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13 And he will take your DAUGHTERS to be Confectionaries, and to be Cooks, and to be Bakers.

14 And he will take your FIELDS, and your Vineyards, and your Olive-yards, even the BEST of them, and GIVE them to his SERVANTS.

15 And he will take the Tenth of your Seed, and of your Vineyards, and give to his OFFICERS, and to his Servants.

16 And he will take your Men-servants, and your Maidservants, and your goodliest Young Men, and your Asles, and put them to his work.

17 He will take the Tenth of your Sheep: and ye shall be his Servants.

18 And ye shall cry out in that Day, because of your KING which ye shall have CHOSEN you; and the LORD will not hear you in that Day.

· 19 Nevertheless, the People REFUSED to obey the Voice of Samuel ; and they said, Nay, but we will have a King over us.

20 That we also may be LIKE all the NATIONS, and that our King may judge us, and go out before us, and FIGHT our Battles.

21 And Samuel heard all the Words of the People, and he rehearsed them in the Ears of the LORD.

22 And the LORD said to Samuel, Hearken unto their Voice, and make them a King. And Samuel said unto the Men of Israel, Go ye every Man unto his City,


i Saul despairing to find his Father's Ares, 6 by the Counsel

of his Servants, ii and Direction of young Maidens, 15 arcording to God's Revelation, 18 cometh to Samuel : 19 Semuel entertaineth him at the Feast.

C H A P. 1. 1 Samuel anointeth Saul, 2 and confirmeth him by a Prediétion

of three Signs. 9 Saul's Heart is changed : 17 He is chosen by Lot.

Ver. 1 CAMUEL took a Vial of Oyl, and poured it upon o the Head of Saul, and killed him, and said, Is it

A aa .


THEE; And it was his Back will

not because the LORD hath anointed thee to be Captain over his Inheritance?

2 When thou art departed from me To-day, then thou shalt find two Men by Rachel's Sepulchre : and they will say unto thee, The Afles which thou wenteft to seek are found.

5 After that, thou shalt come to the Hill of God, where is the Garison of the Philistines : and it shall come to pass, when thou art come thither to the City, that thou shalt meet a Company of Prophets coming down from the High Place, with a Pfaltery, and a Tabret, and a Pipe, and a Harp before them, and they shall prophesy.

6 And the SPIRIT of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt PROPHESY with them, and shalt be TURNED INTO ANOTHER MAN.

7 And let it be when these Signs are come unto thee, that thou do as Occasion shall serve thee, for God is WITH THEE.

9 x And it was so, that 'Ezek. xxxvi. 26 A new Heart alwhen he had turned his Back urned hie Rack so will I give you, and a ack Spirit


will I put within you. to go from Samuel, GOD gave him ANOTHER HEART: and all those Signs came to pass that Day.

10 And when they came thither to the Hill, behold, a' Company of Prophets met him, and the SPIRIT of God came upon him, and he prophesied among them.

11 And it came to pass when all that knew him before. time, saw that behold he prophesied among the Prophets, then the People said one to another, What is this that is come unto the Son of Kish? Is Saul also among the Prophets ?

12 Therefore it became a Proverb, Is Saul also among the Prophets ?

13 And when he had made an end of prophesying, he came to the High Place.

17 And Samuel called the People together unto the LORD to Mizpeh ;

018 And said unto the Children of Israel, Thus faith the LORD God of Israel, I brought up Ifrael out of Egypt, and delivered you out of the Hand of the Egyptians, and out of the Hand of all Kingdoms, and of them that oppressed you.

19 And ye have this Day REJECTED your God, who


himself SAVED you out of all your Adversities, and your Tribulations : and you have said unto him, Nay, but fet a King over us. Now therefore present yourselves before the LORD by your Tribes, and by your Thousands.

20 And when Samuel had caused all the Tribes of Israel to come near, the Tribe of Benjamin was taken.

21 When he had caused the Tribe of Benjamin to come near by their Families, the Family of Matri was taken, and Saul the Son of Kish was taken : and when they fought him, he could not be found.

22 Therefore they enquired of the Lord further, if the Man should yet come thither : and the LORD answered, Behold, he háth hid himself among the Stuff.

23 And they ran and fetched him thence : and when he stood among the People, he was higher than any of the People from his Shoulders and upwards.

24 And Samuel said to all the People, See ye him whom the LORD hath chosen, that there is none like him among = all the People? And all the people shouted, and said, God · fave the King.

