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REECE'S practical dictionary of domestic 455.. On the taxation mentioned

medicine,61. Of catarrh and cough,65. in Luk:, 458. Of the appearance of
Register, ecciesiastical and university angels on the birth of Christ. 459. Of
annual. -


the genealogies of Matthew and Luke,
Reeves' flowers at court,


462. Of the religious sects founded
Reliques of Burns, Cromnek's, vide by Judas of Gamala and a Pharisee

named Saddok, 463. Phenomena
Roads, Paterson's Book of,

at the baptism of Jesus, 466. The

practice of medicine a part of the
SCRIPTURE made easy,

office of a priest, according to the
Senses, an ode,

436 Mosaic institution, 469. The storm
Sharpe's metrical legends, 169 described in Matthew, 471. Of the
Sherwin on Rowley's poems,

Gerasene maniac, 472. The cure of
Shero's treatise on Brewing, · 441 the paralytic analysed,472. The case of
Speech which ought to have been spoken the hemorrhoidal woman explained,

in a certain house relative to the 473. On the police of leprosy, 474.
· Catholic petition,

99 On the widow's son at Nain, ibid.
Stage, thoughts upon the present condi. *. Of the dinner given by Simon the
tion of the,

218 Pharisee, 476. The doctrine of for-
Strictures on the present government of giving sins discussed, 476. Originala

434 ity and authenticity ascribed to the
Smith's intercepted fragment of instruc. Gospel of Mark,

tions from Buonaparte,
324 Theodore and Blanche,

Summary review of the evidence against Thomas's observations on Ophthalmia,
' His Royal Highness the Duke of York,

326 Thoughts upon the present condition of
Subsistence, Comber's inquiry into the the stage, and the construction of a

state of national, vide Comber. I new theatre,
Southey's Chronicle of the Cid, 1. Of Towers of Lothian,

the Chronica del famoso Cavallero Transactions philosophical, vide Philo.
Cid Ruyuiez Campeador, 2. Of the sophical.
Poema 'del Cid, 3. Of Cilicio, s.
Detail of the account on which Core VALENCIA, Fischer's picture of, 50,
neille's tragedy of the Cid was founded, Glowing description of the first aspect
7. A signal instance of the reward of of the country, 51. Account of the
charity, 9. Death of Ferdinand, 10. city of Valencia, 52. Cheapness of
Consequences thereof, 11. Banish provisions, 53. Division of lands
ment of the Cid, 16. Parting of the into hucstas and secaoos, 54. De-
Cid from Donna Ximena his wife, scription of the shoe called alpargates,
16. Conduct of the Cid towards 55. Putrid disorders prevalent in
Count Ramon Berenguer his prisoner, some of the districts of Valencia,
156. Recall of the Cid, 157. Is 55. Cultivation of silk, 56. Sin-
again banished, ibid. Poem of la. gular salt rock of Pinoso, 56. Of the
mentations composed by a noble esparto, a species of feather-grass, 56.
Moor residing in the city of Valencia, ce Of the almond-tree, 57. Of water-
158. Second return of the Cid to the thieves, ibid. Of the trobadores
court of Castile, 160. Marriage of or itinerant bards, 57. Slinging a
the Cid's daughters with the infants of favourite exercise of the Valencians,
Carrion, 161. Extraordinary fondness 58. Account of the puppet showinen
of the Cid for his beard, 163. Extracts and directors of dancing dogs and
from the Poem del Cid, passim. monkies, 59. Division of the imposts

into royal and manorial, 59. Climate
TESTAMENT, Paulus' commentary on of Valencia favourable to longevity,

the New, 449. The correct apprecia 60. Specific for the bite of vipers,60.
tion of what are the real historical Vasseur's French student's vade mecum,
contents of the New Testament, 450.

The preface to Luke's gospel, 451. Vaughan's narrative of the siege of Zara-
Who Theophilus was considered,452. goza,

Of Zacharias, 453. Substance of a Venereal infection,

paraphrase of the ist Chapter of Luke Verax's Christian Unitarianism defend.
from ver. 26 to 38,on the Holy Ghost, ed,


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WARM and vapour baths, Kentish on,

439 Washington, Bancroft's life of General,

412. His early bent for a military life, 413. In 1753, is sent on a mission to warn the French against a further prosecution of the plan they had formed of uniting Canada with Louisiana by a chain of posts, 413. Is appointed in 1755, 10 defend the frontiers with an inadequate force, 414. In 1759, marries Mrs Custis, 417. In 1775, appointed by congress com nander in chief of the American force., 418. The American lines

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W. Flint, Printer, oid Bailey, London,

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