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1. p. 67. “The King's [Charles I.] message to Parliament.' Parliamentary Hist. 11. Coll. 48.

2. p. 67. “The answer of the howse of commons, 14th March, 1625.' Ibid. 49.

3. p.67. "The King's Majestie's replie to the said answer of the howse of commons made to them the 15 of March, 1625.'

This copy differs much from that in Parl. Hist. 11. 49.

4. p. 68. Speeches of the King and Lord Keeper to both houses of Parliament. 29 March, 1626. Parl. Hist. 56.

5. p. 70. “The Humble remonstrance of the Howse of Commons made unto the King's Majestie the 5th of Aprill, 1626, in way of answers to all the last severall speeches.' Ibid. 76.

6. p. 72. “The Impeachment of the House of Commons against the Duke of Buckingham, preferred by them as in a bill in Parliament, 1626.' Ibid. 106.

7. p. 76. “Sir John Ellyott's speeche in the Parliament Howse, 1626.' 8. p. 77. 'Sir William Waltier, his speeche in the same parliament.'

9. p. 77. ‘An information against the Bishop of Bangor, exhibited to the howse of Commons by Sir Uball Thewall, (Ewball Thelwall) one of the Masters of the Chancery, 1626.'

There are 13 counts.
10. p. 78. “Copie of a letter from the Divell to the Pope.'

'from my court in Tartary, the last of November, 1626.' * Translated out of the Dutche Copie by George Wilsley, resident at

Rotterdam.' 11. p. 80. 'King Charles his Speeche in Parliament the 17th of Marche, 1627, followed by that of the Lord Keeper the Lord Coventry. Parl. Hist. 11. 213.

12. p. 83. “Copie of a proclamation, declaring his Majesties cleare intencion in requiring ayde in the waie of loane which is now intended.'

'Given at our court at Whitehall, 7° Octob. in ye second year of our raigne of Great Brittane.'

13. p. 83. 'A relacion of the murthering of Mr. Thomas Scott.

* Bacheler of Divinitie preacher to the English companie at Utricht. 18 June, 1626,' he that wrote 'vox populi,' (Univ. Lib. R. 10. 45.) with two short 'funerall Elegies.'

14. p. 84. “Sir Robt. Cotton's speeche to the Lords of the Counsell, being (as was thought) the ground and occasion of calling the Parliament holden soone after, 1628.' Rushworth's Collections, 1. 467.

15. p. 88. Sir Francis Seymor's speeche in Parliament, 22° Martii, 1627.' Rushw. 1. 499.

16. p. 88. “Mr. Speaker, Sir Jo: Fynche, his speeche upon his Election in Parliament, 1627: The part addressed to the King is in Rushworth, 1. 482.

17. p. 91. “Propositions to be considered in this Parliament, 1628.' Rushw. 1. 513.

18. p. 91. “The peticion of both howses of Parliament to the King's Majestie in Aprill, 1628.'

See this and the following in Rushw. 1. 516.
19. p. 93. “The King's Majestie's answer unto the said petition.'

20. p. 94. The peticion for rights and liberties of the subject preferred to the king's Majestie, by both howses of Parliament, in May, 1628.' Parl. Hist. it. 374.

21. p. 96. "The King's Majestie's Answer.' 2 June, 1628. Ibid. 377.

22. p. 96. "The King's Majestie's speeche in the banquetting howse at White Hall, unto both Howses of Parliament, the 24 of Jan. 1628.'

23. p. 96. 'A relacion of the King's Majestie's content, touching the proceedings of the Parliament. 4o April : 1628.'

24. p. 97. “The Duke of Buckingham's speeche, made unto his Majestie upon his said content.'

25. p. 97. “The Petition of both howses of Parliament for a publique Fast presented to the King's Majestie, the 28th of Jan. 1628.' Rushw. 1. 650.

* This and some things next following, should have been formerly placed in this boke in their order.'

26. p. 98. “The King's answer.' Rushw. 1. 651.

27. p. 98. “The Declaration of the howse of Commons to the King's Majestie, the 2 of Feb. 1628. Rushw. 1. 651.

28. p. 99. “The King's Majestie's answers to the said declaration.' Rushw. 1. 652.

29. p. 99. '8 Articles being the ground of the remonstrance of the Lower howse of parliament, preferred to the King's Majestie shortlie after.'

