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331 Justini Martyris opera. fair copy. 125.

Par. 1636

332 Juliani (Imp.) Opera. ab Ez. Spanheimio. Gr. & Lat. ED. OPT. V. Bibl. Dict. good copy. 21. 2s. Lips. 1696 332* Juvenalis, cum Comm. Mancinelli. Ed. rara. nitid. fine copy. 11. 1s. Ven. 1494


et Persius. Lubini. very scarce. and a most excellent ed. v. Dibdin. Hanov. 1603 334 Lactantii Opera. a very rare ed. & omitted in the Bibl. Dict. fine copy. 11. Is. Bas. ap. And. Cratandr. 1521 335 Livius (Titus) cum ànnot. Sabellici. a rare ed. but imperf. at the end. 7s. 6d. Par. Pet. 1513 a Car. Sigonio. Ed. rara. v. Renouard. 17. Is. Ven. ap. P. Manut. 1555 337 Lucani Pharsalia. a cur, ed. —a few of the first pages are neatly interlined with an Engl. transl. 10s. 6d. Par. 1506 338 Lucretius Lambini. an excellent ed. see Dibdin. good copy. Par. 1570



31. 3s.

338 Lucius Florus Epithomata. litt. Goth. fine copy. 18s. Lips. 1494 339 Martialis ad Usum Delphini. very fine copy in calf eleg. Par. 1680 340 Medici Scriptores Antiqui. Lat. opus rariss. fine copy. v. Bibl. Dict. where it is said that this ed. is more copious in the Latin Authors than the following. Ven. Ald. 1547 341 Medicæ Artis Principes ab H. Stephano. ED. OPT. 2 vols. fine copy. Par. 1567 342 Minucii Felix et J. Fermius Maternus de errore profan. Relig. cum notis var. a Ouzelio. editio rara et opt. v. Bibl. Dict. 12s. L. Bat. 1652

343 Nicandri Theriaca. Liber. rar. exemp. nitid. 18s.

Col. 1530

344 Origenis Dialogus contra Marcionatas a Wetstenio. Gr. & Lat. good copy. 7s. 6d.

Bas. 344* Ovidii de Arte Amandi et de remed. Amoris, cum comm. Ed. rara. nitid. good copy. 18s. Ven. 1494 Heroïdes et Ibis. cum fig. lign. et Annot. litteris Goth. good copy of a very curious ed. 8s. 6d. Lugd. 1515 Metamorphoses. cum fig. lign. et comment. ib. 1518





good copy. 15s.

Opera. ad usum Delphini. 4 vo. good copy. scarce, an excellent ed. v. Bibl. Dict. 5l. 5s. Lugd. 1689 aliud exemp. very fine copy. red. mor. gilt leaves, &c. 81. 8s. ib. 1689 349 Orosii (Pauli) Historiæ. fine copy in cf. gilt leaves. Il. Is. Venet. ap. Oct. Scot. 1483 350 Phædrus. in Usum Delphini. eleg. copy in red. mor.

gilt Par. 1675

leaves, &c. 11. 15s. 351 Philonis Judæi de Mundi fabricatione, quæ est a Moyse

descripta, liber: Jo. Christophorsono Anglo interprete


This very curious work, of which I can find no further account than what the preface affords, appears to have been printed in the same year that the EDITIO PRINCEPS by Turnebus appeared. It is unfortunately in bad condition and wants the title, though the body of the work is entire. The date of the licenser is 1552 and of the preface March 11th. With the above is bound up though imperfect also, Diogenis Laertii de Vita Philosoph.


1. X. Lat. 352 Philostratus Gr. and Lat. Morell. a good copy in vell. 11. 7s. Par. 1608 353 Photii Myriobiblion, sive Bibliotheca. Gr. and Lat. exvers. Andr. Schotti. slightly stained. 18s.




Oliva P. Steph. 1611 aliud exempl. good copy. l. 1s.

ib. 1612

Epistolæ a Montacutio. Gr. and Lat. good copy.
Lond. 1651

356 Pindarus a Benedicto. Gr. and Lat. Editio rariss. an ex-
cellent ed. for explaining difficulties. v. Kett's Elements.
good copy. 21. 2s.
Salm. 1620
357 Platonis Opera Omnia: ab Arlenio. a curious and scarce
ed. v. Dibdin. 17. 1s.


Bas. 1556 tralatione Mars. Ficini, emend. et ad Græcum codicem collat. S. Grynæi. good copy in the orig. bind. of a correct and valuable ed. 21. 2s.

