Arithmetical Exercises and Examination Papers: With an Appendix Containing Questions in Logarithms and Mensuration

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Page 193 - We will not say that this is the best Elementary Algebra for school use that we have come across, but we can say that we do not remember to have seen a better. ... It is the outcome of a long experience of school teaching, and so is a thoroughly practical book. All others that we have in our eye are the works of men who have had considerable experience with senior and junior students at the universities, but have had little if any acquaintance with the poor creatures who are just stumbling over the...
Page 194 - OF EUCLID'S ELEMENTS. Including Alternative Proofs, together with additional Theorems and Exercises, classified and arranged. By HS HALL, MA, and FH STEVENS, MA, Masters of the Military and Engineering Side, Clifton College. Gl.
Page 60 - If 5 men can perform a piece of work in 12 days of 10 hours each, how many men will perform a piece of work four times as large in a fifth part of the time, if they work the same number of hours in the day, supposing that 2 of the second set can do as much work in an hour as 3 of the first set?
Page 193 - ... reached a sixth edition, is a work of such exceptional merit that those acquainted with it will form high expectations of the sequel to it now issued. Nor will they be disappointed. Of the authors' ' Higher Algebra,' as of their 'Elementary Algebra,' we unhesitatingly assert that it is by far the best work of its kind with which we are acquainted. It supplies a want much felt by teachers.
Page 59 - Petersburgh a debt of 460 rubles, which must be remitted through Paris. He pays the requisite sum to his broker, at a time when the exchange between London and Paris is 23 francs for 1, and between Paris and Petersburgh 2 francs for one ruble.
Page 35 - Two clocks point to 2 at the same instant; one loses 7 seconds, and the other gains 8 seconds in 24 hours ; when will one be half an hour before the other, and what time will each clock then shew ? 3.
Page 19 - If the value of 47 pounds 1 ounce of silver be 184 16s. \d., what is the value of 84 pounds 9 ounces? 11. If 27 men mow a field of 90 acres in 7 days, working 8 hours a day, how many men will be required to mow 200 acres in 16 days, if they will work 10 hours a day ? XXXVIII. UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, ENG.
Page 54 - A walks to a place at the rate of 4J miles per hour ; at 8 miles from his destination he meets B, and turns back with him (walking at B's rate) for a mile ; if A is half an hour late at his destination, what is B's rate, and at what rate should A have walked after parting with B so as to arrive at the proper time...

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