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my belt Microfcope, plainly difccrned them to be little Men and Women, exact in all their Limbs and Lineaments, and ready to offer themfelves little Cipididates for Life, whenever they fhould happen to be imbibed with Air or Nutriment, and conveyed down into the Veffels of Generation.

After this firft Succefs in my Undertaking, I continued to make Experiments of various Kinds, too tedious to be related, for a whole Year, till I had at length fully eftablifhed the Do&rine of Winds and Embryos; and I find that as other Infects are ufually brought by an Eafterly Wind, your Human Infefis are always wafted from the oppofite Quarter; the Swarms of both appear like Blights to the naked Eye j and both feem deftined to much the fame End of Exiilence, frugtt anfumere nati, born to confume the Fruits of the Ground.

Oftentimes, while I was viewing them through my Glafs, my Imagination would turn romantic upon the Subject, and reprefent to me the great Variety of Fortune thefe Infers might go through, whenever they fhould happen to be called out into Day-light. I faid in my Mind, this little Reptile may be an Alexandert that a Fauflineiy another a Tally, and another a Mountebank; and I was ftruck with Admiration to conftder how many Heroes, and Patriots, and Legiflators, and Monarchs, were now contained on a Sheet of Paper, whofe great Souls, in Time to come, may make them efteem the whole World too confined a Scene for their Ambition. I remembered

ti* the Sarcafm of Juvenal^ as true before Life as after Death, Expend* Amll,alem, &c. and I repeated, with a kind of Entbufiafm, thofe excellent Lines in Pr. Garth's Dlfpenfary;

Wow fiie unfoldt the faint and dawning Strife

Of infant Atoms kindling into Life;

How the dim Speck of Entity began

7' extend its recent Form, and Jtretcb to Max;

To how minute an Origin we owe

Young Ammon, Cxlar, and the great Naflau.

But now the great Trial of all was come, which, I believe, would have puzzled a whole College of Phyiicians, and fet at nought all the confulting Powers of W—raok Lane. The preparatory Points were eftablifhed to my entire Satisfaction, but whether Animalcula could be ripened into Exigence, by pa ffing through the feminal Veflels of a Woman only, was ftill a Queftion; and how to make the Experiment, hie labor^ illud opus. Very hard it was to know when a Woman had imbibed the neceflary Seed; and harder ftill to reftrain her from all Commerce with Man, till the Experiment had Time to take Effect. If I made Choice of a married Woman, there the Difficulties were innumerable; or if I made Choice of a Maiden, Virginity has, in all Ages, been efteemed a very brittle Ware; and, I prefume, has not greatly mended its Nature of later Days. Sometimes I thought of taking a Wife, over whom I could ufurp an abfolute Authority, and lock her up till the Day of her Labour; but fearing fhe might grow defpcrate, when ftc fhould find I had only

married married her to try an Experiment upon her; and at the fame Time grievoufly miftrufting the Continuance of my own Affection, after I had accomplifhed my Ends, I difinifled that Project, and refolved, after much Perplexity, to hazard all upon a Chambermaid. Accordingly, having firft perfuaded the Girl die was ill, I read 'Jacob Bebmen £ve Times over; and then mixing up fome Animalcula in a Chymical Preparation, I admioiftered them to her as a Dofe of Phyfick. After which I difcarded my Footman, and fuffered no Male Creature, in human Shape, to approach my Doors; nay, fo great was my Caution to have my Stratagem fucceed, that I hardly permitted a Dog of the mafculine Gender to enter my Houfe.

