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A Verse composed and repeated by Burns, to the

master of the house, on taking leave at a place in the Highlands, where he had been hospitably entertained.

When death's dark stream I ferry o'er,

A time that surely shall come ; In Heaven itself, I'll ask no more,

Than just a Highland welcome.


Scenes of woé and scenes of pleasure,

Scenes that former thoughts renew, Scenes of woe and scenes of pleasure,

Now a sad and last adieu !

Bonny Doon, sae sweet at gloaming,

Fare thee weel before I gang! Bonny Doon, whare early roaming,

First I weav'd the rustic sang !

Bowers adieu, whare love, decoying,

First enthrallid this heart o' mine; There the safest sweets enjoying,

Sweets that mem'ry ne'er shall tine!

Friends, so near my bosom ever,

Ye hae render'd moments dear; But, alas ! when forc'd to sever,

Then the stroke, o, how severe!

Friends ! that parting tear reserve it,

Tho''tis doubly dear to me! Could I think I did deserve it,

How much happier would I be! Scenes of woe and scenes of pleasure,

Scenes that former thoughts renew; Scenes of woe and scenes of pleasure,

Now a sad and last adieu !



THE ch and gh have always the guttural sound,

The sound of the English diphthong oo, is commonly spelled ou. The French u, a sound which often occurs in the Scottish language, is marked 00, or ui. The a, in genuine Scottish words, except when forming a diphthong, or followed by an e mute after a single consonant, sounds generally like the broad English a in wall. The Scottish diphthong ae, always, and ea, very often, sound like the French e masculine. The Scottish diphthong ey, sounds like the Latin ei.


Airn, iron

Aith, an oath
A', all

Aits, oats
Aback, away, aloof Aiver, an old horse
Abeigh, at a shy distance Aizle, a hot cinder
Aboon, above, up Alake, alas!
Abread, abroad, in sight Alane, alone
Abreed, in breadth

Akwart, aukward
Ae, one

Amaist, alınost Af', off; nf loof, un- Amang, among premeditated

An', and, if Afore, before

Ance, once

Ane, one Aften, often

Anent, over against Agley, off the right line, Anither, another wrong

Ase, ashes Aiblins, perhaps Asklent, asquint, aslant Ain, own

Asteer, abroad, stirring Airl-penny, earnest-mo- Athort, athwart ney

Aught, possession; as in

Aft, oft

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