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thips; to the allowing the exportation of provisions, goods, wares, and merchandizes, to certain places in North America, which are or may be under the protection of his Majesty's arms, and from such places to Great Britain, and other parts of his Majesty's dominions; to the impowering his Majesty to probibit the exportation, and restrain the carrying coastwise, of copper in bars, or copper in sheets; and to the allowing the exportation of certain quantities of wheat, and other articles, to his Majesty's fugar colonies in America.

Cap. 14. To explain, amend, and render more effectual, an act, made in the sixteenth year of the reign of his present Majesty, for making and maintaining a navigable canal from or near the totun of Stourbridge, in the county of Worcester, to join the Stafford hire and Worcestershire canal at or near Stourton, in the county of Stafford; and also two collateral cuts therein mentioned.

Cap. 15. For the relief of naval officers, seamen, marines, and soldiers, with respect to prize and bounty money not claimed in due time.

Cap. 16. For the better supply of mariners and seamen to serve in bis Majesty's ships of war, and on board merchant ships, and other trading ships and vessels.

Cap. 17: To repair, enlarge, and rebuild, Cobham, Leather. head, and Godalming bridges, in the county of Surrey.

Cap. 18. For continuing the term and powers of an act, made in the thirty-third year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Second, intituled, An act for laying a duty of iwo pennies Scots, or one fixth part of a penny sterling, on every Scots pint of ale, porter, or beer, brewed for sale, or vended, within the town and parish of Dalkeith.

Cap. 19. For granting an additional bounty on ships employ. ed in the Greenland and whale filhery, for a limited time."

Cap. 20. To revive and further continue an act, made in the seventh year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An all to discontinue, for a limited time, the duties payable upon the importation of tallow, bogs' lard, and grease.

Cap. 21. To extend so much of two acts, of the twentieth and twenty-firit years of his prefent Majesty's reign, as relate to the sale of, and ascertaining the duties upon, East India goods, to tea, and all other goods of the growth, product, or manufacture of China, or any country within the limits of the East India company's charter, which have been, or shall, during the present hostilities, be brought into this kingdom, and condemned as prize; for equalizing the duties upon, and regulating the importation of foreign snuff into this kingdom; and for preventing the importation and running of foreign spirituous liquors, tea, and other prohibited goods, into this kingdom, in vessels fitted out and armed as privateers.

Cap. 22. For better securing the duties payable, by virtue of an aci of the fifth year of the reign of Queen Anne, on the importation of coals, culm, and cinders, into the port of Great Yarmouth, in the county of Norfolk, a 2


Cap. 23. For allowing further time for inrolment of deeds and wills made by papists, and for relief of protestant purchasers.

Cap. 24. For defraying the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia in that part of Great Britain called England, for one year, beginning the twenty-fifth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two. · Cap. 25. To prohibit the ransoming of ships or vessels captured from his Majesty's subjects, and of the merchandize or goods on board such ships or vessels.

Cap. 26. For providing quarters for certain 'foreign troops, lately employed in his Majesty's service in the defence of the island of Minorca, and expected to arrive foon in this kingdom, for a limited time.

Cap. 27. For the more easy and speedy recovery of small debts, within the city of Rocheller, and the parishes of Strood, Frindsbury, Cobham, Shorne, Higham, Cliffe, Cooling, High Halflow, Chalk, Hoo, Burham, Wouldham, Halling, Cuxflone, Chatham, and Gillingham, and the ville of Sheerness, in the county of Kent.

Cap. 28. For granting an additional duty upon tobacco and Inuff; and for repealing certain duties payable upon the importation of brandy and arrack, and for granting other duties in lieu thereof.

Cap. 29. For further continuing an act, made in the twentieth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An act for exempting the city of Winchester, the county of Southampton, the town of Shrewsbury, and the county of Salop, out of the provie foons of an aft, made in the eighth year of the reign of his late maa jesty King George the Second, intituled, An act for regulating the quartering of soldiers during the time of the elections of members to serve in parliament; so far as the same relates to the ree moval of troops during ibe elections of members to serve in parliament, for a limited time.

