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24. p. 183. “An Indenture for iij Scholars' exhibition out of Westminster,' 31 May, 11 Eliz. 25. p. 190.

p. 190. "An Indenture, and articles or ordinances, for ij fellows & ij scholars of Norwich,' 6 August, 11 Eliz.

p. 198. A tripartite Indenture for conveying to the University a piece of ground in University Street, and for keeping in repair the books given to the University by Abp. Parker, dated 6 August, 16 Eliz.

27. p. 201. A quadrupartite Indenture to the same purpose, and for augmenting the commons of the scholars, dated 6 August, 1574.

28. p. 204. A quadrupartite Indenture relating to the scholars and to the library, dated 12 April, 1580.

29. p. 212. A letter from Dr Perne to Abp. Parker, dated Cambridge, 22 Nov. 1574.

30. p. 213. "Carta de Mortmaine, apud Westm.' 4 Julii, 13 Eliz.

31. p. 215. Catalogue of printed books to be in the Comon Library.' 32. p. 235. Libri in minori Bibliotheca.'

p. 287. "The Testimony of the guifts of Matthew, Archbp. of Canterbury.

p. 292. The Indenture tripartite for Matsall,' securing an annuity to the poor of that parish, dated 15 Nov. 12 Eliz.

35. p. 296. An Indenture quadrupartite de pensionibus Scholasticorum,' dated 1 January, 1571.

36. p. 303. An Indenture tripartite of the Plate,' dated 6 August, 13 Eliz.

37. p. 309. Catalogus Librorum quos · Mattheus Cantuar. Archiep. dedit Academie Cantab. in Bibliotheca sua communi servandos, A.D. 1574.'

38. p. 313. Indentura conventionis inter Aulam Ste Trinitatis & Collegium Annunciationis B. Virginis Marie, die Sti Lamberti, A.D. 1353.'



39. p. 315. The Instrument of Expulsion of John Newton, a fellow of the College, 15 July, 1379.

40. p. 317. Various bonds for the non-alienation of certain plate, the gift of Abp. Parker.


Gg. IV. 9. A folio, on paper, containing 299 numbered leaves, with about 40 lines in a page, written in Law-French, in a hand of the early part of the xvii th century. At the end of the book is an index of cases, in a more modern hand, extending to 7 pages, in double columns.

Law REPORTS IN THE REIGNS OF ELIZABETH AND James I. ; chiefly the latter.

They are for the most part between the 26 and 29 Eliz., and 1 and 6 James. A few of them are in Croke.


Gg. iv. 10. A folio, on parchment, with the exception of some paper leaves, containing ff. 158. Date, the xvth century.

1. ff. 1-6. KALENDARIUM.

Several additional saints' days, and the obits of Henry VII., VIII., Edward VI., &c. are entered in a later hand : and on f. 1 is written, 'Memorandum that y master Roger balknell was ynducte and toke possession off the Vicarage off Est derham yn Norfolke. the vi day off September personally. anno domini 1503.'

2. ff. 7-18. A MEMORIA TECHNICA for the contents of each chapter in the Bible, consisting of Hexameter verses, each word of which gives the key to the contents of the chapter. Between the lines is an explanation of each word.

This is the Summa sive Argumenta capitum omnium Bibliorum utriusque testamenti, by Alexander de Villa Dei, a Minorite, who flourished at Paris, 1209. It is printed in the Apparatus ad Biblia maxima Johannis de la Haye, Par. 1660, and elsewhere. See Fabricius, Bib. Med. et Infim. Latin. I.

P. 68.

Begins :

Sex. prohibet. peccant. abel. ennok. archa fit. intrant ..

...Flebunt. ad cenam. surgent. sponsam. venio jam,


This is followed by a list of passages of the Bible against the 7 deadly sins.

3. ff. 19—25. •Franciscus (de MARONIS] IN CONFLATU DE PREDESTINATIONE.' Begins :

Circa distinctiones 40 et 41. Quero utrum predestinacio sit eterna... Ends :

... debitum ad argumentum prius.• This is an extract from F. de Maro's Commentary on the Sentences, 1. 40, 41. Printed Venet. 1520.

It is written on paper, excepting the last leaf, which is on vellum. A list of the 10 plagues of Egypt, 10 commandments, extracts from SS. Augustin, Gregory, &c. follow: and f. 26 is blank.

4. ff. 27.-28. · AUGUSTINUS SUPER
CAM:' on paper.
Begins :

Aug. super oracionem dominicam recitans apostolum. Omnis qui-
cunque invocaverit, &c.
Ends :

...set bonum sempiternum quod concedat omnipotens. Amen. This is Sermo 56, ed. Par. 1837, T. v. coll. 462–474.


