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"Gregory, which the Armenians have. The large "characters are Armenic, not Ethiopic.

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249 A beautiful small illuminated MS. Roll in SANSCREIT; most exquisitely written, and upon which are many figures of the Indian Mythology, beautifully painted, and upwards of seven yards in length.

250 An Indian Painting of a Female, in fine preservation. 10s. 6d.


side. 15s.

of a Warrior, with his shield by his

252 Sheer, Mahomed Khan, Junedar of the Kings Chubdars. very fine. 11. 11s. 6d.

253 A Male and Female, on horseback, going out a hunting.

11. 1s.

254 A Male Figure sitting in state, and covered with an umbrella: the head surrounded with a glory — either an Emperor or Divinity. very finely painted. 11. 11s. 6d. 255 Two Figures of Persons of Distinction: finely painted.

21. 28.

256 MISSALE ROMANUM. finely written and ornamented with numerous elegant MINIATURES: it is in the finest state of preservation, the colours and the vellum being in the greatest perfection, and superbly bound in crimson velvet.

257 COTTON'S (CHARLES) POEMS. The original MSS. in his own hand writing, with many Poems added by others, whose names are subjoined and which do not appear ever to have been published. small folio. in good preservation. silver clasps &c.

258 Clarendon (Lord) Characters from the History of. and various other interesting documents relative to the business of Glencoe - Account of Dundee's Officers after they went to France - various Letters, Speeches &c. written in a fair bold and legible hand, and curiously ornamented in many parts. large folio & in fine preservation.



259 Eliani Varia Historia. Gr. & Lat. Gronovii. 2 vols. in

1. an excellent ed. fine copy. 11. 16s.

L. Bat. 1731

11. 15s.

260 Eschyli Tragedia, Gr. Victorii, cum Scholi. an excellent and beautiful ed. v. Dibdin. fine copy. h. b. Russ. Par. Steph. 1557 261 Ætii opera. Gr. EDITIO PRINCEPS et opt. a superb copy. 21. 28. Ven. ap Ald. 1534


fine copy. 11. 16s.

ib. 1534

263 Egineta de Re Medica. 1. VII. Gr. EDITIO PRINCEPS.

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Ven. ap. Ald. 1528 infinitely the best and How scarce it is may

be seen in Boerhaves account of it
Methodo Studii Medici. see also the
good copy. very rare.

in his book "De Bibl. Dict. vo. 5, 17. 18. Bas. 1538

265 Alexandri ab Alexandro, Genialium Dierum I. VII. Ed.

rara & nitid. 18s.

Par. 1549

266 Ambrosii Expositio super Lucam. EDITIO PRINCEPS. good copy. 21. 12s. 6s.

v. the Bibliog. Dict. for an account of


S. 1. 1476 "this most

scarce and valuable book " see also, the Bibl. Harl. To III. p. 105. a MSS. note in a very old hand, says, "Impressa per Anto. Sorg Augustæ &c.

267 Antoninus (Marc.) Gatakeri, Gr. & Lat. a very excellent ed. v. Dibdin. good copy 10s. 6d.


aliud exempl. 12s.

Lond. 1697


269 Appiani Historia Romana, Latine redd. a Candido. good copy, only slightly stained. Venet. ap. B. Pict. 1477

v. the Bibl. Dict. & Dibdin for an account of this beautiful and rare Ed.

270 Apuleii Metamorphoses, cum comm. Beroaldi. ed. rariss. fine copy. h. b. in Russ. 11. 1s. Bon. 1500

271 Aretæi de Morborum acutorum et diuturn. causis et curatione. Gr. and Lat. ex recens et cum notis Jo. Wigan CH. MAX. a superb copy. Oxf. typ. Clar. 1723 272 Aristotelis Logica ab Jo. Perionio latine conv. cum notis. 4s. 6d. Par. 1590




1l. Is.

Ethica. ed. Antiqua, litt. Goth. fine copy. 12s.
Par. Jo. Petit. s. a.
Rethorica. ed. ant. litt. Goth. good copy.
s. a. & l. indic.

273 Arrianus. Gr. & Lat. Gronovii. in bds. uncut. ED. OPT. L. Bat. 1704 276 Athanasii opera omn. Gr. & Lat. 2to. good copy. 11. Is. Par. 1627

277 Athenæus. Gr. & Lat. ex recens. Casauboni. ED. OPT. a fine copy, only a little stained. 31. 13s. 6d. 1612-21 278 Archimedis opera nonnulla, a F, Commaudino lat. redd. good copy. h. b. Russ. 18s. Ven. ap. Ald. 1558

279 Ausonii opera omn. per El. Vinetum. good copy.

For an account of this scarce and excellent ed., omitted in the Bibl. Dict. & Dibdin. see CLEMENT.

