and shortline the tiu

Oh, laugh or mourn with me the rectaleh Asiaotiensi las charm'd me much, (not e'en Occidaus Love, joy, and peace, make harmony niere med

Send your disbonour'd gown to Moano And bar the

When he has pray'd and preach'd the saldai A day of luss

All elbows shake. Look in, and you would

suit answer

So well that thought th' employment seem Sards with

Toe mug clos

Will Artice and Concupisceace gite places
Caara'd be the sounds Your Rerreske

, er

Vill not to
Resort to the
There stand

li apostolic

Or, if it does not, braads aim to the te
What atheists call biz-a designing court,

play the

Strike Op


A cassoci'd hultsmaa, and a bddheg putas
He from Italian songsters takes bis :
Set Paul to masic, he shall quote din tre.
He takes tie beld, the master of tbe pack
Cries-Well done, saint! and claps bis som
Is this the path of sanctity: Is this
To stand a waymari in the road to blis?
Himself a vand'rer from the bastos VI),
His silly sheep what wonder if they strap'
Go, cast your orders at your bishop's teen

Laymen hare

Oh Italy !
Oar sabbath
Preaching ani
Ours parcell
Get's worshi

What says til

With boliness
Pastime and

Mobly distin by deeds, in

Hear him aga

The sacred function in your hands is anse-
Sad sacrilege! no function, but a trade!

Occiduus is a pastor of renown,
With wire and catgut he concludes the day,
Quar'ring and semiquariring care aršy.
The full concerto swells upon your cal;

Via the glas
Sus banquett
Bet triflers at

O the dear
The painted

The Babylonian tyrant with a pod
Had summon'd them to serve his golden god.

The yawning
Then to the

iness of jo
Blane, cynic

Psalt'ry and sackbut, dulcimer and dute.
o be! 'tis evangelical and pure:
Observe each face, how sober and demure!
Ecstasy sets her stamp oo ev'ry mies;
Chins fall'n, and not an eye-ball to be sees.
Still I insist, though music Lerelofore

Where Night
Views conste

fuis innocent The balm of

For sabbath ev'nings, and perhaps as skett.

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De e no crime,

magic wand, the land; feasts prescribe, tribe. se athletic cast, o's filthy taste. y rale, cing school, la tone

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by heart. th Clodio, plead ittle dread; the drunkard die, er by. ant size, rith heedless eyes, ike, al, fails to strike. tare, a trifling air; , erect, respect. tion sweet, te aad treat; i exceed, 3 deed, dispense, slave of sense. kample rare! ide him fresh and fair. id wap, se fan : 3 joy; aghts employ;

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Made nothing but a brute the slave of seast
Daniel ate pulse by choice-example rare!

Hear'u bless'd the youth and made him fresh

Os, museo Will Provide Temperance

That pleas
Are hurtful
And some,
Still bartiul

Is man th
The centre
Like fabled

The preciou

Lip deep in

Wita prohib

Innocent! Oh if referable Time
Slain at the foot of Pleasure le scios
Theo, with his silver beard and Engiriai,
Let Comus rise archbishop of the land;
Let bim your robric add your feasts proches
Grand metropolitan of all the triče.

Of manders rough, and coarse sthletic Bang
The rank debaucb suits Clodio's bluby tast
Rufillus, exquisitely form'd by rate

Not of the moral bat the dancing school
Wouders at Clodio's follies, in a taze
As tragical, as others at his ora.
He cannot drink five bottles, bill the gat,
Then kill a constable, and drink hre mer;
But he can draw a pattern, reake a tast,
And has the ladies' etiquette by heart.
Go, fool; and, arm in erou sitá Clasia, siamo
Your cause before a bar you little dread;
But know, the law, that bids the druskai és
Is far too just to pass the trifler by.
Both baby-featur'd, and of infant size,
View'd from a distance, and with heedles (8
Folly and Innocence are so alike,
The diff'rence, though essential, fails to stuks
Yet Folly ever has a vacant stare,
A simp'ring count'nance, and a triding ait;
But Innocence, sedate, serene, erect,
Delights us, by engaging our respect.
Man, Nature's guest by iavitation spect

Receives from her both appetite and trest;
But, if he play the glutton and exceed,
His benefactress blushes at the deed,
For Nature, nice, as lib'ral to dispense,

No, srangle The precept Forbids him Wiose fruit Remorse, he'ry bos

Hatch'd by And prores No pleasure

Are all the Has time w Good sense

fame All these t That virtot

Have you

Sand stars
Or if your
Veed help
Larn, if y
These bot
Xo please
Sent us a
Can Briti
To please

Gorgonius sits, abdominous and wan,
Like a fat squab upon a Chinese fan :
He snuffs far off th' anticipated joy ;
Turtle and ven'son all his thoughts emplos;

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