Of all these the excessive power of the Duke of Buckingham, and abuse thereof is pretended to be the onely and cheife cause.'

30. p. 100. “The King's speeche upon the said remonstrance.'

31. p. 100. 'Doctor Manwering's Tenets, for which he was censured by the Parliament, 1628.'

See Cobbett's State Trials, Lond. 1809, 111. col. 335.

32. p. 100. “The said Doctor Manwering's censure or judgment.' Rushw. 1. 604.

33. p. 100. His submission made unto both howses of parliament, 1628. Rushw. 1. 605.

34. p. 101. “Sir Thomas Wentworth, his speeche in the same parliament, 1628.

35. p. 101. “Mr. Rowse, his speeche the same parliament, Jan. 28, 1628." Rushw. p. 645.

36. p. 102. The Heads of 'Mr. Pymes speech in Parliament, 29 Jan. 1628.'

37. p. 103. “The Bishop of Exceter, Dr. Hall, his lettre to the lower howse of Parliament.'

* Relent or farewell wellfare.' . From him whose faithfull hart bleeds in a vowed sacrifice for his Kyng and Countrye. Joshua (sic) Exceter.'

38. p. 103. “The protestation of some gentlemen of the lower howse, delivered in writing unto the Speaker for to reade, which he refusing, was read openly by one of themselves,' (Parl. Hist. 11. 491), with the names of the same gentlemen.

39. p. 104. 'Certaine verses inveighing against the said gentlemen of the howse of Commons made upon their said disorder.'

40. p. 104. "The King's speeche in the higher howse for disolving the Parliament, 2 Mtii. 1628.' Rushw. 1. p. 662.

41. p. 105. The severall answers of 4 parliament-men who were imprisoned about the said disorder unto questions asked them by the privie counsell in their examinations.'

42. p. 106. 'A copie of the note that was found about John Felton who killed the Duke of Buckingham, 1628.'

Printed in Ellis's Original Letters, Lond. 1824, 111. p. 259. 43. p. 106. Several sets of verses, mostly satyrical, on Buckingham.

44. p. 113. ‘A copie of the Articles whereby the Earle of Bristoll chardged the Duke of Buckingham. 1° Maii. 1626.' Rushw. 1. p. 262.

45. p. 115. ‘Verses made upon the letters of numbers conteyned in the name. GEORGIVs DVX BVCKINGHA MIÆ.'

46. p. 115. "Verses retrograde made upon the said Duke.'
47. p. 115. Verses made by Mr. Wm. Dudley, 1626.'
48. p. 116. Verses of man's mortality, 1626.'

* Like to the damask rose you see.' Concerning these verses, see Poems and Psalms of Henry King, D.D. 12mo. Oxford, 1843. The order of the stanzas is 11. VII. 111. V. VI., with two more, one on man's resurrection, which do not appear in the above book.

49. p. 116. “The Bellman's sound.' two stanzas. 50. p. 117. An Epitaph of Edward Randoll

, Esq. Colonel, slayne at the Dirry, in Q. Eliz.'s time.'

51. p. 118. ‘A Relacion of the Battaile of Leipsich in Germany, which was fought betwixt the King of Sweden and Generall Tilley, Sep. 7. 1631.'

52. p. 121. ‘A True Relacion of the blouddie Battel betwixt the King of Sweden with the rest of his confederates on thone syde, and the Imperiall Armye on thother syde fought upon the 5th and 6th days of November, 1632, by Litzen within two Dutch miles of Leipsic. In which battell the said most worthie and renowned King lost his life.'

53. p. 123. A Synopsis of Antiarminianism and Arminianism.
54. p. 124. “22 erronious points mainteyned by Mr. Mountague.'

55. p. 125. "The judgment of the Archbishopps and Bishopps of Ireland, concerning a tolleration of the popish Religion, by publique proclamacion,' 1627. (Introduced in Dr. Downam's sermon.)

56. p. 125. His Majesties Instructions to the Archbishop of Canterbury for praying for the King of Denmark's successe in his warrs, &c.'

57. p. 128. “The Copie of the Archbishop of Canterbury's lettre sent unto every severall Bishop within his province touching the said instructions of his Majestie.'

58. p. 128. 'A Copie of the Articles of Peace made betwixt the Kings of England and France, a. D. 1629.' Rushw. 11. 24.

