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LUTTRELL, Henry (1771–1851)

On Miss Maria Tree--CCXXXI

At Holland House-CCCLII.
LYLY, John (1534—1600)

Cupid and Campaspe--cccxc.
Lysaght, Edward (1763-1810)

Kitty of Coleraine--cccxx.
LYTTELTON, George, Lord (1709–1773)

Hope and Love--ccxxv.

MACAULAY, Thomas B., Lord (1800-1859)

As I sate down to breakfast in state--CCII

Valentine to the Honble. M. C. Stanhope-CCXVII.
MAHONY, Frank (1805–1865)

The Shandon bells--CCLVII.
MELBOURNE, William Lamb, Viscount (1779—1848)

'Tis late, and I must haste away---cxc.
MILTON, John (1608-1674)

To Mr. Lawrence-CCCXCI

To Cyriac Skinner-CCCXCIV.
MONTAGU, Lady Mary Wortley (1690—1762)

The lover-CI

On Sir Robert Walpole-CLXXXIV.
MOORE, Edward (1712–1757)

The joys of wedlock-CXIV.
MOORE, Thomas (1780--1852)

Paddy's metamorphosis-CXCIV
King Crack and his idols---CXCVIII
Farewell !-but whenever you welcome the hour-CCLVI
I knew by the smoke, that so gracefully curl'd--CCXCVI
Dear Fanny--CCCV
Minerva's thimble-CCCX
A dream of Hindostan-CCCXII
The time I've lost in wooing-CCCXVII
A temple to friendship--CCCLV
From the Honble. Henry- to Lady Emma-,-CCCLVIII
Reason, folly, and beauty--CCCLXIII
When I loved you-CCCCVII

Woman's laughter-CCCCXXXVIII.
Morris, Captain Charles (1740--1832)

The toper's apology--CCLV

The contrast -CCCXXI.
MOTTEUX, Peter Anthony (1660—1718)

A roundelay-CXXIV.

NUGENT, Robert, Earl (1709–1788)

I loved thee, beautiful and kind-CCXXVIII.

OLDMIXON, John (1673–1742)

I lately vow'd, but 'twas in haste-cxxxix.
OLDYS, William (1696—1761)

The fly-CCXLIV.
ORFORD, Horace Walpole, Earl of (1717-1797)

To Madame de Damas learning English - ccXXVI.
OR FORD, Robert Walpole, Earl of (1676–1745)

To the sunflower-CLXXXVI.
OXFORD, Edward Vere, Earl of (1534-1604)

A renunciation -VII
Were I a king-CLX.

PARNELL, Dr. Thomas (1679–1717)

When thy beauty appears--CVI.
PEACOCK, Thomas Love (1785-1866)

In his last binn Sir Peter lies-CCLIX
Rich and


Love and age-CCCLIV.
PETERBOROUGH, Lord (1658–1735)

Sung by a person of quality-CXXXI.
PHILIPS, Ambrose (1671—1749)

To Charlotte Pulteney - CCXCI.
PLANCHÉ, James Robinson (1796–1880)

A literary squabble-CCCCLX.
Pope, Alexander (1688—1744)

To Mr. Thomas Southerne--XLVII

The contented man--LXXXIII
To Mrs. Martha Blount-CXX
Answer to the question-What is prudery?-CXXIX
The town and country mouse--CXXXVI
Epitaph for one who would not be buried in Westminster


On the collar of a dog--ccxxxv.
Porson, Richard (1759–1803)

PRAED, Winthrop Mackworth (1802–1839)

Mars disarmed by Love-CC
Verses on seeing the Speaker asleep-CCI
Sketch of a young lady-CCXIV
The chaunt of the brazen head--CCCXLI
The belle of the ball-room-CCCLIII
A letter of advice-CCCLIX
Our ball-CCCLXI
Childhood and his visitors.-CCCLXIV
My little cousins-CCCLXVI
School and schoolfellows--CCCLXVII
Moonshine: a charade-CCCCL.

PRIOK, Matthew (1664-1721)

Cupid mistaken-XCI

The question to Lisetta----XCII
& Answer to Chloe jealous-XCIV
I The female Phaeton-XCVI

Her right name-XCVIII
The garland-C

The merchant, to secure his treasure-CII
The remedy worse than the disease - CLXI

For his own monument-CLXVI

To his soul--CLXXIV
V The secretary-CLXXXVII

To a child of quality-CCX
The lady who offers her looking-glass to Venus-CCXXXIII
To a lady: she refusing to continue a dispute with me-


To Lady Margaret Cavendish Holles-Harley-CCCCXVII.
PROWSE, William Jeffery (1836–1870)

My lost old age--CCCLXIII

RALEIGH, Sir Walter (1552–1618)

