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131 Davenant's Essay on the East India Trade. sc. 3s. 1696 732 Davies's translation of Vattier's Egyptian History, treat

ing of the Pyramids, the Inundation of the Nile, &c. scurce. 2s.6d.

1672 133 History of the War of Cyprus, by Medgley, sc. 4s. 1687 134 History of the Sevarites written by Capt. Syden, both parts. scarce. 3s. 6d.

1675 135 Moore's (Andrew) History of the Turks, 1 vol. (1434 pages) good copy. scarce. 8s. 6d.

1660 136 General History of the Mogul Empire from its foundation

by Tamerlane. 137 Ockley's History of the Saracens, 2 vols. 9s. 1718 138 Prideaux's Life of Mahomet, and letter to the Deists.

scarce, 28. 6d. 139 Political Reflections upon the Government of the Turks by Osborne, Is. 6d.

1656 140 Palafox's History of the Conquest of China by the Tartars. scarce. neat. 58.

1671 141 Philalethes Euphrates, or the Waters of the East; being

a short discourse of that secret fountain, whose water

flows from fire, &c. a singular & rare piece. 7s. 6d. 1655 142 Scott's Bahar-Danush; or Garden of Knowledge, an

Oriental Romance, translated from the Persic. 3 vo. bds. 13s. 6d.

Shrewsbury 1799




*142 FERKENGI SHAOURY. a most complete and valuable

Dictionary of the Persian Language, explained in Turkish : with examples to shew the just sense and acceptation of each term, The work is prefaced with a Discourse on the Persian Language, and a collection, in Alphabetical order, of all proverbial Persian expressions. Printed at Constantinople, under the inspection of Ibrahim Effendi Monteferrica, in the year

155 of the Hejra (a. d. 1743] 2 vols. fine copy. This valuable work sold originally at Constantinople for

100 crowns; but the copy here treated of has been greatly
improved by LE GRAND, Oriental Interpreter to the
King of France, to whom it appears to have belonged, and
has nated on the top of each page, in red ink, the


Arst, second, and last letter of the words explained on that page, and has in other respects much added to its

usefulness. not in the Bibl. Dict. or De Bure. 143 Golii Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, cum indice Latino copiosissimo. cum notis MSS. fine copy. very rare.

L. Bat. Elzev, 1653 144 Buxtorfii Concordantiæ Bibliorum hebraïcæ, nova et

artificiosa methodo dispositæ; access. novæ concordantiæ Chaldaïcæ. 1l. 1s. g c. Basil. 1631.0. Clarke's

Bibl. dict. for an account of this valuable work. 145 Buxtorfii Lexicon Chaldaïcum & Syriacum. opus rariss. 12s.

Basil. 1622 1 46 Trostii Lexicon Syriacum. 78. 6d. Coth. Anhalt 1623 147 Legh (Edwd.) Critica Sacrą, or Observations on all the

radices or primitive Hebrew words of the Old Testa

ment, in order alphabetical. 7s. 6d. London 1762 148 Erpenii Arcanum punctuationis revel. sive de Punctis & Vocal. Hebræis, good copy. rarum. jos. 6d.

Lug. Bat. 1624 149 Erpenii Grammatica Arabica. 10s. 6d. L. Bat. 1636 150 Bythneri Lyra Davidis, sive Analysis Critico-practica Psalmorum.

Lond. 1650 151 Schindleri Lexicon Pentaglotton, Hebraïcum, Chaldaï

cum, Syriacum, Talmudico-Rabbinicum & Arabicum scarce, 11. ls.

Hanov. 1612 152 Jobi Ludolfi Lexicon Aethiopico-Latinum : access. Gram.

matica Aethiopica et Confessio fidei Claudii regis

Aethiop. edita a Wanslebio. g. copy. 155. Lond. 1661 153 Grammaire Turque. fine copy. rare. Constantin. 1730

Printing was introduced by an Italian Renegado, Ibr. Effendi; it had no long continuonce: the copies are not many and are now pery scarce and dear, few even to be bought, being very rarely to be met with.- Extr. from a MSS. note of the late Mich. Lort's. see also De Bure.

