Nottinghamshire. History, directory and gazetteer of the county, and of the town and county of the town of Nottingham. To which is added, the history and directory of the port of Gainsborough

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Page 39 - ... the unexpired residue, whatever it may be, of any term originally created for a period of not less than sixty years...
Page 40 - ... who shall within twelve calendar months next previous to the last day of July in such year have received parochial relief or other alms which by the law of parliament now disqualify from voting in the election of members to serve in parliament.
Page 526 - DRUNKENNESS. JOHN ADAMS lies here, of the parish of Southwell, A Carrier who carried his can to his mouth well : He carried so much, and he carried so fast, He could carry no more — so was carried at last ; For, the liquor he drank, being too much for one, He could not carry off, — so he's now carri-on.
Page 671 - Majestic woods, of every vigorous green, Stage above stage, high waving o'er the hills ; Or to the far horizon wide diffused, A boundless deep immensity of shade.
Page 429 - Trent on horseback, but could not recover the farther side, by reason of the steepness of the bank, and so was drowned in the river. But another report leaves him not there, but that he lived long after in a cave or vault. The number that was slain in the field, was of the enemies...
Page 89 - ... offenders continued their devastations with redoubled violence. A royal proclamation, however, was issued, offering 50 reward for the apprehension of any of the offenders ; but this only tended to inflame the frenzy of the men, who then began to plunder the farm-houses both of money and provisions, declaring that "they would not starve while there was plenty in the land.
Page 668 - His action who, for seventy year, Both drew and drank its potent beer ; Fame mentions not in all that time, In this great Butler the least crime, To stain his reputation. To envy's self we now appeal, If aught of fault she can reveal, To make her declaration.
Page 39 - Borough which shall return a Member or Members to serve in any future Parliament, every Male Person of full age, and not subject to any legal Incapacity, who shall occupy, within such City or Borough...
Page 39 - ... or who shall occupy as tenant any lands or tenements for which he shall be bona fide liable to a yearly rent of not less than fifty pounds, shall be entitled to vote...
Page 27 - From wealthy abbots' chests, and churls' abundant store, What oftentimes he took, he shar'd amongst the poor ; No lordly bishop came in lusty Robin's way, To him before he went, but for his pass must pay : The widow in distress he graciously...

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