The silent lover--XII
The shepherd's description of love, XXVIJI
The nymph's reply to the shepherd-XLIX

Her love admits no rival-CCCXCVI.
REGNIER, the Abbé (1573–1613)

Gaily I lived as ease and nature taught-CLXXI.
REYNOLDS, J. Hamilton (1796–1853)

On Charles Kemble-CCLXII.
ROCHESTER, Earl of (1648-1680)

The present moment-LXIII

The victor and the vanquisher-LXIV
ROGERS, Samuel (1762—1855)

To asleep-CCLXXXVI
On a tear--CCLXXXIX
An Italian song-CCXCVII

Epitaph on a robin redbreastCCCXXXIII.
RONSARD, After Pierre de (1524—1585)

On twin sisters--CLXIX.


ROSSLYN, Francis, Earl of (1833–1890)


SEDLEY, Sir Charles (1639—1701)

Phillis is my only joy - XIV
To Phillis-LXV
To Chloris-LXVII
To Celia--LXIX.


SHAKSPERE, William (1564–1616)

My flocks feed not-VI

O mistress mine, where are you roaming ?-xv.
SAELLEY, Percy B. (1792–1822)


With a guitar to Jane--CCCCII.
SHERIDAN, Dr. Thomas (1684–1733)

Dr. Delany's villa-CXXII.

SHERIDAN, Rt. Honble. R. B. (1751–1816)

On Lady Margaret Fordyce-CCLXXIV
I ne'er could any lustre see--CCLXXVII
The waltz-CCCXXXVI.

SHENSTONE, William (1714—1763)

Written at an inn-CLVII.

SKELTON, Rev. John (1463---1529)

To Mrs. Margaret Hussey-I.

Smith, Horatio (1779—1849)

To Fanny-CCCCI.

SMITH, James (1775—1839)

Christmas out of town-CCCXXII
The Poet of Fashion-CCCCXIII.

SMOLLETT, Tobias (1721-1771)

Her fascination-CLXXVII.

SOMERVILLE, James (1692—1742)

The white rose--CCLXXXV

SPENCER, Honble. Wm. Robt. (1770—1834)

To Lady Anne Hamilton-CCCVI
Epitaph upon the year 1806—CCCIX
Wife, children, and friends-cccxiv.

STRODE, William (1600—1644)


SUCKLING, Sir John (1608 or 9—1641)

Why so pale and wan, fond lover?-XXXVII
The siege-XLII
I pr'ythee send me back my heart-XLIV
A ballad upon a wedding-XLVI
Love and debt-XLVIII
Out upon it, I have loved--L

SURREY, Earl of (1516—1547)

The means to attain a happy life-LXXIX,

SWIFT, Jonathan (1667— 1745)

Mrs. Harris's petition--CV
Stella's birthday, 1718-CVII
Stella's birthday, 1720--CVIII
Stella's birthday, 1724--CIX
Stella's birthday, 1726-cx
The grand question debated-cxix
On the little house by the churchyard of Castleknock-


A love song in the modern taste-CCCLXXI
SYDNEY, Sir Philip (1554-1586)

The serenade-III

A ditty-v.
TENNYSON-TURNER, the Rev. Charles (1808–1879)

THACKERAY, William Makepeace (1811-1863)

The white squall-CCCCIX.
Peg of Limavaddy--CCCCXVIII
The ballad of Bouillabaisse-CCCCXXVIII
The mahogany tree-CCCCXXXVII
The cane-bottom'd chair-CCCCXLVI
Piscator and Piscatrix-CCCCXLIX
At the church gate-CCCCLV
The age of wisdom-CCCCLVI
Ad ministram-CCCCLXIII

On an old lamp-CCCCLXIV.
TICKELL, Thomas (1686--1740)

On a woman of fashion---CXLIV.

VANBRUGH, Sir John (1866–1726)

Fable related by a beau to Æsop-LXXXVIII.

WALKER, Sidney (1795–1846)

To a girl in her 13th year-ccxv.
WALLER, Edmund (1605—1687)

Of English verse-LXXI
The story of Phoebus and Daphne applied-LXXII
To Chloris singing a song of his composing-LXXIV

On a girdle--CXXVI.
WALSH, William (1663–1708)

The despairing lover--CCCIX

Rivals in love-CCCXCII.
WALTON, IZAAK (1593–1683)

The angler's wish-LXXXII.
WILLIAMS, Sir Charles Hanbury (1709–1759)

An ode to the Earl of Bath-CXCI
The statesman--CXCII
An ode on Miss Harriet Hanbury-CCXI
A song upon Miss Harriet Hanbury-CCXII
On the death of Matzel - CCCXXVII.

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