Burdig. 1580 280 Basilii Magni opera. Gr. good copy. only a few leaves stained at the end. 11. 11s. 6d. Bas. ap. Frob. 1551 281 Boetius de consolatione philosophiæ. cum comm. Ascensii. black letter. a cur. Goth. ed. 10s. 6d. Lugd. 1510 282 Callimachi Hymni and Epigr. Græce. good copy, neatly bd. very correct and beautiful. v. Bibl. Dict. 15s. Glasg. 1755 Gr. & Lat. cum Schol. Gr. et Notis Annæ Tanaq. Fabri fil. a good ed. v. Bibl. Dict. fine copy. 10s. 6d.


Par. 1675 284 Catullus, Tibullus et Propertius, a Passeratio. ED. OPT. et rara. v. Bibl. Dict. fine copy.

Par. 1608 285 Chrysostomi opera. Gr. ab H. Saville. 8 vol. an excellent ed. v. Bibl. Dict. one of the vols. is a little wormed and another stained, otherwise a fine copy. 41. 14s. 6d. Etonæ 1613


et Athanasii Lucubrationes, nunc primum versæ et in lucem ad. per Erason. Rot. indiff. copy, but a very scarce ed. 5s. Bas. Frob. 1527 287 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, Victorii. 4 vols. in 2. eleg. bd. a fine copy. 31. 38.



290 291

Par. Steph. 1539 a Lambino. the two first leaves of the 2d. vol. supplied by M.S. otherwise a good copy. a scarce ed. 2to. 9s. s. 1. 1634 cum Ind. & var. lect. printed from OLIVET'S correct ed. 10 vols. bds. 71.7s. Oxf. 1783 10 vols. calf eleg. 15l. 15s. ib. 1783 10 vols. superbly bd. in Russ. gilt &c. ib. 1783

292 Clementis Alexandr. opera. Gr. and Lat. fine copy. 18s. Col. 1688

293 Claudianus. Barthii. an excellent & scarce ed. see Dibdin: Francof. 1640

good copy. 15s. 294 Cato, Varro, Columella and Palladius cum comm. Beroaldi. ed. rara. good copy. Reg. 1498 295 Crescentiis opus ruralium commod. sive de Agricultura lib. III. Ed. secunda. good copy, only slightly stained. Impr. per Jo. de Westfalia 1474 This ed. is very rare and sold at the Vallierian Sale for 150 livres. v. Bibl. Dict. Clement, &c.

296 Demosthenis & Eschynis Opera per Wolfium. fine copy, only slightly stained. an excellent ed. 51. 5s.

Francof. 1604

297 Diodorus Siculus. Gr. a fine copy in vell. the two last leaves of the Annot. are neatly supplied by MS. 11.11s.6d. H. Steph. 1559 298 Diogenes Laertius de Vitis philosophorum. Gr. & Lat. Meibomii. a noble & eleg. ed. v. Bibl. Dict. good copy. 2 vols. 31. 13s. 6d. Amst. 1692 299 Dionysii Perieg. Gr. & Lat. cum Schol. Gr. Pomponius Mela. Aethii Cosmogr. et Solini Polyhistor. the most correct and complete of all the ed. v. Bibl. Dict. good copy. 7s. 6d. Par. 1577

300 Dioscoridis opera quæ extant omnia. Gr. & Lat. ex interpret. Saraceni. cum ejusd. Schol. exempl. nitid: Ap. Wechel 1598 with Gr. MSS. Notes and Index.


11. 10s.

good copy. h. b. Russia. 11. 1s. Ven. ap. Ald. 1518 301 Epicteti Enchirid. cum Comm. Simplicii & cum vers. Wolfii & Salmasii: acced. Cebetis Tabula Gr. Lat. & Arah. Editio rara. fine copy. 11. Is. L. Bat. 1640 An excellent ed. and by Harwood stiled the ED. OPT. 302 Euclidis Elementorum. liber X. Lat. a Montaureo. rarus. 8s. 6d. Par. 1551 303 Euripidis Phænisse. Valckenarii: a valuable ed. v. Dibden. fine copy in vell. 11. 11s. 6d. Franc. 1755

301 Eusebii Polychronii, Pselli in Canticum Canticorum expos. a Meursio. Gr. good copy in vell. 11.10s. L. Bat. 1617 A very rare ed. v. the Bibl. Dict.