Bas. ap. Frob. 1532

359 Plautus. Ed. rariss. interlined in some places, otherwise a good copy. Ven. ap. Ald. 1522 Lambini. this is stiled an eleg. ed. in the Bibl. Dict. see also Dibdin. good copy. 17. 11s. 6d.


Lugd. 1577 361 Plinii Secundi Epistolæ. Ed. rariss. v. Dibdin for notice of this ed. which is of very uncommon occurrence. fair copy. 11. 10s. Tarvis. 1483



aliud exemp. a Longolio. a very excellent ed. v. Bibl. Dict. good copy. 11. 15s. Amst. 1739 et Panegyricus, cum expositione Catanæi. good copy. 7s. Venet. 1519 364 Salmasii Plinianæ exercitationes in Solini Polyhistor. item. Solini Polyhistor. 2 vols. superb copy. in vell. 21. 12s. 6d. Trag. ad Rh. 1689 365 Polybii Historia, lat. redd. a Perotto. fine copy. h. b.


Venet. 1498


366 Polycarpii et Ignatii Epistolæ, Gr. & Lat. cura Usserii. -Appendix Ignatiana. fine copy. 10s. 6d. Ox. 1644 367 Pollucis Onomasticon. Aldi 1502.-Stephanus de Urbibus. ED. PRINCIPES. a little wormed and soiled at the end, but otherwise a good copy. 11. 15s.

Ald. 1502 368 Quintillianus Orator. Institut. cum Declamat._ very fine copy. red mor. gilt leaves, &c. 11. 1s. Par. 1539 369 Sallustius. cum Comm. Laur. Vall. et Brixiani. Ed. rara, nitid. impr. Brix. 1495 -JUVENALIS cum Comm. Mancinelli. Venet. 1494-OVIDIUS de Arte Amandi et de remed. Amoris. cum Comm. Venet. de Fridino 1494-LUCII FLORI. Epithomata. litteris Goth. Lips. 1494 The above coll. of scarce ed. of the 15th. century are bound together in one vol., and in fine condition. 370 Seneca (L. A.) Tragœdiæ, cum Comm. Ed. rariss. good copy. l. 1s. Ludg. 1391 cum Comm. Gellii. Bernard et Marmitæ. fair copy. 12s. Ven. 1492 372 Sophoclis Tragadiæ. Gr. II. Stephani. cum Gr. Schol. an excellent and rare ed. v. Dibdin. good copy. 21. 12s. 6d.



aliud exemp. wants the Schol. 17. 18.

374 Statii Sylvæ. variorum et Crucei. Ed. rara.

15s. Od.

375 Stephanus, de Urbibus, Gr. cura Zylandri.


vell. 158.

Par. 1568

Par. 1568 good copy. Par. 1618 fair copy in Bas. 1568

Gr. and Lat. Berkelii et Gronovii. EDI

L. Bat. 1694

TIO OPT. fine copy. 11. 10s. 377 Scriptores de Re Rustica, Cato, Varro, Columella, &c. cura Gesneri. a very celebrated ed. 2 vols. fine copy.

21. 10s.

378 Strabonis Geographia, latine redd.

379 Suetonius Grævii cum notis varior. copy in vell. 17. 10s. Od.

380 Taciti et Velleii Paterculi Opera. copy. 11. 10s.

381 Tertulliani Opera a B. Rhenano.

11. 10s.

Lips. 1735 litteris Goth. 4s. 6d.

Par. 1512

an excellent ed. good Traj. 1691

an excellent ed. fine Antw. Plantin. 1648 fine copy newly reb. Bas. ap. Frob. 1550

382 Theocritus, Moschus, Bion, et Simmias. Gr. et Lat. cum Gr. Schol. cura Heinsii. scarce ed. v. Dibdin. 17. Is.

a very excellent and Heid. Comm. 1604

383 Theophrastus. Gr. and Lat. Heinsii. a scarce and excellent ed. v. Bibl. Dict. good copy. 21. 2s.

L. Bat. 1631

1l. 10s.

384 Tibullus et Propertius. Broukhusii. an excellent ed. see Dibdin. fine copy in vell. Amst. 1708 385 Propertius. Broukhusii. good copy. 12s. Amst. 1702 386 Tralliani (Alex.) Med. Libri XII. et Rhazæ de Pestilentia. Gr. EDITIO. PRINCEPS. a superb copy. 21.

12s. 6d.

Lut. 1548

Dr. Harwood stiles this one of the most beautiful Greek books he ever saw.

387 Valerius Maximus cum duplici comment. good copy of an uncommon ed. 10s. 6d. Par. Asc. 1513

Torrennii. an excellent ed. see Dibdin.

