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THE SECOND PART of this CATALOGUE will appear

as soon as possible, containing many rare and valuable Articles in History, Antiquities, Voyages, Travels, Poetry and the various other Classes of English Literature, including also a very large and curious collection of TRACTS: with an Appendix comprizing many valuable works recently purchased, or omitted in the present part of the Catalogue.

Since the illustrated copies of PILKINGTON and STRUTT'S Dictionaries of Painting and Engraving, were inserted in the Catalogue, a considerable addition has been made to both, (but more especially to the latter,) of several rare specimens purchased at a late capital Sale of Prints in London, and among which may be enumerated, The Knight and his Squire, by JOHN ULRIC: St. Christopher, by MART. ZAGEL: Minerva, by FR. DE BABYLONE: The Hundred Guilder Print, by REMBRANDT: and many others equally rare and estimable; forming altogether a collection of more than Two THOUSAND ENGRAVINGS, illustrative of the art, from the earliest period to the present time.

A large Collection of ancient and modern Paintings, Drawings, Amateur Prints, English and Foreign Portraits &c. always on Sale.

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