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December 5, 1895

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1895, May 13-Novell

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December 5, 1895


ABBE (Prof. Cleveland), Meteorological Problems for Physical Algebra, Longmans' School, W. S. Beard and A. Telfer, 220

Laboratories, 208 ; Dust- and Snow-storm in Western United Algiers, Earthquake Shock at, 301
States, 419

Algol, 61
Abbott (W. J. Lewis), on the Hastings Kitchen Midden, 580 Alkali, a Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture
Abnormal Atlantic Waves, James Yate Johnson, 569

of Sulphuric Acid and, George Lunge, J. T. Dunn, 290 Aboriginal Indian Remains in Jamaica, Discovery of, J. E. Allen (Grant), the Story of the Plants, 364

Duerden, 173 ; on Recently Discovered Aboriginal Inhabitants Alloys, the Rarer Metals and their, Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen, of Jamaica, Sir W. H. Flower, F.R.S., F. Cundall, J. E. F.R.S., 14, 39 Duerdeen, 607

Alloys Research Committee, Third Report to, Messrs. RobertsAbraham (M.), Measurement of very Iligh Potentials by means Austen, Allan Gibb, and Alfred Stansheld, 18 of a Modified Attracted Disc-electrometer, 628

Alps and Caucasus, My Climbs in the, A. F. Mummery, Prof. Acadie, Nature in, H. K. Swann, 220

T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 219
Acetylene for Illuminating Purposes, Combustion of, Prof. V. B. Altitude and Azimuth of Polaris, A. Tanakadate, 305
Lewis, 39

Aluminium Utensils, M. Balland, 456
Ach (Lorenz), Synthesis of Caffeine, 86

Aluminium for Chemical Instruments, Prof. Norton, 607 Acokanthera Schimperi, Prof. T. R. Fraser, F.R.S., and Dr. Ameghin (Señor F.), Late Cretaceous Ungulates from Patagonia, Joseph Tillie, 237

303 Acoustics : Photographic Records of Motion of Piano-wire America : Scientific Education in America, 357 ; on the Origin

when struck, W. Kaufmann, 84; the Projection of Ripples, of European and North American Ants, C. Emery, 399 ; Prof. C. V. Boys, 180 ; the Audibility of Fog-horn Signals at American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr.

Sea, 347 ; Transverse Vibrations of Cords, A. Cornu, 382 Wm. H. Hale, 506 ; the Affiliated Societies of the Imerican Actor and Dramatist, Evolution of Orator and Poet, Herbert Association, 606; American Forestry Association, 606 ; Spencer, 356

Botanical Work of the American Government, J. M. Coulter, Adams' Masses of Jupiter's Satellites, 399

251 ; American Journal of Mathematics, 70, 237, 610; Adams (Frank D.), Hutton's Theory of the Earth, 569

American Journal of Science, 118, 212, 285, 431, 539; Adams (Prof. J. C.), Unveiling of Memorial Tablet to, 59

American Mathematical Society, 335, 587 ; American MeteoroAdulteration, Simple Methods for Detecting Food, J. A. logical Journal, 45, 118, 308, 335, 455, 587 ; the American Bower, 642

Metrological Society, III
Aeronautics : Projected Balloon Expedition to Arctic Regions, Ames (J. S.), the Relation of Spectra to Molecular Structure,

S. A. Andrée, 47 ; the Maxim Flying Machine, Prof. A. G. 275
Greenhill, F.R.S., 321

Amsterdam Royal Academy of Sciences, 168, 240, 360
Esthetic Principles, Henry Rutgers Marshall, 292

Anästhesia with Chloroform, Utility of Oxysparteine Injections Africa : the Best Routes to Uganda, G. F. Scott-Elliot, 257 ; before, P. Langlois and G. Maurange, 359

Expedition across Masai-land to Uganda, Oscar Neumann, Analysis, Micrographic, Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., 373; Sir Samuel Baker : a Memoir, A. Silva White, 409 ; 367 North Africa, Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Analytical Key to the Natural Orders of Flowering Plants, Franz Travel, A. H. Keane, 409; Death of Joseph Thomson, 346 ; Thonner, 543 Obituary Notice of Joseph Thomson, Dr. J. W. Gregory, 440 Anatomy: the Relation between the Movements of the Eyes After-Image, a Curious Optical Phenomenon, R. A. F., 508 and the Movements of the Head, Prof. A. Crum Brown, Agriculture : Vitality of Seeds, W. Botting Hemsley, F.R.S., F.R.S., 184; Text-book of Anatomy and Physiology for 5; Irrigation in the United States, W. E. Smythe, 44; Nurses, D. C. Kimber, 77 Potatoes as Cattle Food, A. Girard, 71 ; Agricultural Educa Ancodus, Prof. W. B. Scott, 524 tion in United States, P. G. Craigie, 84; Experimental Anderson (A. P.), Grand Period of Growth in Fruit of Cuiurbita Small Fruit, &c., Culture in Indiana, 112: Continuous Treat

pe po, 10 ment with Copper Compounds Harmless to Vine or Potato Andrée (S. A.), Projected Balloon Expedition to Arctic Regions, Crops, A. Girard, 144 ; Sale of Mr. R. E. Loffi's Herd of

47 White-Polled Cattle, 153 ; Dairy Bacteriology, Dr. Ed. von Andrews (C. W.), on the Stereornithes, 561 Freudenreich, 220 ; Statue to Boussingault, 275; Michigan Andrews (E. R.), Action of Nitrous Acid on Dibromaniline, Treatment of Tomato Rot and Apple-Scab, 276 ; Agriculture, 166 Practical and Scientific, Prof. James Muir, 338 ; Agriculture, Andrews (Thos., F.R.S.), Micro-Metallography of Iron, 213 R. Hedger Wallace, 338 ; Fruit best Grown under Clear Glass, Ani, the Papyrus of, in the British Museum, E. A. Wallis Prof. Zacharewiez, 486; the Woburn Experimental Fruit Budge, I Farm, 508 ; Prune and Groundsel Rusts, D. McAlpine, 540 ; Animal Life, the Action of Light on, Mrs. Percy Frankland, 86 Calcium Cyanate, a New Nitrogenous Manure, Camille Faure, Animals, Studies in the Evolution of, G. Bonavia, R. Lydekker, 588; Chemical Study of Eight Lower Congo Earths, E.

F.R.S., 411 Stuyvaert, 611; Death of Prof. H. Hellriegel, 651

Animals, True Instincts of, C. W. Purnell, 383 dir, on the Electrification of, and Thermal Conductivity of Rock Animals, Popular History of, for Young People, Henry Scherren, at Different Temperatures, Lord Kelvin, P.R.S., 67

642 Air and other Gases, Electrification and Diselectrification of, Antarctii, the Voyage of the, to Victoria Land, C. E. Borch

Lord Kelvin, P.R.S., Magnus Maclean, and Alexander Galt, grevink, 375 608

Anthony (Dr. John), Death of, 133 Akinfieff (M.), the Flora of the Caucasus, 304

Anthropology : the Cook Collections of South Sea Island Alr yonium digitatum, Chemical Constitution of Mesogloa of, Weapons, &c., Dr. V. Ball, I ; the Pygmies, A. de QuatreW. L. Brown, 285

fages, Sir W. II. Flower, F.R.S., 25; the Stone Age in the Algebra, M. H. Senior, 127

Ukraine Baron de Baye, 45; the Potters' Art in New

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