& Dict. Bibl. 154 Elementa Linguæ Persicæ. auth. Ioan. Gravio. item

anonymus Persa de Siglis Arabum et Persarum Astronomis. Pers. & Lat. rare. 155. Lond. 1649. This is in every respect an improvement of De Dieu's work.

sce Clarke's Bibl. Dict. 155 Abu Nasri Ismaelis ebn Hammad al Gievharii Farab.

purioris Sermonis Arabici Thesaurus, vulgo dictus liber Seha sive lexicon Arabicum. particula i. e, codicibus manuscriptis summa fide edidit ac versione latina instruxit Everardus Scheidius. very rare. not mentioned in Clarke's Bib. Dict. Hardervici gelrorum, typis Arabicis editoris excudit Jo. Mooien &c.

156 FERĦUNG JEHANGEREE. MSS. see the Persiun Manu.

scripts for a copy of this valuable Lexicon.


157 Simonis Lexicon Hebraïcum & Chaildaïcum ; recens. J. G. Eichhorn. 2 vols. good copy. scarce. 11. 158.

Hal. 1793 158 Danzii Interpres Ebræo-Chaldæus. Manuductio ad Ebr.

linguæ Analysin & Aditus Syriæ reclusus, sive via Linguæ Syriacæ. bound together in 1 vol. 7s. 6d.

Jen. 1715 159 Jamesii Eis aywyn in linguam Chaldæam. 3s. Lond. 1651 160 Schickardi Horologium Ebræum 28. 6d. Ultraj 1661 161 Walton (Br.) Introductio ad linguas Orientales, sc. He

braïcam, Chald. Samaritan, Syriac. Arabic. Persic., Aethiopic. Armen. & Copt. ed. secunda et opt. 10s. 6d. Lond. 1655. 0. Clarke's Bibl. Dict. under Article Polyglots for an account of this valuable and scarce little

work, 162 Buxtorfii Epitome Grammaticæ Hebræx a: J. Leusden. 2s. 6d.

L. Bat. 1761 163

Epitome Gramm. Hebr. 28 6d. Amst. 1652 164 Eliæ Levitæ Grammatica Hebræa, per Seb. Munsterum. 48. 6d.

Basil. Froben 1537 165 Jacobi Altingi fundamenta punctationis linguæ Sanctæ, Synopsis instit. Chaldæarum et Syrarum. 58.

Franc. 1686 166 Buxtorfii Epitome Grammaticæ Hebræx 28. 6d.

Lond. 1666 167 Thesanrus linguæ Hebrææ

Basil. 1663 168 Aliud exemplar. 2s.6d.

Basil. 1663 169 Schickardi Horologium Hebræum 28. 6d. Lips. 1626 170 Kals, Grammatica Hebræo-Harmonica cum Arabica & Aramæa, &c. 6s.

Amst. 1758 171 Buxtorfii Epitome Grammaticæ Hebræx a Leusden 38.

L. Bat. 1761 172 Bennet Grammatica Hebræa. 58.

Lond. 1728 173 Bythner methodica institutio linguæ Sanctæ 2s.6d.

Lond. 1650 174 Ravis's Grammar for the ready attaining of the Ebrew,

Samaritan, Calde, Syriac, Arabic and the Ethiopic
Languages. scarce. 5s.

Lond. 1650 175 Beschii Grammaticis Latino-Tamulica. cum observat:

Grammaticis, a Walthero. very rare. Trangamb. 1739 LIBRI MANUSCRIPTI PERSICI. * Most of the following valuable collection are enumerated

by Dr. Ad. Clarke in the Suppl. to his Bibliog. Dict. To. 1. p. 299 &c: in his “ List of choice PERSIAN MSS. &c.” The same ingenious and learned author further observes that (p. 319 ut supra) “He who has got a complete copy of the Shah Nameh of Ferdoosee ; one of the Nesnadi of Gclaleddeen Rooinee; one of the Khaleeat of Sandee; and one of the Deewan of Hafiz, the Kaleeat of Jamee and the Khaleeat of Nizamec," (all of which are to be found in the following coljection) “ has got enough of Persian Poetry to satisfy

a reasonable desire for a long time. These should “ be the first sought, as being the most excellent and

“ instructive." 176 Mesnavee Derhány: a poetical moral work, in a very

good hand, and entire 177 Mesnavee Jelâledcon Roomee : a poetical work upon

various subjects, moral, political, historical, &c. and greatly renowned. The writing Turkish and ancient.

