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the midst of thee, of thy 2 Hath in these laft Days spoken · Brethren, like unto me; un

unto us by his son, whom he hash

appointed HIIR OF ALL THINGS, by to him ye shall HEARKÉN. whom also he made the WORLDS. 16 According to all that Heb. ii. 1 Therefore we ought to

give the more earnest heed to the · thou desiredit of the LORD

LORD Things which we have heard, left at thy God in Horeb, in the any time we should let them fip. Day of the Allembly, saying, 2 For if the Word spoken by As

GALS was stedfast, and every TransLet me not hear again the greflion and Disobedience received a Voice of the Lord my God; just Recompence of Reward; neither let me see this great 3 How shall we escape if we nee

GLECT so great SALVATION, which at Fire any more, that I die the firft began to be spoken by the not.

Lord, and was confirmed unto us 17 And the LORD said by them that heard him.

Heb iii. 1 Wherefore, holy Bre. unto me, They have well thren, Partakers of the heavenly Cala fpoken that which they have ling, Consider the Apoftle and HighSpoken.

PRIEST of our Profesion, CHRIST JE.

SUS; : 18 I will raise them up a 2 Who was faithful to him that Prophet from among their appointed him, as also Moses was

à faithful in all his House. breinen, like unto mo, ano3 Brethren, like unto thee, and

For this Man was counted wot. will put my Words in his thy of more GIORY than Moses, is Mouth, and he ihall speak as much as he who hath builded the

1 Houle, hath more Honour than the unto them all that I shall command him.

4 For every House is builded by 10 And it shall come to fome Man; but he that built all

Things is God. pass, that whosoever will not s And Mofes verily was faithful hearken unto my Words, in all his House as a Servant, for a which he hall speak in my Testimony of those Things which

. were to be spoken after ; Name, I will require it of 6 But Christ as a Son over his him,

Own House : whose House are we, if 20 But the Prophet which D. the Doghor which we hold fast the CONFIDENCE, and

the REJOYCING of the Hope, firm uno shall presume to speak a Word to the End. in my Name, which I have 7 Wherefore as the Holy Ghost not commanded him to speak,

faith, To day if ye will hear his

by Voice, or that shall speak in the 8 HARDEN not your HEARTS, as is Name of other Gods, even the Provocation, in the Day of Tem

ptation in the Wilderness : that Prophet shall die.

o When your Fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my works forty Years. * 10 Wherefore I was grieved with that Generation, and said, They do ake ways err in their Heart ; and they have not known my ways,

ji So I sware in my Wrath, They shall not ENTER into my Rest.

12 Take heed, Brethren, left there be in any of you an evil Heart of UNBELIEF, in DEPARTING from the LIVING GOD.

13 But exhort one another daily, while it is called, To day; left any of you be HARDNED through the DACEITFULNESS of Srx.


14 For we are made PartAKERS of Christ, if we hold the Beginning of our CONFIDENCE Itedfast unto the End;

Is While it is said, To-day if ye will hear his Voice, HARDEN nof your HEARTS, as in the PROVOCATION.

16 For some when they had heard, did provoke : howbeit, not all thac came out of Egypt by Moses.

17 But with whom was he grieved forty Years? was it not with them that had finned, whose Carcaies fell in the Wilderness?

18 And to whom tware he that they should not enter into his Rest, but to them that BELIEVED NOT? 19 So we see that they could not enter in, because of UNBELIEF. e And if thou say in John vii. 17 If any Man will do

His Will, he shall KNOW of the Docthe nearl, now ihall We TKİNE, whether it be of God, or thine Heart, How shall we know the Word which the whether I speak of myself. LORD hath not spoken?

22 When a Prophet speaketh in the Name of the LORD, if the Thing follow not nor come to pass, that is the Thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the Prophet hath fpoken it presumptuously : thou shalt not be afraid of him.

CHA P. XIX. i The Cities of Refuge. 16 The Punishment of a falje IVitness.

CH A P. XXVIII. 1 The Blesings for Ovedience. 15 The Curses for Disobe


Ver. 1 A ND it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken

A DILIGÊNTLY unto the Voice of the LORD thy , God, to OBSERVE and to do all his COMMANDMENTS which I command thee this Day; that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all Nations of the Earth.

2 And all these Blessings Mall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the Voice of the LORD thy God.

3. f BLESSED shalt thou be Marth. vi. 33 Seek ye first the in the City, and BLESSED

KINGDOM of God, and his RIGHTE

ED OUSNESS, and all these Things shall shalt thou be in the Field. be added unto you.