25 Then Samuel told the People the Manner of the · Kingdom, and wrote it in a Book, and laid it up before the LORD.

26 And Saul went home to Gibeah, and there went with him a Band of Men, whose Hearts God had touched.

27 But the Children of Belial said, How shall this Man save us? And they despised him, and brought him no Prefents : but he held his Peace.


1 Samuel testifieth his Integrity : 6 He reproveth the People

of Ingratitude : 16 He terrifieth them with Thunder in Harvest-time, 20 and comforteth them in God's Mercy.

Ver. 1 AND Samuel said unto all Israel, Behold, I have

A hearkned unto your Voice in all that ye faid unto me, and I have made a King over you.

2 And now bebold, the King walketh before you ; and I am old, and gray-headed, and behold, my Sons are with you: and I have walked before you from my Childhood unto this Day.

A a a 2 3 Behold,

3 Behold, here I am, witness against me before the LORD, and before his Anointed : whose Ox have I taken? or whose Als have I taken? or whom have I defrauded? whom have I oppressed ? or of whose Hand have I received any BRIBE TO BLIND mine Eyes therewith ? and I will restore it you.

4. And they said, Thou hast not defrauded us, nor oppressed us, neither hast thou taken ought of any Man's Hand.

5 And he said unto them, The Lord is Witness against you, and his Anointed is Witness this Day, that ye have not found ought in my Hand. And they answered, He is Witness.

6 And Samuel said unto the People, It is the LORD that advanced Moses and AARON, and that brought your Fathers up out of the Land of Egypt.

y Now therefore stand still, that I may reason with you before the LORD of all the RIGHTEOUS Acts of the LORD, which he did to you and to your Fathers..

8 When JACOB was come into Egypt, and your Fathers cried unto the Lord, then the LORD sent Moses and AARON, which brought forth your Fathers out of Egypt, and made them dwell in this place.

.9 And when they forgat the LORD their God, he sold them into the Hand of Sisera, Captain of the Host of Hazor, and into the Hand of the Philistines, and into the Hand of the King of Moab, and they fought against them.

10 And they cried unto the LORD, and said, We have finned, because we have forsaken the LORD, and have served Baalim and Ashtaroth : but now deliver us out of the Hand of our Enemies, and we will serve thee.

1 And the LORD sent Jerubbaal, and Badan, and Jephthah, and Samuel, and delivered you out of the Hand of your Enemies on every side, and ye dwelled safe.

12 And when ye saw that Nahash the King of the Children of Ammon came against you, ye said unto me, Nay, but a King shall reign over us; when the LORD your God was your KING.

13 Now therefore, behold the King whom ye have chosen, and whom ye have desired : and behold, the LORD hath set a King over you,

14 If ye will fear the LORD, and serve him, and OBEY his Voice, and not rebel against the Commandment


of the LORD, then shall both ye, and also the King that reigneth over you, continue following the LORD your God.

15 But if ye will not obey the Voice of the LORD, but rebel against the Commandment of the LORD, then shall the Hand of the LORD be against you, as it was against your Fathers.

16 Now therefore stand and see this great Thing which the LORD will do before your Eyes.

i7 Is it not Wheat-harvest To-day? I will call unto the Lord, and he shall send Thunder and Rain: that ye may perceive and see that your Wickedness is great, which ye have done in the fight of the LORD, in asking you a King.

18 So Samuel called unto the LORD, and the LORD sent THUNDER and Rain that Day : and all the People greatly FEARED the LORD and Samuel.

19 And all the People said unto Samuel, Pray for thy Servants unto the LORD thy God, that we die not : for we have added unto all our Sins, this Evil, to ASK us a KING

20 And Samuel said unto the People, Fear not: (ye have done all this Wickedness : yet turn not aside from following the LORD, but SERVE the LORD with ALL your HEART.

21 And turn ye not aside : for then should ye go after vain Things, which cannot profit nor deliver, for they are vain.)

22 For the LORD will not FORSAKE his People, for his great NAME'S SAKE ; because it hath pleased the LORD to make you his people. .

23 Moreover, as for me, God forbid that I should fin against the LORD, in ceASING TO PRAY for you : but I will teach you the good and the right Way.

24 Only fear the LORD, and SERVE HIM in TRUTH with ALL your HEART: for CONSIDER how'GREAT Things he hath DONE for you.

25 But if ye shall still do WICKEDLY, ye shall be conSUMED, both ye and your King.

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CHA P. XIII. Saul's selected Band. 5 The Philistines great Hoft. 6 The Ifraelites Distress. 8 Saul weary of staying for Samuel, facrificeth. i Samuel reproveth him,

C H A P.

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