In about Six Months it was very vifible the Medicine had taken Effect; and let the Reader imagine, if he can, the Joy I felt, when firft I perceived her begin to bourgeon: At the fame Time too a little Circumftance happened, which heightened my Joy, and put the manner of her Conception beyond all Poffibility of Doubt. As I was fitting alone one Morning in my Study, ruminating on this great Event, the Girl came in to me with Tears in her Eyes, and having obtained my Leave to afk a Queilion, entreated me earneftly to tell her, if it wai pojjible to breed after tbree Tears? Though I guefled the Drift of her Queftion, yet, affecting an Air of Ignorance, and putting on a grave Phyfician's Af,pect, I ordered her to be more explicit; whereupon flie proceeded, with frequent Breaks of Crying, to

tell V

tell me how much fhe was aftonifhed at fome Symptoms; that Heaven above knew what was the Matter with her, but jhe verily believed herfelf a breeding^ and yet Jhe could take her Bible Oath, Jhe had not been beenbeen touched by a Man far thefe tbree Years [£]. So then, faicl I, with a ftcrner Countenance, and a Tone of Severity, You confefs then that about three

[£] When I *rote this, I had not feen a remarkable Cafe publiflied in the Philojopbical Tranfaflions of September, of a Woman, from whom a Ftetus was extracted, that had been lodged thirteen Years in 'he Fallopian Tubes, fent from Riga by Dr. Jama Mounfcy, Phylician to the Czarina's Army, together with the Bones of the faid Foetus, as a Prefent to the Royal Society of London. The Woman, as we are told in that ingenious Treatife, was a Soldier's Wife of Aba in Finland, of a middle Stature, who, being pregnant for the third Time in the Year 1730, was afflicted with violent Pains and Twiftings of the Bowels, &e. and continued /kkly for tea Years afterwards. In the Month of $rp~ tember 1741, me pierced her Navel with an Awl, out of which ran a yellow-coloured Water, &e. In the Month of June two fmall Bones came out, (Sfc. and in Otfabcr 1742, flie was taken in hand by Dr. Mounfey, and Mr. Geitle, Surgeon, who thiuft a grooved Probe into the Fi/lula, and made an Tncifion with a Biftory, upwards and obliquely, from the Linea alba, into the Cavity of the Abdomen; but the Woman being unruly (as well flie might) and the Operation not going on according to the Doctor's liking, he proceeded no further till the next Day, &c. At the next Operation the Incifion was carried downwards; but Care taken not to make the external Wound larger than needful,

left the Omentum and Guts fliould fall out, &c. In fliort, the Fortus

was at length extrafted Piece-meal at feveral difficult Operations. Now comparing all thefe Circumstances together, it feems reafonable to believe that this Frnit never was in the Cavity of the Womb, but that the impregnated Ovum was ftopt in its PafTage through one of the Fallopian Tubes, where it grew and was detained fo many Years. Nothing therefore can be concluded from hence againft the Caufe I have afligned of my Maid's Pregnancy (as a certain learned Gentleman of the Royal Society, who communicated this Story to me, feemed to imagine) for the Cafes are uery different; and the uncommon Delay of this Finland Woman's Delivery was owing to the praeter-natural Situation of the Fatus.


Years ago, you was guilty of Incontinency ! — Yet Sir, replied fhe, to be fure it would be a Polly to deny it to a Man of your Learning tt be fure I muji confefi that about three Teart age te be fure, Sir, I wat not quite fa good, Sir, as I jhauld have been, Sir __ My lajl Majier, Sir, who was a Par/on, Sir, Gad forgive him and me tat, — / am fure I have repented it a hundred Times, and I hope he has done the fame.— The courteous Reader, 1 hope, will pardon my defcending to fuch low Particulars, which, I confefs, are beneath the Dignity of a Philofopher; but as it very much concerns me, in an Affair of fuch Moment and Importance to the World, to fhew how regularly and cautioufly I proceeded, it was necefiary to defer ibc the Girl's Simplicity as a Proof of her Honefty. Authors who write only for the Aniufement of Mankind, may choofe and omit Circumftanccs at their own Pleafure, according to the Rule of Horace,

Defyeres traflata tiitefcere poffe, relinqutn.

But we who are unfortunately tied down to Truth, muf t write, as it were, in Fetters, and are obliged to keep on in the direct Road, without the Privilege of turning afide to entertain ourfelves with Profpe&s. Be it fufficient, however, to fay, that at the nine Months End, the Girl was delivered of a chopping Boy, whom I have ever iince educated as my own, in fpite of all the Calumny of the Neighbourhood; and I cannot doubt, but, in Time, he will rife to be a Judge or an Alderman.


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