General Biography: Or, Lives, Critical and Historical, of the Most Eminent Persons of All Ages, Countries, Conditions, and Professions, Arranged According to Alphabetical Order, Volume 3

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G. G. and J. Robinson, 1802 - Biography

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Page 65 - He had employed his mind chiefly upon works of fiction, and subjects of fancy ; and by indulging some peculiar habits of thought, was eminently delighted with those flights of imagination which pass the bounds of nature, and to which the mind is reconciled only by a passive acquiescence in popular traditions. He loved fairies, genii, giants, and monsters ; he delighted to rove through the meanders of enchantment, to gaze on the magnificence of golden palaces, to repose by the water-falls of Elysian...
Page 457 - She parcell'd out the Bible by retail, But still expounded what she sold or gave, To keep it in her power to damn and save. Scripture was scarce, and as the market went, Poor laymen took salvation on content, As needy men take money, good or bad ; God's word they had not, but the priest's they had.
Page 495 - THE care of sheep, the labours of the loom, And arts of trade, I sing. Ye rural nymphs, Ye swains, and princely merchants, aid the verse. And ye, high-trusted guardians of our isle, Whom public voice approves, or lot of birth To the great charge assigns: ye good, of all Degrees, all sects, be present to my song.
Page 8 - He was endowed with the rare and precious talent of raising the meanest, of adorning the most barren, and of diversifying the most similar, topics...
Page 61 - The church hath power to decree rites and ceremonies, and authority in controversies of faith...
Page 328 - An Historical Account of the Life and Reign of David King of Israel: interspersed with various conjectures, digressions, and disquisitions.
Page 134 - Hence he is ever in buskins ; and dressed out with magnificent elegance. In every sentence, we see the marks of labour and art ; nothing of that ease which expresses a sentiment coming natural and warm from the heart.
Page 377 - When he had finished his business he returned to London; was made Master of the Horse to the Duchess of York; and married the Lady Frances, daughter of the Earl of Burlington, and widow of Colonel Courteney.
Page 365 - Oxon. 12mo. 1655. a very learned work, in which he attempts to prove that the Greeks borrowed the story of the Pythian Apollo, and all that rendered the Oracle of Delphi famous, from Scripture, and the book of Joshua in particular.
Page 136 - An admonition to the people of England- Wherein are answered, not onley the slaunderous vntruethes, reprochfully vttered by MARTIN the Libeller, but also many other Crimes by some of his broode, objected generally against all Bishops, and the chief e of the Cleargie, purposely to deface and discredit the present state of the Church.

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