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ACCOUNT of such personages as have

contributed to the honour of the
French name, from 1789 to the pre-
sent period,

Amphlet's Ned Bently, a novel, 89
An analytical abridgment of Locke's

essays on human understanding, 219
Angler, Hawkins's complete, 440
Angler's manual,

Annuities, Fortune's national life, 107
Appeal to the British public, 814
Astronomy, Villemer's poem on, 103
Asy,ums, Halliday on the state of the

Irish lunatic,
Athens, Owenson's Ida of, 283
Attempt to elucidate the consequences of

a deviation from the orders in coun-

BACHELOR, a novel,

Banks's dormant and extinct baronetage

of England, 137. Of the barony of
Abergavenny, ibid. Curious parti.
culars of lady Elizabeth Tuchet, 138.
Inaccuracy respecting the last Vis-
count Beaumont, 139. Origin of the
le Despencer family, 140. A curious
anecdote, 141. Ditto, respecting lord
Lovel, who was said to have been
slain in the battle of Hope, 143. Mag-
nificent solemnities at Kevilworth
castle in the time of Roger Mortimer,

143. Anecdotes of the Stafford fa-

mily, 145 et seq.
Baronetage of England, vide Banks's.
Bartram's report of the trial, Nightin-

gale versus Stockdale.
Baths, Kentish on,

: 439
Baynes' sermon,

Bennet's constancy of Israel, 323
Blair's answers to objections against the

London female penitentiary, 382
Blondheim, Kotzebue's Leontine de,
Bourgoing's modern state of Spain, 176.

Devotion exhibited by a muleteer
previous to mounting the coach-box,
178. Fatal operation of the privia
leges of the 'Mesta, 180. Royal
shooting, 181. Of the inquisition,
182. Influence of the Catholic su.
perstition on the minds of all classes

in Spain, 183. Spanish ladies, 185.
Bragur, i

British Flora,

Bruce, Murray's account of the life and

writings of James, 68. Letter from
Mr. Bruce to his father on the death
of his wife, 70. Account of the na-
tives of Gerba, 71. The hardships,
difficulties, and dangers experienced
in travelling in those parts, 72 De.
scription of mount Libanus, 72. Cu-
rious specimen of the Eastern epis.


tolary style, 73. Particulars of the
domestic establishment of Abyssinian
royalty, 74. Two specimens of
Abyssinian annals, 77. Remarks on
the use of oriental literature, 79. Ac.
count of the nuptial ceremony in

Buchan's account of the diseases inci-
dent to children,

Buffa's appeal to the British public, 214
Buonaparte, Smith's intercepted frag-
ment of instructions from

Buonaparte's campaigns in Italy, 511.

The battle of Montenolte, 512. Of
Millesimo, 512. Misrepresenta.
tions in the French accounts of the
battle and capture of Dego, 513.
Battle of Lodi, 514. Execution of a
French soldier in Venice, 516. Con-
spiracy at Milan detected, 517., In-
surrection at Pavia, 518. necdote

of the treachery which made its way
into the army of \Vurmser,519 Dillo,

520. The battle of Rivoli.
Burns, Cromek's reliques of, 337. On

the comparative merits of the English
Janguage, and that dialect of it which
is used in Scotland, 338. Various
extracts, 340, et seq. Origin of

Mary in heaven.
. CALEDONIAN sketches, vide Carr.
Cambrian traveller's guide, 217
Cambria, Cottle's fall of, 97, and 169
Canada, view of the political situation
of Upper,

Carr's Caledonian sketches, 317. De.

scription of Edinburgh, 318. Of
Holyrood house, 320. OfBridewell,
322. University of Edinburgh, 395.
Leith grammar-school, 395. Ex-
tensive use of whiskey among the
Scotch, 396. Edinburgh markets,
397. The Tolbooth, 397. The
Maiden, a Scottish instrument of de-
capitation, 398. A bag-pipe contest,
399. Scotch process of washing,
400. Food of the Scottish peasantry,
402. Instance of civility in the
lower orders, 402. Education of

ditto,403. The Caledonian canal,404
Causes of our late military and political

Charter-house, historical account of the,

196. Abstract of the code of laws
promulgated by the founder, 198."
Curious declaration published by a
monk called Darley, about the time
of subscription,