See Suppl. to Clarke's Bibl. Dici. To 1. 309. 178 Mesnavee Jelâledeen Roomee : in a good Tálik hand, not

so old as the preceding, but apparently more copious: a

valuable manuscript and in excellent condition. 179 Sherahi Mesnavee. an explication of the last mentioned

work, by Khogah Hussein. a fair manuscript, seemingly

entire and in good preservation. 180 Tàriki Khávendshah : being a History of MAHOMET and

his four immediate Successors, by Mahommed ebn Kahvendshah, in a good plain hand and apparently

entire. 181 The Story of Ram and Lukshmun: a poem from the

Indian, by Messiha. written in a bold Tálik hand, orna

mented with curious paintings and in good preservation. 132 Secunder Namé ; or Life of Alexander, by Nezàmee: a

famous poem, in a fhir Talik hand and seemingly entire. 183

well writ and in good condition. 184 The Gulistan; or Flower Garden of Saadee. with an

appendix, explanatory of the Arabick terms, used in the

work, in a plain hand and apparently entire. 195 Dewani Saib or Saheeb : the works of the poet Saib.

This manuscript is a little injured at the beginning and

end, but otherwise good and in a fine Tálik hand. 186 Bostani Saadee. a celebrated work by the poet Saadec.

apparently entire and in good preservation. 197 Yousef wa Zuleika : or the Loves of Joseph and Zeeleeka,

(i. e. of Joseph and the wife of Potiphar) by Jaance:

a fumous poem, in a good Tálik hand, and apparently

complete. * See Clarke's Bibl. Dict. Suppl. To. 1. p. 309 188 Maadme Jawaher: or, Mine of Jewels. a collection of

Tales, in a plain hand and apparently entire. 189 Tooti Nàmé, or Tales of a Parrot, by Naksheby. appa.

rently entire and in a tolerably good hand. 190 The Four Evangelists. in a plain good hand and entire. 191 Karistani Moneir. a tale, displaying the conduct of a

good and wise Prince, in the Shekesteh hand. 192 An Epitome of the History of Cashmir, for about four

thousand years: extracted from divers books in the Sanscrit, by order of Arif Khaw, Governor of that Province, in the year of the Hejra 1122 (a. d. 1710)

in good condition. 193 Akbal Nameh: a history of Jehan Ghir, by Akbal or

Ahooal Khan. in good preservation. 194 Jamaa l’Hakayat: a coll. of tales. in good condition. 195 Labb o’Tareekh: or the Heart of Histories. a compen

dium of the history of Iran, or Persia, from the beginning of the Peishdadian Dynasty to the year 941 of the Hejra. (a. d. 156+) in a plain hand and seemingly

entire. 196 Kessa Hatim Tay: the History of the Eastern model of

generosity, Hatim Tay. in a fine hand and apparently

entire. 197 Kalceat i Nizamea: containing the Khusru Sheereen; or

Loves of Khusru wa Sheereen - Leelee we Mejnoon;
or Loves of Leila and Mejnun - Heft Peegr; or the
Seven Portaits — Secunder Nàméh; or the History of
Alexander - with a fragment of another Work of Niza.

mees, in a good hand and seemingly entire. 198 Nal u Daman: the History of Nal and Daman: an In

dian Story, translated into a Persian Poem, by Fiaree,

Brother to the celebrated Abul Fazel. 199 An Epitome of the Life of Sultan Akber, by Hajy

Mahmed Arif Candehary, and Memoirs of Sultan

Bahber by himself, in a good hand and apparently entire. 200 The History, or commentaries of Sultan Baber, by

himself, or written under his immediate inspection. In a good hand, well conditioned and apparently entire.

See Suppl. 10 Clarke's Bibl. Dict. To. 1. 299. 201 Meraltùl Jemal: or Mirror of Beauty. a Coll. of Poems,

on the several beauties of the Body, &c. by Mirza

Saib. in a fair hand and entire. 202 Hubeabo's Sebr. a history of the World, from the earliest

times by Ghyasoddin, surnamed Khondemir. in three large Vols. of unequal size. Vol. Ist. extends from the first King of the Peishdadians to the Death of the Khalif

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