Cap. 30. For allowing the importation of goods of the growth, produce, or manufacture, of the illands of Saint Christopher, Nevis, and Montserrat, into any ports of his Majesty's dominions in Europe or America, upon payment of the British plantation duties.

Cap. 31. For the preventing of bribery and corruption in the election of members to serve in parliament for the borough of Cricklade, in the county of Wilis.

Cap. 32. To revive and continue an act, passed in the sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An all to regulate the loading of ships with coals in ihe ports of Newcastle and Sunderland.

Cap. 33. For charging a stamp-duty upon inland bills of ex. change, promissory notes, or other nores payable otherwise than upon demand.

Cap. 34. For raising a certain sum of money by loans or exchequer bills, for the service of the year one thousand seven


hundred and eighty-two; and for consolidating certain annuities, which were made one joint stock by an act made in the thirty-first year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Second, with certain annuities consolidated by several acts, made in the twenty-fifth, twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, thirty-first, thirty-second, and thirty-third years of the reign of his said late Majesty, and several subsequent acts. * Cap. 35. For the better relief and employment of the poor of the parish of Saint John of Wapping, in the county of Middlefex; and for providing a proper workhouse and burial ground for the use of the said pariih; and for opening certain communications, and making certain streets, within the said parish.

Cap. 36. For raising a further sum of money, by loans or exchequer bills, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two.

Cap. 37. For the more easy and speedy recovery of small debts within the parishes of Brofeley, Benthall, Madeley, Barrow, Linley, Willey, Little Wenlock, and Dawley, and an extraparochial place called Po/nall, in the county of Salop.

Cap. 38. To permit the importation of Britis plantation tobacco from any port or place either in America, or the West Ina dies, or in Europe, during the present hostilities,

Cap. 39. For granting to his Majesty additional duties upon salt; and certain duties upon Glauber or Epsom salts, and also on mineral alkali or flux for glass, made from salt; and to prevent frauds in the duties on foul salt, to be used in manuring of lands.

Cap. 40. For punishing persons wilfully and maliciously de. stroying any woollen, silk, linen, or cotton goods, or any imple. ments prepared for, or used in the manufacture thereof; and for repealing so much of two acts, made in the twelfth year of King George the First, and in the fixth year of his present Majesty, as relates to the punishment of persons destroying any woollen or filk manufactures, or any implements prepared for, or used therein.

Cap. 41. For better securing the freedom of elections of mem, bers to serve in parliament, by disabling certain officers, employed in the collection or management of his Majesty's revenues, from giving their votes at such elections.

Cap. 42. For building a stone bridge cross the river of Thames, from the parish of Ealing, in the county of Middlesex, to the opposite More in the hamlet of Kew, in the county of Surrey.

Cap. 43. For making a passage for carriages from Spitalfields to Bishop/gate-ftreet, in the county of Middlesex, and for paving the same, and for appropriating to those purposes the money arisen by virtue of an act, passed in the eighteenth year of his present Majesty, for applying the sum of nine thousand pounds, to arise out of the orphans' fund, for making such passage. :

Cap. 44. For amending the pavement in, and for lighting some of the streets, lanes, ways, and places, in the parilhes of Saint Margaret and Saint John the Evangelift, in Westminster, a 3



which are at present excluded from the provisions of an aet, passed in the eleventh year of his present Majesty, (intituled, An act to amend and render more effeclual several acts made relating to paving, cleansing, and lighting, the squares, streets, lanes, and other places, within the city and liberty of Westminster, and paris adjacent;) and for preventing nuisances and annoyances in or near the same; and for making an opening from Orchard Street, and widening fome part of Wood Street, and of Little Peter Street..

Cap. 45. For restraining any person concerned in any contract, commission, or agreement, made for the publick fervice, from being elected, or sitting and voting as a member of the house of commons. . Cap. 46. To enable his Majesty to conclude a peace or trúce with certain colonies in North America therein mentioned.. : Cap. 47. For licensing lottery office keepers, and regulating the fale of lottery tickets.