- 280
Chatfield's view of Hindostan, vide


Chronicle of the Cid, vide Southey.
Church-yard, and other poems, 101
Cid, Southey's Chronicle of the, vide

Cleveland, Graves's history of, 378,

Character of the Cleveland farmers,
381. Roseberry Topping, 383. Disa
covery of a vein of alium in the neigh.
bourhood of Guisborough, 384.
Kirkleatham hospital, 385. Shel.
ton castle,

Claytons, Flower's statement of facts

relative to the conduct of the, 8g
Cockburn's credibility of the Jewish

Celebs in search of a wife, 250
Comber's inquiry into the state of na-

tional subsistence, 241 Effects of
the feudal system on agriculture, from
the conquest to the reign of Henry
VII. 242. State of Poland and a
great part of Russia, an exact pic-
ture of what England is represented
to have been for several ages after
the conquest, 243. The encourage-
ment given to the commercial habits
of the people, by Henry VII. 245.
Manufacturing industry only support.
able and capable of being put in actia
vity by an accumulation of floating
wealth existing independent of land,
246. The exportation of corn ma-
tured into a system under the Stewe

Considerations on rifed barrel guns, 440
Commentary on the new Testament,

vide Testament.
Consumption, Woolcome's remarks on

the progressive increase of, 425
Cottin’s Malvina,

· 502
Cottin's Theodore and Blanche, or the
victims of love,

Cottle's fall of Cambria, 94, and 163
Cromek's reliques of Burns, vide Burns.

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DICTIONARY of domestic medicine,

Reece's practical, vide Reece.
Disasters, causes of our late military

and political,
Diseases incident to children, Buchan's
account of the,

Bayne's sermon,

· Bennet's constancy of Israel, 323
Cockburn's credibility of the Jewiska

Discourses upon the Creed, &c. 210
Evans's Istter to Dr. Hawker, 432
Eves's scripture made easy, 98
Hioan's thoughts oa prophecy. 97
Jervis's Christian name,


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HALE'S address to the public on the

dangerous tendency of the London

Halliday on the state of the Irish lunaric

Hamilion's parliamentary logick, 386
Hawkins's complete angler, 440
Hawker, Evans's letter to Dr 432
Hindustan, Chatfield's view of. Come

merce of the East in the earliest
periods, 351. Alexander's no’ion
respecting the commerce of the East,
352. Arrival of Vasques de Gama,
on the Malabar coast, in 1497. Por-
tuguese dispossessed of the racquisi.
tions by the Dutch,354 First charter
of the English East India company,
35. The Engiish acquire the ascen.
dancy in India in 1761. Messrs,
Fox and Pitt's East India bill, 357.
The insecurity of property, the im.
pediment to civilization, 358. The
first Menu of the Brahmins supposed
to be the same as the Adam of the
Jews, 359. Of the Vedras and Sas-
tras, 359. The Koran examined,
361. Morality of the gospel, 363.
The sect of the Wahabees, 364.
Different attempts made by the Euro.
pean nations to propagate Christianity
in the East,

Hindus, enquiry into the causes which

oppose the conversion of the,
Hioan's thoughts on prophecy, 97
Hodson's remonstrant,

Howett's angler's manual,
Hull's British Flora,






FAMILY picture,

Familiar discourses upon the Apostle's

Creed, the Lord's prayer, and the

Fisher-boy, a poem,
Fischer's picture of Valencia, vide vas
Flora, Hull's British,

Flower's statement of facts relative to
the conduct of the Claytons, 83

national life annuities, 107
Foot on venereal infection, 338
Fowling, a poem,

France, from the commencement of

the reign of Clovis in 431, to the
peace of Campo Formio in October
1797, a history of, -

Frend's evening amusements for 1809,



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GERALDINE Fauconberg, a novel, 104
Grammar, Grant's institutes of Latin,

Grant's Latin grammar,

Graves' history of Cleveland, 381
Greek poets, poems and translations
from the minor,

