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Gallants, attend, and hear a friend..

Page 150 God of our fathers ! need we trace

435 God of the high and glorious heavens.

377 Great Britain he was a lion...

187 Great God, deign to smile on our worthy Monroe 205 Great Washington the hero's come......

319 Grown sick of war and war's alarms..

327 Hail, America! hail, unrivalled in fame... Hail! bright, returning, joyous day..

388 Hail, Columbia ! happy land

53 Hail! godlike Washington...

431 Hail, great republic of the world......

17 Hail! hail! ye patriot spirits ...

240 Hail ! happy Charlestown! see thy lofty spire. 257 Hail, Independence, hail

57 Hail! Liberty, supreme delight

39 Hail! sacred Independence, hail.

69 Hail! the first, the greatest blessing .

21 Hail to Columbia, fair queen of the ocean.

343 Hail to thee, native country...

283 Hail to the birth of American glory.

444 Hail to the land whereon we tread

425 Hail, worthy Farmer! Liberty's best friend.... 353 Hallow'd the birthday of Liberty's nation.....

184 Hark, friends! what sobs of sorrow........

429 Hark! the deep-sounding cannon in thunder proclaim 80 Hark! the drum—the bugle sounds.

135 Hark! the goddess of Fame..

293 Hark! the trumpet of war from the east sounds alarms 76 He comes! the welcome herald comes....

354 “ He has return'd !” but no clarion's peal...

456 Here rests from toil, in narrow bounds confined. 306 He sleeps with the brave, who have fled..

276 High o'er Patapsco's tide.....

229 His triumphs of a moment done.

307 Hither, ye poor and persecuted, come.

435 How bless'd is he who, unconstrain'd..

296 How sadly, Church, are all thy honours fled.


How sweet is the song of the festal rite .... Page 361 Hurrah for the father of all the green west.

246 Hush'd be every joyful sound..

142 Illustrious general of the Gallic band. ......

441 I dinna fear the news is true ....

381 In a chariot of light from the regions of day

11 In a mouldering cave, where the wretched retreat..... 263 I need not now tell what it was drove our sires... 111 In climes where fair Freedom, secure from her foes... 189 In fathoms four, the anchor gone..

311 In these festive times of mirth, frolic, and fun.. .... 170 In the spring of life he left ...

450 In the still hour of nature, when mankind repose..... 18 In the strength of your might from each mountain. 238 In the volume of fate, as the book was unfolded . 46 In years which are past, when America fought. 185 I snum I am a Yankee lad ...

207 It comes ! it comes ! high raise the song

439 It comes ! it comes the promised era comes

335 Johnny Bull, and many more..

103 Johnny Bull, beware, keep at proper distance. 216 Land of my fathers—Freedom's field.....

95 Let despots retain all their minions in chains. 159 Let every age due honours pay..

331 Let Feds, Quids, and Demos together unite..

118 Let patriot pride our patriot triumph wake..

101 Like other things this marble must decay.

443 Lo! I quit my native skies .

55 Lo! mantled in a showery cloud.

256 Long Columbia bore, with pain

168 Long in a nameless grave..

363 Lost is our old simplicity of times..


Make room, all ye kingdoms in history renown'd.
Men of every size and station....
Men of this happy land, if ye would have

16 84 281

Nay, prithee, leave that doleful phiz....... Page 349

No more the loud tones of the trumpet resound.. 449

No peerage we covet, no sceptre desire.


Not two ages yet have fled ..


Now George the Third rules not alone...


Now the war-blast is blown, and the thunders are still 421

O'er fair Columbia's awful brow


O'er Powhattan's majestic flood.,


O'er the forest-crown'd hills, the rich valleys..


O for a muse of fire! to mount the skies


Of the victory won over tyranny's power..


Old England, forty years ago


Old Homer-but what have we with him to do.. 29

( ! lonely is our old green fort ..


Once more, fellow-freemen, we've met on the day 148

Once more has the morn oped the portals of light. 160

On Wabash, when the sun withdrew...


0! say, can you see, by the dawn's early light ... 225
O thou ! whom, next to Heaven, we most revere .... 303
O thou, whose wounds from Pity's eye

O thou young chief, Fayette, the good and brave.
0! welcome, warrior, to the soil...