305 Eusebii Pamph. preparatio Evangelica. Gr. & Lat. an excellent edition.


Par. R. Steph.

ej. Demonstratio Evang. Gr. & Lat. bound together. a fine copy. 21. 12s. 6d.

Par. R. Steph. 1545

a Vegerio. Gr. & Lat. ED. OPT.

Par. 1628

good copy. 11. 11s. 6d. 307 Ecclesiasticæ Historiæ Auctores, Eusebius & alii. Lat.

redd. good copy. 11. 1s.

308 Hesiodus. Gr. & Lat. Heinsii, cum Gr. eleg. and rare ed. v. Dibdin. 18s.


Bas. 1554

Schol. &c. an
L. Bat. 1603

This copy once belonged to the celebrated DR. BENTLEY & has his Autograph.

cum vers. metrica Latina. a splen

did & correct ed. v. Dibdin. eleg. bd. blue mor. gilt leaves. &c. Parm. typis BoDONI. 1785 310 Heath (Berj.) Notæ ad. Eschylum, Sophoclem & Euripidem. clean copy, but indiff. binding. 18s. Ox. 1762 311 Hippocrates opera omnia. Gr. ED. PRINCEPS. a most superb copy of an Ed. which Renouard stiles, "belle, rare & assez chere. 21. 12s. 6d. Ven. Ald. 1526 a Fœesio. Gr. & Lat. ED. OPT. an elegant copy. 21. 12s. 6d. Genev. 1657



313 Hippocrates et Galeni Opera. a Charterio. Gr. & Lat. CH. MAX. a sumptuous copy. 10 vols. (Vol. XII wanting.) Par. 1679 314 Hieronymi Epistolæ. 2 vols. in 1. eleg. bd. 17. 10s. A fine copy of an ed. printed in the 15th. century. Sine l. a &t. ind. 315 Homeri Ilias & Odyssea. Gr. cum Schol. Gr. clean copy. Bas. Hervag. 1535 opera. Gr. with the Classical Designs of FLAXMAN inserted. 4 vols. in 2. eleg. bd. in Russ. 107. 10s. Glasg. Foul. 1756-8 One of the most splendid editions of Homer ever published, and its accuracy is equal to its magnificence. consult Harwood, Clarke & Dibdin. 317 Homeri Opera. Gr. edited by the Grenville Family, assisted by the late Prof. Porson. 4 vo. Russia. 3l. 10s. Oxon. 1800


318 Wolfii

To.1.all that is yet published. Leips. 1800 The most magnificent Greek Vol. which has ever issued from the Leipsic press, or, indeed from any press. see Dibdin. where a further account of it will be found. 319 Horatius, Lambini. good copy, of an excellent ed. 11.11s.6d. Lut. 1588





a splendid ed. fine copy. Il. Is.

Par. Typ. Reg. 1642 cum quatuor comm. Mancinelli, &c. Ed. rara. Ven. 1495

fine copy, in the orig. binding.

Oberlini. elegantly and correctly printed. see
Bibl. Dict. & Dibdin. Russia eleg.
Arg. 1788
This copy has prefixed as a Frontisp. a beautiful engr. by
Ryland from the celebrated ode beginning "O Venus,
Regina, &c." L. I. Ode XXX.

Gesneri et Zeunii. an eleg. ed. beautifully bound in vell. gilt leaves, &c. 2l. 10s. Edinb. 1806 calf grained. eleg. 11. 16s. ib. 1806 325 Isocratis opera. Gr. and Lat. Wolfii ED. OPT. exemp.


nitid. 21. 28.

Bas. 1570 Schotto: Gr.

326 Isidori Pelus. Epistolarum. 1. V. ab Andr.

& Lat. ED. OPT. exemp. nitid. 1. 11s. 6d. Par. 1638 327 Josephi Opera. Hudsoni. Gr. & Lat. ED. copy in rough calf. 17. 11s. 6d.


fine copy. 21. 2s.

OPT. fair
Ox. 1720

ib. 1720

329 Justinus. a scarce and valuable ed. v. Dibdin. Bibl. Dict. &c. fine copy, gilt leaves, &c. 2l. 12s. 6d.

Ven. Ph. Conda. 1479

330 Justini Martyris opera Gr. & Lat. ed. nova juxta Parisinam 1636. Portr. fine copy. 18s. Col. 1686

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