59. p. 128. ‘A Copie of the information of sir Robt. Heath, his Majesties Attorney Generall, putt into the Starr-chamber, 1629, against a seditious discourse divulged by Francis Earle of Bedford, Robert Earle of Somersett, John Earle of Clare, Robert Cotten, Knight and Baronet, John Geldon, Esq. and Gilbert Barrell, Gent.'

60. p. 130. “Instructions touching knighthood which the Commissioners appointed for that end are to follow in the execution of his Majestie's Commission to them directed. 1630.'

61. p. 131. 'A copie of the King's Majestie's lettre to the Earle of Exceter Lord Liewtenant of Northamptonshire. 19 June 1631.'

62. p. 132. 'A copie of the Earle of Exceter his lettre to his deputy Liewtenants touching the premisses. 25 June. 1631.'

63. p. 132. 'A copie of the Privie Counsells lettre to the Liewtenants of the counties of Northampton, Huntingdon, Cambridge, and Middlesex. 8th June. 1631.' 64.

p. 133. 'Captaine Gooderick's comission given him by Marquesse Hamilton. Pr. non. April. 1631.'

65. P. 133. • The orders that Sir James Asheby, Knt., a Colonell under the said Lord Marquesse is to observe in the levying of his Regiment containing 1500 volunteers, and the rate of pay of the officers.'

66. p. 135. “The names of suche officers and persons of quality as were slayne or taken prisoners at the lle of Reé, 1627. The Duke of Buckingham being both Generall and Admirall in that voyage.'

* Alas and welladaie

so maie England saie.' 67. p. 136. 'A copie of a lettre touching the passages of our fleete for the Ayde of the towne of Rochell, dated 9 Nov?. 1628.'

signed • Edward Hyer.'

68. p. 137. “The humble complaint of Geo. Eglingham Doctor of Phisyck (and formerly one of King James his phisicions for 10 years space) made against the Duke of Buckingham, and directed unto our soveraigne Lord King Charles in the first year of his raigne. 1625.

Charges the Duke with the death of the Marquesse of Hamilton and others, and with designs on the writer's life.

69. p. 139. “To the most honorable the Lords, Knights, and Burgesses of both howses of parliament of the Kingdome of England. 1625.

The supplication of the said Doctor Eglingham.'

At the end of this is a circumstantial account of Buckingham's 'poyzoning of King James of happie memorie.'

70. p. 145. 'The prayer and confession of M'. John Felton (who killed the Duke of Buckingham) word for word as he spake it immediately before his execution. Novemb. 29. 1628.'

71. p. 146. “The Lord viscount Falkland's petition to King Charles' for the pardon of his son Sir Lucius Carew, who was under arrest.

'Hereupon he was sett at Liberty.'
72. p. 147. 'A note of an extraordinary fatt man.'

73. p. 147. “A speeche made to King Charles at his entrance into the towne of Barwick in June Ao. Dni. 1633. By Mr. Withrington the Recorder of that towne.' Rushw. 11. 179. 74. p. 148. “The Commissioners Cer

halfe of a convict Recusant touching his composition.' 15th daie of December, 1630.

75. p. 149. "Verses retrograde made upon the Duke of Buckingham.” 1628.

The same as in p. 115. 76. p. 150. Other verses as in p. 115.

77. p. 160. “Bishop Corbett's verses directed to Ladies of the newe dresse.' 78.


150. "The Ladies answer.' 79. P. 151. A short and plaine Declaracion of the Division and properties of the whole world taken out of a mapp thereof.'

80. p. 157. “The cursed life and bloudie end of Doctor Storie, a cruel Persecutor of Christ in his members.' From Foxe, Acts and Monuments, London, 1849, vin. 743.

81. p. 158. “A lettre of M'. Bradforde the martir written unto D'. Cranmer, D'. Ridley, and M'. Latimer when they were all prisoners in Q. Marie's Raigne.' Foxe, vil. p. 217. 82.

p. 158. 'Another lettre of the said M. Bradforde unto the Lord Russell (Sonne to the then Earle of Bedford) being then in trouble for the truth of the Gospel.' Foxe, vii. 218.

83. p. 160. ‘Another lettre of M'. Bradfords to the Universitie and towne of Cambridge.' Foxe, vii. 201.

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