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18. ff. 78-81 a. •Evocatio filii ad disputandum. 1603, Julii 1.'

The name of the 'filius' is given in the margin as Layfeild. 19. ff. 81 6-82 a. Disputatio in Ephes. v. 8.'

20. ff. 82 6—83. Presentatio proloquutoris D. D. Ravis in Convocatione Londini habita. Mar. 23, 1603.'

21. ff. 84-86. Oratio D. D. Overalli decani S. Pauli in Synodo Londini habita, A.D. 1605, post conjurationem pulverariam.'

22. ff. 87-91. Oratio Professoris Pridie Comitiorum. Junii 30, 1606.

23. ff. 92–97. Oratio in die Comitiorum. Jul. 1, 1606.'

24. f. 98. Quæstiones in Vesperiis Comitiorum, 1606. Dr Kercher.'

1. 'Imperiorum translatio non est penes Pontificem Romanum.'
2. 'Decretum electionis et Reprobationis pendet a Dei voluntate.'
25. f. 986. Quæstiones pro · Baccal. Theol. eodem anno.'

1. 'Nulla est justificatio secunda apud Deum.'

2. “Nefas est Deum colere in simulachro.' 26. ff. 99, 100. . Oratio Professoris in die Comitiorum. 1603.'

The next leaf is blank.

27. ff. 102—105. The manner of proceeding in these questions. June, 1599.'

This is an account by Dr Overall of the proceedings of the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Jegon (Master of Benet], and some other heads of colleges, against him upon the complaint of Dr Some for the opinions he delivered on the questions in g 6-9.

28. ff. 106, 107 a. “Oratio Professoris in Vesperiis Comitiorum. 1599.

29. ff. 107 64-112 a. Various paragraphs, in Latin and English, "De Fide,' De coena Domini,' Standing at the Communion,' Lay baptism in casu necessitatis, De certitudine salutis,' • De geniculatione inter orandum,' Isaac Casaubon's


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statement that in concilio Tridentino semel per majorem partem
suffragiorum conclusum fuerat, conjugium clericorum esse lici-
tum,' &c.

Of these one is dated Dec. 10, 1615. One is said to be out of the Re-
formed Spaniard,' and that · De certitudine salutis’ is said to be a Præcep-
tore meo D. D. Overall.'

30. f. 112 6–018. · Historia de Articulis Lambethanis,'

followed by Sanderson's table of the Arminian controversy.

In the margin Baker has added the note, “This is printed. London,

31. ff. 119—122 a. 'Mr Hill's (B.D., and Fellow of St

John's College, Cambridge) Letter to the Bp of London against
Dr Overall.'

32. f. 122. Dr Overall's Letter to the Bishop on this


The writer, in f. 122 a, says he never saw Overall's answer to these

charges, but that this letter shews that he sent one to the Bishop.

33. ff. 123–126. De Prædestinatione.'

34. ff. 127 a—131. William Barlo, La BP of Lincoln. The
manner of his consecrating the church and churchyard of Fullmer,
in the countie of Bucks. Nov. 1, 1610.'

A note of 'Mr Hales of Eton, concerning Schisis,' follows, scratched
through with a pen.

35. f. 2. Breve D. N. P. Gregorii 15ti Nobilissimo Wal-
liæ Principi magnæ Britanniæ regis filio.'

This is signed Joan. Crampolus, Secretarius, and dated Ap. 20, 1623. It
is printed in English in Rushworth's Historical Collections, 1. p. 78, and
Dodd's Church History, ed. Tierney, v. p. 130.

36. ff. 3-4 a. * Paulus Papa V. Catholicis Angliæ, 10

Cal. Octob. 1606,' forbidding them to take the Juramentum

Fidelitatis' to King James.

Printed in Dodd's Church History of England, ed. Tierney, iv. p. cxl.

37. ff. 46-6. Articuli matrimonialis conventus habiti inter serenissimum Walliæ Principem et serenissimam Infantem et communes eorum comissarios.'

Printed ibid. Vol. v. pp. cccxxiii. 899. 38. f. 7 a. Epitaphium Joannis Overall. Obiit Maii, 1619.'

39. f. 76. Epitaphium Roberti Scott, Coll. Trin. Soc., Aul. Clar. Mag., Dec. Roffens. “Obiit Dec. 23, 1620.'

40. ff. 8—10 a. "The daungerous Policies of the Jesuites, 1623.'

Begins: 'It is a maxime that the Jesuites at this tyme...'

41. ff. 106-15. Lectiones D. D. Richardson de Prædestinatione.

John Richardson was Regius Professor in 1607, and afterwards Master of Trinity.

42. ff. 166-20. Contra usuram,' in Latin and English, with extracts from Calvin, Bucer, &c., and a list of writers on the subject at the end.

43. f. 21 a. A Latin Epigram, by G. Herbert, on the Spanish Match. · Dum petit Hispanam Princeps,' &c.

Printed in Pickering's edition of G. Herbert, London, 1838, p. 272.