Permit an artless muse, in votive lays..


Poets may sing of their Helicon streams


Rejoice, 0 Death! Britannia's tyrant sends.... 384

Rejoice, rejoice, brave patriots, rejoice...


Remember now the awful hour...


Removed from life's uncertain stage


Rude was the storm, and her fallen hair.


Say, on what hallow'd altar shall I find


Say, shall, in Freedom's loved abode...

See! Freedom's ensign glittering waves unfurld.. 437

See, in the east, refulgent rise....


Should auld acquaintance be forgot


Shout, shout, America ...


Since Constitution is the word..

Soon to the grave descends each honour'd name ..... 367

.. 442

Soul of Columbia! quenchless spirit, come.. Page 137 Spirits of the mighty dead..

120 Spirit of Freedom, hail..

395 Squeak the fife and beat the drum..

376 Still does reluctant Peace refuse...

259 Still shall the tyrant scourge of Gaul.

339 Strew, virgins, the cypress o'er Washington's bier 142 Strike! strike the chord! raise, raise the strain

210 Swell the proud pæan! the day-star advances .

385 Swift o'er the land, on his fast-flowing pinions.

357 That Power who form’d the unmeasured seas........ 127 That seat of science, Athens..

14 The boat swings from the pebbled shore...

260 The breaking waves dash'd high.....

190 The chief who fights in Freedom's cause..

125 The day, to Freedom dear, returns ..

126 The days of seventy-six, my boys ..

236 The dog that is beat has a right to complain.

270 The evening heavens were calm and bright

391 The fairest fowerets bring....

88 The firm patriot mind is the source of high merit.. 108 The genius of freedom, of unsullied fame..

49 The gloomy night before us flies

172 The great unequal conflict past

329 The pilgrim fathers—where are they..

427 The Power that created the night and the day.... 38 There's a star in the west that shall never go down... 286 There was an old king in the French country

221 The sage whom rival nations join to praise.

446 The sailor, toss'd on stormy seas......

345 The season sheds its mildest ray.

321 The setting sun threw a parting ray

282 The morn was calm-no cloud obscured the sun..... 305 The tocsin has sounded—the bugle has blown. 133 The trumpet sounds, my country calls.....

234 They come! they come !-the heroes come

258 They died! the young, the loved, the brave..

400 They're rousing, they're rousing, in valley and glen .. 275

Though Britain may boast of her profligate regent. Page 109 Though I'm dead and forgotten.

264 Though love's soft transports may.

105 Though sacred the flame which our country enkindles 36 Thus seated round the board, elate ..

213 Thus, some tall tree, that long has stood

316 Thy merits, Wolfe, transcend all human praise 300 'Tis the day, dearest wife, when all hearts should be glad 412 'Tis true that the harp of the poet lies sleeping 267 To a mouldering cavern, the mansion of wo..

181 To Liberty's enraptured sight..

26 To no monarch, no tyrant in robes will we sing. 28 Too fond of what the martial harvests yield ... 301 To the sages who spoke-to the heroes who bled. 212 "Twas autumn, and round me the leaves were.... 196 Twice twenty years have rolld away.

389 Unseal the mournful sod.

452 Upon the barren sand....

287 Wake, Columbia! wake the lyre

182 Wake once more to toil and glory..

123 Wake the harp to strains of glory

178 Welcome, mighty chief! once more.

321 Welcome, welcome, La Fayette..

194 Welcome! welcome the day, when assembled as one . 67 Well met, fellow-freemen! let's cheerfully greet . 98 We meet but to part, love-we part but to meet. 365 West of the old Atlantic firm Liberty stands.... 332 What heart but throbs high with sincerest devotion... 93 What mean those tears, that thus effusive flow... 309 What's the spring, or the sweet-smelling rose.. 324 When Britain sent, with stern command...

164 When Britain first, by Heaven's command..

291 When Britain, with envy and malice inflamed. 223 When civil war awaked his wrathful fire...

429 When Columbia arose from the wide-spreading flood. 30 When Columbia's brave sons call’d my hero to lead them 219 When first from on high the great fiat was given..... 238 When first that proud queen whom the waters environ 66

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