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Difcharge of them before Concretion. And I am perfuaded, that, by taking them, Perfons who have not that Diftemper, will be fecured from it; and thofe who have it, from growing worfe. And if, on leffening my Quantity, I again find the Appearance of red Sand, I will increafe it again to a Quantity fufEcicnt to prevent it.

4. They are Lithontriptics. Of this I have often had ocular Proof; and the difcharged Fragments are foftened, and their Parts more eafily feparated.

5. They are Lenitives, where the Stone is not en» .tirely difcharged; fo that when a complete Cure is not obtained, Eafe may, as I have happily experienced. But from what Caufe this proceeds, let Phyficians enquire and determine.

I believe Men fcarce differ fo much in the Temper of their Bodies, as of their Minds; and though many Cafes may be very unlike my own, I am per-' fuaded, that a regular Ufe of this Medicine would, for the moft Part, be as beneficial to others as to jnyfelf. Perfons, with whom it difagrees, in other Refpec"te, are excluded from this Benefit; as thd Intemperate are from the Benefit of this or any other Medicine.

I have, for a long Courfe of Years, abftained from all ftrong Liquors; but drink every thing that is frnall. I can eat any thing, but not much; and like the moft common Diet beft. I prefer moft things to Fleftij and of Flefh the whiteft. I never


altered my common Diet on Account of this Medicine; or the Times of my Meals, which have ever been very irregular. I have always taken an Ounce at a time; Ibmetimes before, fometimes at, and fometimes after, Meals; and I have often made a Meal of the Medicine itfelf, only with a Glafs of fmall Liquor (of any Sort) and a little Bread, which I have always taken with it. I generally took the three Ounces at proper Intervals; and fometimes at very fhort ones. This Medicine has always agreed with me; and I never once felt it on my Stomach, or any other Inconvenience from it. And I think it my Duty to omit no Opportunity of publifhing its Virtues to the World.


SINCE I finifhcd this Effay, I am in doubt whether I ought not to change the Title. Foe I have heard of a very ingenious Performance, called The Analyjii of Beauty, which proves inconteftably, that it confifts in Curve Lines: I congratulate my Fraternity; and hope, for the future, the Ladies Will efteem them Det Beaux Garfant,



I Wonder, that in the firft Edition of this Eflay, I forgot to mention fome Inconveniences I fuffer of a very grievous Nature; and which have a Right to a Place in Pages 102 and 103 of this Edition.

When I am in a Coach with a Fair Lady, I am hid by Silk and Whale-bone. When I fit next her at Table, my Arm is fo pinioned, I can neither help her nor myfelf. We are deprived of the PJeafure of feeing each other; and flic would fcarce know I was there, if fhe did not fometimes hear me under her Wing. I am in Purgatory on the Confines of Paradife. I therefore beg one Favour, and which fhe may grant with Honour; that (fince I defpair of fupplanting her [e] Lap-dog) fhe will allow me a Cufhion to raife me above fuch Misfortunes.

\e\ N. B. Many Ladies fay, that Shock is as ugly a Cur as myfelf, and unworthy of his Port. But nothing fo difrefpettful fhall ever efcape me; left it would offimd, or be thought the Inry of a Rival.


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Humbly addrefled to die



Is proved, by moft Inconteftable Evidence,
drawn from Reafon and Pra&ice, that a
Woman may conceive, and be brought to
Bed, without any Comaierce with Man.

Ore ionnes verfte in Zephyros ftant rupibut aliis,
Exceptaiitrjue level auras, et f«spe fine ttUis .'.,
•Ceryugiis 'vento grafuidte (miralile di3u)
Saxa per, et fcopuloi et ileprejj'as catwalks
Diffugiunt, &c. Virg. Georgic. iii.

.Cur ego defyerem fieri fine cvnjuge mater,
Et per ere intaSo, dummoda cafta, 'uiro?

Ovid, Fafl. v.

Or, as other Authors jing,

The frolic Wind that breathes the Spring,

Zephyr with Aurora playing,

As he met her once a Maying?

TilPd her with thee a Daughter fair,

So buxom, blithe, and delonnair,

Milton's L' Allegro.

Firft Printed in 1750.

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