Green's companion to lady Hunting.
don's hymns,

Green's miscellaneous poetry, 211
Greyling's Hieropolis, 497 Without

the higher sort of education among
the clergy, no good can arise from an

order of public instructors, 498
Gurs, considerations on rified barrel,


IDA of Athens,

Increase of sectaries, thoughts on the,

Infection, Foot on venereal, 332
India, strictures on the present govern.
mint of,

Tu quiry into the state of national sube

sistence, Comber's, vide Comber.
Institutes of Latin grammar, S. 431
Intolerance, Wyvill on, 291. Com-
mission for ecclesiastical reformation
in the reign of king William, 297.

Names of the commissioners, 300
Jervis's Christian name,

Juvenile dramas,

Juvenis's remarks on a recent publica.

KAMEs, memoirs of the life and writ-

ings of lord, vide Memoirs.
Kentish on warm and vapour baths,

Klopstock's works,


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dote, 40. The oratorical abilities of
Murray (afterwards lord Mansfield),
and of Lord Chatham, 40. in 1741.
he marries, Miss Drummond. Ac-
count of his domestic habit43. The
first among the Scottish gentry who
endeavoured to bring the Fnglish
mode of husbandry into use, 44. In

1752, appointed one of the judges of
- the court of session, 45. In 1757,

published the statute law of Scotland,
abridged, 46. In 1759. his histo-
rical law tracts and his introduction
to the art of thinking, 47. In 1962,
the Elements of Criticism, 48. 10.
teresting particulars relative to the
state of the Western Isles in 1764.
Judicious observations on modern Mu.
sic 125, Extract of a letter from Mrs.
Montague, 127. From Lord Kames
to the Duchess of Gordon, 127. Mrs.
Montague's remarks on Ossian, 130.
In 1774, Lord Kames published his
" Sketches of the history of Man,''
131. lu 1781, Loose hints on edu.

Metrical Legends,

Modern medicine, U wins, 188
Molitor's indagator,

Monmouih, Naunton's memoirs of the

Earl of, vide Naunton.
Moore's Bachelor, a novel, 431
Murray's account of the life and write

ings of James Bruce, vide Bruce.
Murray's Mentorian Lectures on, sacred
and moral subjects,





MALVINA, a novel,

Buchan's account of diseases incident

to children,
Expostulatory letter to Dr. Moseley

on his review of the report of the
London college of Physicians on

Foot on venereal infection, 333
Halliday on the state of the Irish
lunatic asylums,

Kentish 01 warm and vapour baths,

Observations on an eruptive disease,

Practical materia medica,
Reece's medical dictionary, 61
Thomas's observations on ophthalmia,

Uwins' modern medicine, 188

Woolcombe op consumption, 425
Medicine, U wins' modern,
Memoirs of Thomas Brand-Hollis, Esq.

405. Mr. Brand born in 1719, edu.
cated at Glasgow, sets out on a tour to
the continentin company with Mr. T.
Hollis, 495, who died in 1974, and
left his fortune to Mr. Brand, who
assumes his name, 406. Mr. B.
Hollis convicted of bribery at an elec-
tion, 407. A letter to B. Hollis from
Mr. Adams, afterwards president of

the United States,
Memoirs of the earl of Monmouth, vide

Memoirs of the Life and writings of

lord Kames, 35. Lord Kames born
at Kames in the county of Berwick,
in 1696.--I0 1712, placed in the of-
fice of a writer to the signet at Edin-
burgh, 36. Called to the bar in
1723.- In 1732, pubished essays on
several subjects in law; 39. An anec.
APP. Vol. 16.