4 Blessed shall be the Fruit Marth. v. 3 Blessed are the Poor of thy Body, and the Fruit of Heaven.

in Spirit : for theirs is the Kingdom of thy Ground, and the Fruit s Blessed are the Meek : for they of thy Cattle. the Increase of shall inherit the Earth.

8 Blessed are the pure in Heart : thy Kine, and the Flocks of for they shall see God. thy Sheep.


5 Blessed

5 Blessed shall be thy Basket and thy Store.

6 Blessed shalt thou be when thou comeft in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goeit out.

7 The LORD shall cause thine Enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy Face : they shall come out against thee one Way, and flee before thee seven Ways.

8 & The Lord fhall com- & Psal. ciii. 2 Bless the Lord. O mand the R, toorarunon thoe my Soul, and forget not all his Bemand the BLESSING upon thee my

nefits. in thy Store-houses, and in all who forgiveth all thine Iniquithat thou settest thine Hand ties : who healeth all thy Diseases.

4 Who REDEEMETH thy Life from unto : and he shall BLESS

DESTRUCTION : who CROWNETH thee thee in the Land which the with Loving kinduess and TENDER LORD thy God giveth thee. MERCIES. 0

Psal.cxliv. 9 I will fing a new song The LORD shall efta- unto thee, o God: upon a Praitery, blish thee an holy People un- and an inftrument of ten Strings to himself, as he hath sworn will i ling Praises unto thee.

12 That our Sons may be as Plants unto thee, if thou shalt keep grown

Inalt keep grown up in their Youth ; that our the Commandments of the DAUGHTERS may be as Corner-Stones, Toon thu con and wall, in polished after the Similitude of a Pa. LORD thy God, and walk in po his Ways.

13 That our GARNERS may be 10 And all People of the full, AFFORDING all manner of Earth shall see that thou art,

Ort STORE ; that our Sheep may bring

? forth Thousands, and ten thousands called by the Name of the in our Streets. Lord, and they shall be a- 14 That our Oxes may be fraid of thee.

strong to labour ; that there be no

breaking in, nor going out ; that u And the LORD shall there be no COMPLAINING in our make thee plenteous in Streets. Goods, in the Fruit of thy,

• Is Happy is that Peoplgthar is in

by SUCH a Case; yea, HAPPY is that Body, and in the Fruit of PEOPLE whole Gön is the LORD. thy Cattle, and in the Fruit Psal. cxxxii. is I will abundantly

BLESS her PROVISION : I will SATISFY of thy Ground, in the Land h

READ. which the LORD sware unto Psal. cxxxvi. 25 who giveth Food thy Fathers to give thee.

to all Flesh : for his MERCY endu

reth for EVER. 26 O give Thanks unto the God of HEAVEN : for his MERCY endureth, for EVER.

12 h The Lord shall OPEN b Psal. i. I BLESSED is the Man unto thee his Good TREA- that WALKETH nut in the Countel of

the Ungodly, nor ftandeth in the SURE, the Heaven to give Way of SINNERS, nor Greeth in the thee Rain unto thy Land in Scat of the Scornful.. his Season, and to BLESS ALL

2 But his DELIGHT is in the Law

of the Lord, and in his Law doth he the WORKS of thine Hand: MEDITATE DAY and NiuHT. and thou shalt lend unto ma- 3 And he thall be like a Tree

ny. ny Nations, and thou shalt planted by the Rivers of Water, that not borrow.

bringeth forth his Fruit in his Sea

son ; his Leaf also shall not wither, 13 And the LORD shall and whatsoever he doth shall promake thee the Head, and SPER. not the Tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou Thalt not be beneath : if that thou HEARKEN unto the COMMANDMENTS of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this Day to observe and to do them : .

14 And thou shalt not go aside from any of the Words which I command thee this Day, to the Right Hand or to the Left, to go after other Gods to serve them.

15 i But it shall come to i Psal. i. 4 The UNGODLY are not pass, if thou wilt not HEAR

so : but are like the Chaff which the

Wind driveth away KEN unto the Voice of the s Therefore the UNGODLY shall not LORD thy God. to observe Atand in the JUDGMENT, nor SINNERS to Do all his COMMAND

in the Congregation of the Righ

teous. MENTS and his Statutes which s For the Lord knoweth the WAY I command thee this Day, of the RIGHTEOUS : but the Way of that all these CURSE3 fhall"

in the UNGODLY Ihall PERISH, come upon thee, and overtake thee.

