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over the Face of the Earth, and peopled it; And the Pofterity of Shem and apbet were separated from that of Ham; which was grown extremely wicked, and was too likely to corrupt all about them, and bring on another general Destruction. in! .. :CHAP. XII. .You must here take: especial en tice of the two distiną Promises made to Abraham ; The first, That God would make of him a great Nation. Which Promise, was made good to him, and all his Seed in general ; and by which the Knowledge of the true God was spread far and wide. The second, That all the Nations of the World Thould be Blessed in one who should proceed from him, according to the Flesh; meaning the Mefiah..

And from this Time, you will observe a particular Providence attending the People of Israel, his Polterity, by his Sons Ifaac and Jacob, correcting, trying, punishing, redeeming them out of the Hands of theis Enemies, until the promised Seed came..

CHA P. XIII. You will here take notice of what is but too common in the World; The Folly and Danger of consulting our Senses only, in the Choice of a Way of Life. Lof makes choice of the fruitful Plains of Jordan; not considering the Danger of being in the Neighbourhood of a most wicked People.

The Punishment of this unadvised Choice was, He lost all he had; he loft his Wife; he had like to have lost his Life, had not Abraham prevailed with God for his Deliverance. :

CHA P. XIV. The Defeat, and the great Deliverance of the King of Sodom and his people, thould have been a Warning to them; as it was in the Intention of Providence, to leave off their wicked way of living : But it was not ; and they are reserved for a much greater Judgment. .


THAT which you should be convinc'd of by this is, That this happens to particular Persons, as well as to Nations and Cities.

CHAP. XVI. You will from this History oba serve, and remember once for all, That the Spirit of GOD does not conceal the Faults and Infirmities of otherwise Holy Men. To thew us that there never was any Man, Jefus Cbrift only excepted, in whom Nature was not corrupted; and consequently, that every Man living stands in need of a Redeemer.

CHAP. XIX. Woe to those that can read or hear this terrible Example of Vengeance, without being better'd by it. It Thews us how hateful to God the Sins of Impurity are. It shews the Folly of those, who would perswade themselves and others, that God is all Mercy, and that he will not be to severe as he has threaten’d.

You will also observe, what made the Judgment upon these people so fudden, so uncommon, so very dreadful. Both old and young, from every Quarter ; Magistrates and Parents were all equally wicked : And therefore no Prospect of a Reformation : The Measure of their Iniquities was fill'd up. When 'ris so with any People, they may depend upon it, Diving Vengeance is at hand.

It is not for nothing that our Saviour bids us Rei member Lot's Wife; she is a standing Initance of the Sin of those, who when their Souls are at Stake, are over-careful for a World which will ruin them, if they set their Hearts upon it.

You cannot but be convinç'd of the Frailty of Na. ture, without the Grace of God, when you read the Account of Lot's Intemperance, after so great a Deli. verance: And if you have any Concern for your Salvation, you will dread a Vice, which will lead a Man to the greatest Crimes.


C H A P.

6. with any peir Iniquities of a Requally wicket:

· CHA P. XX. How often does God restrain us from Evil, from ruining our selves, as he did this Prince, when we least think of it, or foon forget it?

OBSERVE here, and so in many other Instances, that altho' GOD can give his Blessings without the Intercession of any of his Servants, yet that is not the usual Way of his Providence: He sends them to his Prophets, to those whom he has appointed to bless in his Name, to Men of like Passions with themselves, to prove their Faith, and their Obedience.

CHA P. XXI. That the Pofterity of Arabam might be disposed hereafter more readily to receive the promised Seed, it pleased God to make jaar, the Heir of that Seed, a most exact Type and Figure of Jesus Christ.

His Birth was miraculous, as was that of Chrift: He disputed not his Father's Will, tho' it was to coft him his Life. Hefus Christ became obedient even to the Death ; Ifaac carry'd the Wood on which he was to be sacrificed; Jesus Christ carry'd the Cross on which he was to be crucify’d. They both carry'd them to the very same Place, Mount Moriab; being the Place where the Temple was afterwards built, tho then a Desert. Isaac was, in effect, a dead Man, from the Day God commanded him to be sacrificed; and after three days, Abraham received him again, restored as it were to Life. Yesus Chrift, in whom all this was really to be fulfilled above eighteen hundred Years after, was crucify’d, and rose again the third Day from the Dead.

So good was God, who, for the greater Confirmation of our Faith, would not let us want these surprizing Instances of the Truth both of the Old and New Testament, confirming each other. But then, Łco great is the Sin, and bow great must be the Punisb. ment of Infidelity?

CHAP · CHA P. XXVII.' You see here, how 7acob deceived his Father: He was a good Man, but every thing that good Men have said or done thro’ Infirmity, must not be imitated; the Law of God being our

A whI1 E hence, you'll see Jacob himself imposed upon by Laban, in the Case of Rachel his espoused Wife; and in his old Age, you'll see him imposed upon by his own Sons, and with the Blood of a Kid, with which they dyed his Son's Coat. So exalt, so wonderful, so instructive, are all the ways of Provi


CHA P. XXVIII. You will easily perceive, that this Vision of the Ladder, represents to us the Providence of God, governing all Things both in Heaven and Earth: The Angels receiving his Commands, and descending to put them in Execution : And particularly in the House of God, they attend to observe and report the Behaviour of those that come thither to Worship; which mould make us exceeding careful and devout, left we return Home without a Bleling.

CHAP. XXXII, XXXIII. You will obferve, with a thankful Heart, how God disposeth all Events for the good of his Servants. He reproveth Laban in a Dream ; He changes his Heart; He does the same co Esau; He represents himself as even forced to yield to the Struggle, the Prayers and Tears of Jacob.

CHA P. XXXIV, XXXV. The fatal History of Dinah is recorded, to convince future Ages of this

Truth; That the Sins of Impurity are so hateful to GOD, that they seldom go unpunished in this World; If they do, worse will be their Punishment in the next.

[blocks in formation]

CHAP. XXXVII. The History of Jofepb, fets before your Eyes, such a Scene of the Wonders of Providence, as will confirm your Faith in God. His Brethren conspire to kill him ; God sends a Company of Merchants at that very moment to buy him. A thousand others might have purchas'd him in the Land of Egypt; but God had Tryals for him to pass thro', and Work for him to do in the Palace of the King. Thither he is to be sold. In the next place, you find him run the hazard of his very Life, rather than do what he knew would displease GOD; and GOD Itwarded him for it, beyond what Potipbar or Potipbar's Wife could do for him. The very Dreams of Pbaraob and his Servants, are all directed by GOD for the Advancement of Forepb: Nay, the very Fate of the whole Kingdom, both the seven Years Plenty and Famine, were ordained, in order to bring yofcpb's Father and his Family into Egypt, according to former Prophecies. You will observe in Yofopy's Brethren, how God, by Amittions, brings Men to a sense of their Sins; insomuch, as that Judah himself, as one observes, who hated 7ofeph, because he was dear to his Father, is now willing to be a Bondslave for you fopb's Brother, for the very fame Reason.

You will observe, what a lively Type or Figere Fofeph is (and was to design’d by God to be) of Féfés Cbrift.

SOLD by his Brethren; fold to Strangers ; fold for a few pieces of Money: The Bargain propofed by his Brother Judab, the very name fake of that Disciple and Brother (for so Cbrift vouchsafes to call them) who fold his Lord and Master, and after all, became the Saviour of them, and of all the neighbouring Nations.

All which came to pass, by the Dire&tion of a wise, great and good GOD, who would not let the


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