NATIONAL subsistence, Commer's in.

quiry into the state of, vide Comber.
National debt, observations on the, 433
Narrative of the siege of Laragoza, 2011
Naunton's memoirs of the Earl of Mon.

mouth, 237. The earl's address in
reconciling Queen Elizabeth to her
favourite the Earl of Essex, 237.
How he reconciled the queen to him-
self on his marriage with the daughter
of Sir Hugh Tre vannion, 238. Cu-
rious particulars of James and Charles
ist, 240. Anecdote of Pawlet, Mar.

quis of Winchester, 241.
Ned Bently, a nevel,

- 8
Nightingale's Sermons, is 210

Celebs in search of a Wife, 251
Geraldine Fauconberg,

Ida of Athens,

Ned Bently,
Theodore and Blanche,

2 1 2
Towers of Lothian,


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OBSERVATIONS on an eruptive dis-'

Observations on the National Debt, 433
Ophthalmia, observations on), 104
Owenso.a's iua.of Athens, . 283

counties of Derrv and Antrim, 115.
On the difference in the structure of
calculi, which arise from their leing
formed in different parts of the drive
ary passage, and on the effects that
are produced on them by the internal
use of solvent medicines, 18 On
the changes produced in the atmos-
pheric air, and oxygen gas by respi.
ration, 120. Description of an ape
paratus for the analysis of the com-
pound inflammable gases by slow
combustion, 306. Anatomical struc.
tuie of the wombat, 309. Origin
and office of the alburnum of trees,
310. Eclipses of the satellites of Ju-
piter, 317. Electro-chemical re-
searches on the decomposition of the

Picture of Valencia, vide Valencia.
Poems and translations from the minor
Greek Poers,

Poem on astronomy,
Porta's translation of the physiognomist,





., 327

PALEY'S Sermons, 225 Subjects of the

sermons, 227. Answer to the objec-
tou that religion generates sadness and
dejection, 227. The love of God, con-
sidered, 228. Necessity of religious
meditation, ibid. Spiritual religion
examined, 238. On the purity of the

heart and affections,
Parliamentacy Logic,
Paterson's book of roads,

Paulus' Commentary on the New Tes-

tament, vide Testament.
Penitentiary, Blair's answers to objec-

tions against the London Female, 332
Physiognomist, Porta's translation of

the, 494 The genuine science of
physiognomy, 494. Remarks on the
size of the head, 495. The man of

probity and his opposite, ' 496
Phillips s letter to the Livery of London,

270. Freeholder's book, 271. The
practice of committing prisoners for
trial to the Cold-Bath Fields and other
houses of correction, 273. Petition
to parliament on the subject of the
abuses of that prison, 273. On de-
taining prisoners after the grand jury
have thrown out ihe bills, 275. Ac-
count of Newgate, 277. Of Borough

· Philosophical Transactions for 1808,

18. Davy's Lectures on the decom-
position of the fixed alkalies, 18. On
the properties and nature of the basis
of soda, 21. On the structure and use
of the spleen, 84. On oxalic acid,
25. On super-acid, and sub acid
salts, 28. On the juconvertibility of
bark into alburnum, 29. Account
of Cretinism, 31. On a new pro-
perty of the tangents of three angles of
a plane triangle, and of the tangents of
three arches trisecting the circumfe-
rence of a circle, 32. Account of the
application of the gas from coal to eco-
nomical purposes, 33. Obsei vations of
a comei, made with a view to investi.
gate its magnitude and the nature of its
illumination, 113. Hydraulic inves.
rigations subservient to an intended
Croonian lecture on the motion of
clie blood, 115. Richardson's letter
on the alterations that have taken
place in the structure of rocks, on the
stríace of the basaltic country in the


Practical dictionary of domestic media

cine, Reece's, vide Reece:
Practical materia medica, , 440
Prophecy, Hioan's thoughts on, 97
Politics. I
Attempt to elucidate the consequences

of a deviation from the orders in

Bartram's report of the trial Nightin-
gale v. Stockdale,

Buffa's appeal to the British public,
Causes of our late military disasters,

Enquiry into the causes which oppose
the conversion of the Hindos.

History of France from the com-

mencement of the reign of Clovis
in 401, to the peace of Campo For-

mio, in 1“97, . 219
Molitor's indagator,

Observations on the national debt
Parliamentary Logic,

Smith's intercepted fragment of in-

structions from Buona parte, 324
Speech which ought to have been spo-

ken in a certain assembly relative to
the Catholic petition,

Sirictures on the present government
of India, PR

- 434
Summary review of the evidence

against the Duke of York, 326
View of the political situation of Upper


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