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Picture of a good Man.


Ith aspect mild , and elevated eye , Behold him seated on a mount serene , Above the fogs of Sense , and Passion's storm ;All the black cares, and tumults of this life, Like harmless thunders , breaking at his feet, Excite his pity , not impair his peace. Earth's genuine son's, the sceptred and the slave y. A mingled mob ! a wand'ring herd ! he sees , Bevvilder'd in the vale; in all unlike !His full reverse in all! what higher praise? "What stronger demonstration of the right?

The present all their care ; the future his. When public welfare calls, or private want, They give to fame ; his bounty-ne conceals. Their virtues varnish nature ; his exalt. Mankind's esteem they court; and he his own.. Theirs the wild chase of false felicities; His , the compos'd possession of the true> Alike throughout in his consistent piece ,. All of one colour , and an even thread; While party-colour'd shreds of happiness , With hideous gaps between , patch up for them. A madman's robe; each puff of fortune blows The tatters by., and shews their nakedness.

He sees with other eyes than theirs : "Where they; Behold a sun, he spies a Deity: "What makes them only smile, makes him adore. "Where they see mountains , he but atoms sees.; An empire in his balance, weighs a grain. They things terrestrial worship, as divine :. His hopes immortal blow them by, as dust,. That dims his sight, and shortens his survey,. Which longs, in infinite , to lose all bound. Titles and honours (if they prove his fate) He lays aside to find his dignity; No dignity they find in aught besides. They triumph in externalst (which conceal

Man's real glory, ) proud of an eclipse:

Himself too much he prizes to be proud;

And nothing thinks so great in man , as man.

Too dear he holds his int'rest, to neglect

Another's welfare, or his right invade;

Their int'rest, hke a lion , lives on prey.

They kindle at the shadow of a wrong 5

Wrong he sustains with temper, looks on heav'n,

Nor stoops to think his injurer his foe;

Nought, but what wounds his virtue, wounds his

peace. A cover'd heart their character defends; A cover'd heart denies him half his praise. With nakedness his innocence agrees , W'hile their broad foilage testifies their fall! Their no joys end, where his full feast begins: His joys create, theirs murder, future bliss. To triumph in existence , his alone; And his alone triumphantly to think His true existence is not yet begun. His glorious course was , yesterday , complete: Death, then, was welcome; yet still life is sweet.


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