16 k CURSED shalt thou k pral. v. 10 Deftroy thou them, be in the City, and cursed o God; let them fall' by their own thalt thou be in the FIELD. Counsels : cast them out in the mul

titude of their TRANSGRESSIONS, for

be thy bale. they have REBELLED against thee. ket and thy Store.

Pfal. vii. 11 GOD JUDGETH the Righ18 Cursed tull be the Fruit Teous, and God is ANGRY with the

WICKED every Day. of thy Body, and the Fruit

12 If he TURN not, he will whet of thy Land, the Increase of his Sword ; he hath bent his Bow, thy Kine, and the Flocks of and made it ready

13 He h.ath alio prepared for him thy Sheep.

the Instruments of DEATH ; he or19 Cursed shalt thou be daineth his Arrows against the Perfewhen thou comest in, and cu

Pfal, ix. s Thou hast rebuked the curfed shalt thou be when Heathen, thou hast DESTROYED the thou goeft out.

Wicked, thou hast put out their Name 20 The LORD shall send for ever and ever.

17 The Lord is known by the upon thee Cursing, Vexation, JUDGMENT which he EXECUTETH': the and Rebuke. in all that thou WICKED IS SNARED in the Work of his

own Hands. setteft thine Hand unto, for

10, Tor 17 The Wicked fall be turned to do ; until thou be de- into Hall, and all the Nations that troyed, and until thou pe- FORGET GOD.

Psal. xi. s The LORD TRIETH the rith quickly ; because of the R

"quicky ; becauic of the RIGHTEOUS : but the WICKED and hins Wickedness of thy Doings

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whereby thou hast forsaken that loveth V 101 ENCE, his Soul hateth.

• 6 Upon the WICKED he thall rain

Snares, Fire and BRIMSTONE, and an 21 The LORD shall make horrible Tempelt : this shall be the the Pestilence cleave unto PORTION of their Cup.

P al. xvi. 4 Their SORROWS fhall be thee, until he have consumed

multiplied, that haften after another thee from off the Land, whi- God. ther thou goeft to poffefs it. Psal. xxi. 8 Thine Hand shall find

out all thine ENEMIES, Thy Right 22 De LORD inail imite Hand thall find out thole that hare thee with a Consumption, thee. and with a Fever, and with 9 Thou shalt make them as a

FIERY Oren in the Time of thine an Inflammation, and with an ANGER: the LORD mell (wallow thera extreme Burning, and with up in his Wrath, and the Fire hal

eyour them. the Sword, and with Blast- deyou

10 Their Fruit shalt thou destroy ing, and with Mildew : and from the Earth, and their Seed from they fall pursue thee until among the Children of Men.

Pfal. xxviii. 3 Draw me not away thou perish.

with the Wicked, and with the Wor, 23. And thy Heaven that kers of Iniquity : which speak Peace is over' uby Head shall be to their Neighbouis, but Mischief is

in their Brass, and the Earth that is

4 Give them according to their under thee shall be Iron. Deeds, and according to the Wick. 24 The LORD Mall make EDNESS of their Endeavours : give

them after the work of their Hands, the Rain of thy Land Pow

render to them their Deleit. der and Duft : from Heavens Because they REGARD not the Ollit come down on Works of the LORD, nor the OPERA.

TION of his Hands, he thall DESTROY thee, until thou be destroy- them, and not build them up.

Psal. xxxii 1o Many SORROWS hall 25. The LORD Mall cause be to the Wicked: but he ih. TRUST

Eth in the LORD, Mercy shall compass thee to be fmitten before thine him about. Enemies : thou shalt go outlsa. xxiv. 1 Behold, the Lord maone Way against them, and one Wavaint them and keth the Earth empty, and maketh

" it waste, and curreth is upside down, Alee seven Ways before them; and SCATTERETH abroad the Inhable and shalt be removed into TANTS thereot.... all the Kingdoms of the

2 And it Ihail be, as with the Pro

PIE, 10 with the PRIEST ; as with the Earth.

SERVANT, so with his MASTER ; &$ ! 26 And thy Carcase shall with the Maid, 10 with her MISTRESS;

se as with the BUYER, so with the SELbe Meat unto all Fowls of

LER ; as with the LENDER, fo with the the Air, and unto the Beasts BORROWER ; as with the Taker of Uof the Earth, and no Man fury, to with the Giver of Ufury to him.

3 The LAND (hall be u: terly em prifhall fray them away.

ed, and utteily SPOILED : for the 27 The LORD will smite Lord hath fpoken this Word thee with the Botch of Eovut. 4 The Earth MOURNETH and fadeth and with the Emerods, and fadeth away, the haughty People of

away, the World languilheth and with the Scab, and with the the Earth do languilh,


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