[I]tem septem sunt virtutes principales de quibus tres virtutes... Ends :

...ignis infernalis in terram missus.
6. ff. 39–158. GulielMI DE PAGULA •Oculus SACER-
DOTIS.' In double columns of 47 lines.
Begins (after the table of chapters):

Cum ecclesie quibus preficiuntur persone...
Ends : presenti vita per gratiam et in futura vita per gloriam ad quam
nos perducat, &c.
See Gg. 1. 13.


Gg. iv. 11. A folio, on vellum, containing ff. 194, with 16 lines in each page. There are catchwords after every 8th leaf. Written in a fine large hand of the xvth century. A few of the initial letters are illuminated.

1. ff. 1–74. S. BONAVENTURA MEDITACIONES de PasSIONE Domini.' Begins :

Adveniente jam et imminente tempore miseracionum... Ends :

... redempcionem plebis sue. This is a portion of S. Bonaventura’s Meditaciones Vitæ Christi, occupying from cap. lxxiji, to the beginning of cap. lxxxv. Opp. Mogunt. 1609, VI. Pp. 382_392. See Ff. 1v. 46, § 1. The next 2 leaves are blank.

2. ff. 77–88. INVECTIONES devote beati JERONIMI facte fratribus suis monachis quorum abbas ipse extiterat quum preventus erat mortis doloribus antequam spiritum suum exalavit.' Begins :

Contra Luxuriam. Monebat ut luxuriam fugerent que est ensis et rete diaboli... Ends:

...vix pre gaudio lacrimas continuit et hoc fratribus insinuavit. Hec Eusebius.

This is an extract from Eusebius, De Morte Hieronymi. Opp. S. Hieronymi, ed. Migne, Par. 1845, 1. coll. 259—276.

3. ff. 89-109. Epistola sancti Augustini episcopi et doctoris ad Cirillum presbiterum de TRANSITU JERONIMI DOCTORIS.' Begins :

Gloriosissime Christiane fidei athlete... Ends:

... nullatenus possit suo desiderio defraudari. Vale et ora pro me. Ibid. coll. 281-289.

4. ff. 109-172. Epistola beati CYRILLI Jerosolomitani episcopi ad beatum Augustinum Yponensis Ecclesie presulem de MIRACULIS que acciderunt post mortem JERONIMI Gloriosi.' Begins :

Venerabili magistro, &c. Illius sequi vestigia... Ends :

... beato Jeronimo gratias agens ortum implevit. Ibid. coll. 289-326.

Some of S. Cyril's remarks are omitted, as the scribe mentions in f. 162 b, and the accounts of some miracles added.

5. ff. 173–194. «Una devota Meditacio edita a Magistro UTHREDO Monacho Dunelmie sacre pagine professore.'

Begins (after a preface, ‘Notandum quod meditaciones sunt legende...):

Domine recogitabo tibi omnes annos meos...
Ends :

...omniumque sanctorum qui tecum gloriantur per infinita secula seculorum. Amen.

Uthredus was a monk of Durham in 1380. See Tanner, Biblioth. P. 743, who mentions this MS.

At the end of the MS. is a curious drawing of a Cross in ink and the Sacred Monogram. It formerly belonged to S. Alban's Monastery: as appears from the following notice written on a fly-leaf at the beginning:

Hic est liber monasterii Sancti Albani studio abbatis specialiter deputatus, qui alienaverit vel titulum deleverit anathema sit. Amen.


Gg. IV. 12. A folio, of the xv th century, on vellum, of 204 pages, containing 42 lines, in two columns.

It seems to be the author's autograph. See Tanner, Biblioth. p. 153.


This MS. has been recently collated for an edition of the Chronicle. It has a dedication to King Edw. IV., which begins :

To my sovereign lord Edward...
Ends :

.. good reward in pe blys of heuene. Amen.
The Chronicle begins :

Anno Mundi 1. The first man Adam was mad on a Friday...
Ends :

And have voys in pe same election.
The author has not given any name to this work, but speaks of it as
'a schort rememberauns of elde stories.'

There are marginal annotations in a hand of the xvith century; and in the same hand are verses, English, Latin, and French, on the fly-leaves.


Gg. IV. 13. A foolscap folio, on paper, of 260 pages, closely written. The date seems to be about 1650. By the original paging 66 pages appear to have been lost, unless 36 out of order at the end were some of these. Other pages have been torn out. They do not appear to have been missing when the MS. was catalogued for Bishop Moore.

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