44. ff. 21 6—26. Epistolæ P. Molinæi ad Episcopum Wintoniensem 1618, with the Bishop's Answers.

Baker has added in the margin, ‘These letters are printed.'

They will be found in Bp Andrewes's Opuscula Posthuma, ed. Oxon. 1852, pp. 161 899.

The MS. contains only the first two epistles, with their answers.

45. ff. 27—29. 'Against Traske's trash.' Traske taught that Christians were bound to abstain from the meats forbidden the Jews, and to observe the Jewish Sabbath.

By Bp Andrewes. See Bliss's edition of his Works. Oxford, 1854.

46. ff. 31, 32. “Articles agreed upon betwixt the Commissioners of the Kinge of G. Brittaine and those of the Kinge of Fraunce and Navarre, touching the mariage of the Prince of Wales and the Lady Henrietta Maria, sister of the most Christian king.' Paris, Nov. 20, 1624.

These will be found in French in Dumont's Corps Diplomatique, T. v. P. 11. pp. 476, 477; and in English in Tyndal’s Rapin, Vol. ix. p.596.

47. f. 33. Censure of a book entitled “God's holy mynde, by Edward Elton, preacher at St Mary Magdalenes, Barmondsey, neere London.'

48. ff. 33 6–34 a. A breefe of the Articles of the league betweene the kings of Fraunce, England, State of Venice, and D. of Savoy.'

The Pasquill ‘Gallus cantabat,' &c., on the towns of the Valtoline being taken by the French, follows.

49. ff. 36–37 a. The Spanish Ambassador Inigoso to K. James.'

Against the Duke of Buckingham. See Rushworth, Vol. 1. pp. 144, 152.

50. ff. 375–39. The first draught of the Petition to his majestie, concerning Religion, prepared for the Commons House of Parliament, 29 June, 1625.'

Printed in Rushworth's Historical Collections, 1. pp. 181-186.

51. ff. 40, 41. 'My Lord Verolame to the Parliament,' 1621.

Ibid. 1. pp. 29, 30.

52. ff. 41 6–42 a. Dr Fenton to Dr Overall, Professor of Divinity at Cainbridge.

1. Fides qua assentimur principiis credendorum non resolvitur in externum testimonium.

2. Principio fidei nec probantur nec improbantur artificiali argumento.'

53. f. 42. A Letter of William Barlow, Chaplain to the Archbishop, Feb. 14, 1598.

Probably addressed to Baro.
54. ff. 421-43 a. 'An essay

of a king' 55. f. 436. -John Lincoln,' i.e. Bp. Williams, to the king, on resigning the great seal.

56. f. 44. "Sir Edward Cookes speech in the parliament at Oxford, Aug. 4, 1625.'

This is a fuller report than that in Parliamentary History, Il. coll. 11, 12.

57. f.45 a. De homicidio casuali ad negotium domini archiepiscopi Cantuar.

Extracts from various authors and councils on casual homicide. 58. f. 46 a. The bishop of Lincoln's letter to king Charles.'

59. f. 466. King Charles to Sir Heneage Ffinch, the Speaker of the House of Commons, commanding him to acquaint the house that the king expects they should immediately bring in and pass the bill of subsidie. 9 June, in the second yeare of our reigne.'

Printed in Parliamentary History, i1. coll. 190, 191.

60. f. 476. Cur fructus mortis Christi ad omnes Adami posteros non perveniat,’ by Petrus Baro.

61. f. 54. Alia ejusdem questionis in eundem sensum explicatio; cur omnes non sustentantur a Christo.'

62. f. 55. A short relation of the stirres in Holland concerning predestination,' &c. From 1597 downwards.

63. f. 61. The effect of the speech delivered by the Lord Primate before the Lord Deputie and the great assembly at his Majesties Castle of Dublin April ult. 1627.'

64. f. 65. Bishop Andrewes' speech in the Countess of Shrewsburies case in the Star-chamber.'

Printed in Bliss's edition of Andrewes' Works, Oxford, 1854.

65. f. 68. Bp Andrewes Consecratio et dedicatio capellæ Jesu cum cimiterio ejusdem juxta Southampton in vasto solo Ridgeway-heath dicto A. d. 1620.'

Ibid. Minor Works, Oxford, 1846, pp. 309-333.
66. f. 80. "The Curse belonging to Sherburne Castle.'
Printed in Hutchins's Dorsetshire, Vol. iv. pp. 127, 128.

67. f. 81. “The Heads of the grievances in Parliament, 1628;' followed by · Propositions to be taken into consideracion for the present necessary supplies.'

Printed in Parliamentary History of England, 11. col. 246.

68. f. 82. “The Lord Keeper to the Parliament. Ap. 29, 1628.'

Ibid. coll. 331, 332.

69. f. 82b. “The king's speech, June 7, 1628.' Ibid. col. 409.

70. f. 826. His majesties speech to both houses at the end of this session, June 26, 1628.'

Ibid. col. 434.

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