Cap. 48. For charging a duty on persons whose property shall be insured against lofs by fire. . Cap. 49. To rectify a mistake in an act of this fellion of parliament, with respect to preventing the importation and running of tea into this kingdom, in armed vessels having letters of marque, or other commissions from the admiralty.

Cap. 50. For further continuing an act, made in the twentieth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An att for appointing and enabling coinmisioners to examine, take, and flatê 'the publick accounts of the kingdom; and to report what balances are in the hands of accountants, which may be applied to the publick fer: vice; and what defeats there are in the present mode of receiving, collecting, issuing, and accounting for publick money; and in what more expeditious and effeEtual, and less expensive manner, the said fervices can in future be regulated and carried or for the benefit of the publick. * Cap. 51. To discharge and indemnify the united company of merchants of England trading to the East Indies, froin all da: mage, interests, and losses, in respect to their having made de fault in certain payments due to the publick, on such payments being made at a future ftipulated time; and to enable the said company to continue a dividend of eight pounds per centum to the proprietors of their stock for the present year,

Cap. 52. For preventing the slaughtering of cattle within the city of Edinburgh, and for removing nuisances and annoyances therefrom. . Cap. 53. To repeal an act; made in the sixth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the First, intituled, An net. for the better securing the dependency of the kingdom of Ireland upon the crown of Great Britain. · Cap. 54. For restraining fir Thomas Rumbold baronct, and Peter Perring esquire, from going out of this kingdom, for a limited time; and for discovering their estates and effects, and preventing the transporting or alienating the same. Cap. 55. To indemnify Tuch persons as have omitted to qua

lify themselves for offices and employments; and to indemnify justices of the peace, or others, who have omitted to register or deliver in their qualifications within the tiine limited by law, and for giving further time for those purposes; and to indemnify members and officers, in cities, corporations, and borough towns, whose admissions have been omitted to be stamped according to law, or, having been stamped, have been loft or inillaid; and for allowing them time to provide admissions duly ftamped; and to give further time to such persons as have omitted to make and file affidavits of the execution of indentures of clerks to attornies and solicitors..

Cap, 56. More effectually to enable the inhabitants of the parish of Saint Luke, in the county of Middlesex, to purchase, hire, or erect, a workhouse, within or near the said parilh, for the better reception and employment of the poor of the said parish.

Cap. 57. For building a new bridge, instead of the present ancient bridge, commonly called Lancaster Bridge, at a more convenient place over the river Loyne, near the town of Lancafter, in the county palatine of Lancaster.

Cap. 58. For the more easy discovery and effectual punishment of buyers and receivers of stolen goods,

Cap. 59. To provide that the proceedings on the bill, now de.. pending in parliament, for inflicting certain pains and penalties on fir Thomas Rumbold baronet, and Peter Perring equire, for certain breaches of publick trust, and high crimes and misdemeanors, committed by them whild they respectively held the offices of governor and president, counsellers, and members of the select committee of the fettlement of Fort Saint George, on the coast of Coromandel, in the East Indies, shall not be discontinued by any prorogation or dissolution of the parliament.

Cap. 60. To prevent the feducing of artificers or workmen employed in printing callicoes, cottons, muflins, and linens, or in making or preparing blocks, plates, or other implements used in that manufactory, to go to parts beyond the seas; and to prohibit the exporting to foreign parts of any such blocks, plates, or other implements,

Cap. 61, For granting an additional duty upon white or manufactured bees wax imported into Great Britain. • Cap. 62. To explain and amend so much of an act, made in the second year of the reign of his present Majesty, for raising and training the militia, as relates to persons paying the sum of ten pounds being liable to serve again in the militia at the expiration of three years, and also to oblige substitutes to make oath respecting their place of settlement.

Cap. 63. To repeal so much of an act, made in the nineteenth year of King George the Second, (for the more effettual difarming The Highlands in Scotland, and for the other purposes therein mene tioned), as restrains the use of the Highland dreis.

Cap. 64. For the amending and rendering more effe&ual the laws in being relative to houses of correction.


prohibit manufacturing blocks, plaktons, munin

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