389 Velleius Paterculus. EDITIO

2 vol. good copy. 21. 28.

vide Dibdin. fine copy in Russ.
slightly stained.

Leid. 1724

PRENCEPS & rarissima. only the Emendat. Vell. Bas. Frob. 1520

390 Virgilii Opera. cum comm. Servii. an imperfect copy.






15s. Od.

Ven. per Jac. Rub. 1476 For a description of this very curious and rare ed. see Bibl. Dict.

Valeriani, cum Comm. Servii, Probi, Mancinelli & Ascensius. tom. primus, continens Bucolica et Georgica. cum fig. lign. a very curious ed. good copy. 15s. Od. Ven. ap. Juntas 1552 Argumentis et notis illustrata a J. L. de la Cerda. 3 vols. good copy. 11. 11s. 6d. Col. 1628 Eneidos. Lat. and Fr. with curious plates by Bosse. This very curions and scarce ed, once belonged to the celebrated Dr. Arbuthnot. fine copy in green mor. Par. 1648

11. 18s.

Opera typis Baskerville. the subscription copy of Mr. Jno. Riland. see MS. note. eleg. bd. a beautiful ed. see Dibdin. 41. 4s. Birm. 1757 395 Horatius, Terentius, Catullus, Tibullus, et Propertius, Lucretius, Salustius & Florus, Juuvenalis et Persius. typ. BASKERVILLE. 7 vols. a superb set, uniformly and eleg. bd. in russia, gilt leaves, &c. Birm. 1757, &c. typis Didot. CHARTA REGALI IMPRESSA. with twenty-three most beautiful engravings, from the designs of Gerard and Girondet. Of this magnificent work only 250 copies have been struck off, and this is the one hun dred and fifty-seventh. v. Dibdin. 2 vols. in boards." Paris 1798 396 Xenophontis Cyropædia. Gr. good copy. 2s. 6d. Et. 1613 Opera omnia. Gr. and Lat. a Brodao. 12s. Bas. 1555


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Gr. and Lat. Leunclavii. a remark-
Par. typ. Reg. 1625

ably eleg. copy. 41. 14s. 6d.

Ꭰ ?


399 Biblia Latina, S. Hieronymi. litteris Goth. cum prima littera manuscr. illumin. Edito rarissima. a beautiful copy, sumptuously bd. in russia, gilt leaves.



402 403






Impr. Math. Moravus in Urbe Neapoli 1476 This very rare ed. of the Bible, the first printed in Italy, formerly belonged to Peter de Maridat, and is the identical copy mentioned by LE LONG, and referred to in the CREVENNA CATAL

ab eod. Vulgatæ ed. cum litteris capital. illumin. exemp. nitid.

Venet. ap. Mag. Joh. dicti Magni 1481 v. the Bibl. Dict. where the singular verse with which this very rare edition concludes, is copied. See also CLEMENT for a long and very curious account of it.

ab eod. cum Concordantiis: litteris Goth. fig. lign. per H. KALDUNG. 12s. Lugd. Koberger 1519 ab eod. litt. Goth. fine copy. 18s. Ven. 1498 cum Postilla Domini Hugonis Cardinalis. 7to. (Vol. 5 wanting) the last vol. much stained. a very rare ed. and difficult to meet with complete. 21. 10s. Od. Bas. Amerb. and Cob. 1498-1502 Tom. tertius cont. libri Esaie, Hieremie, Ezechielis, Danielis, &c. et libri Apocryphi. cum Postill. de Lyra. cum fig. lign. in good condition. Il. Is. Venet. Jo. de Col. et N. Jenson 1481 The wood cuts in this very scarce ed. are exceedingly rude, but very curious.

a Tremellio et Junio. slightly stained. 10s. 6d.

fair copy, only

Lond. 1593

14s. ib. 1593

aliud exemp. good copy.
eorund. cum Schol. good copy: 14s.

Han. 1596

eorund. good copy. 10s. 6d. Genev. 1630 409 Vetus Testamentum Græcum, a Grube. 3to. in 2. cum fig. an. fine copy in rough calf. 21. 10s. Ox. 1707-20 410 Biblia Hebraica. eorund. Latina interpretatio Xantis Pagnini, recent. Benedicti, Ariæ, Montani, &c. et Novum Testam. Græc. cum Vulgata interpret. Latina Græci contextus lineis inserta. good copy. scarce.

Antw. Plant. 1584 411 Biblia Sacra, Vulgatæ Edit. SIXTI V. jussu recogn. et ed. fine copy, gilt leaves, &c, very scarce, 21. 2s.

Rome. ex typ. Apost. Vat. 1593

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